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  1. Our neighbours just dropped off a homemade apple sponge and a bottle of plonk.Lovely people here,we get homemade jams from other neighbours,all from their fruit trees.
  2. I guess we drove here with the last 6 tins, lol.My OH loves them,I'm not that keen.We have loads of pease pudding as well,she uses it as an alternative pie crust,quite nice.We were due to fly back last week and would have been in Haven,Bognor with all the family this weekend.Cheers,Brian.
  3. Don't rush into things,Barry Manilow is still on standby.
  4. Why do I feel I've just been told off by my big sister.You're right though,sorry Damian.FWIW we drive over with a years supply of brown sauce as part of our home comfort package.LOL.
  5. That's right,my Mum used to call sliced spuds,scallops.
  6. Even that's confusing.When I worked in Ashby,Leicestershire,which is East Midlands they called it a barm.
  7. My first job up North was Penrith in 1997.I told the locals a joke that was doing the rounds down here. I heard .there's a new drug in the clubs round here,they rub it round the inside of their mouth.Apparently it's called " Eeh by gum". They were not that amused.
  8. Blimey,do you like fish and chips with your brown sauce.
  9. Sorry to hear that Avril,at least you have some family around you.Hang in there,it can't last much longer.Brian.
  10. They wear masks whilst driving here,I don't get that one.It's a post code lottery with cancer treatment.My sister in law was diagnosed pancreatic cancer on 8th March at Southend hospital and has been offered major surgery with risks at a London hospital or chemo.She has opted for chemo.In the meantime she has had 2 stents and biopsy.
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