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  1. And only suite guests got a bit of string to tie them on with.Have a good time mate.If you've got time ,do a "live from".Cheers,Brian.
  2. BIL was on the telly yesterday.BBC South were filming in a covid ward at Basingstoke hospital saying how busy it's getting and more younger people were being admitted.A glimpse of him sitting up in bed,he's being allowed out Tuesday pending a negative test.They wanted to let him out this week even with still being positive.His family argued against that obviously.
  3. I think they called it swamp fever then,just another name for Maleria.
  4. Where we are in Italy,100 years ago people used to die after mossie bites.I handle them pretty well there.Over here I've had some pretty bad bites,coming up like golf balls from just doing things like painting the fence.A lot more biting critters here than just mossies.
  5. Easy mistake,Anne Summers and Amazon must be close together when googling.
  6. I encountered wasps in lofts numerous times in my plumbing career.I became an expert at frazzeling them in midair with my blowtorch.When you have to work up there all day I had little other choice I'm afraid.
  7. As an ex white van London plumber driving in Italy,it's a similar LH v MV experience.
  8. True balcony story.Sitting on our balcony cruising the Chilean fjords on Star Princess.The Captain announced a whale on the port bow.I go bombing up there on my own,nothing.When I got back the Mrs said it popped up in front of her,did the full Sea World repertoire and buggered off just before I got back.Story of my life,too late again,Brian.
  9. 4 of us now,great.Quite relieved at the penalty,a 10 second drive thru would have been a disaster.Cheers,Brian.
  10. I think people can fast track their 2nd jab now.The government are desperate to reach the double jab targets.Perhaps your friends could enquire .
  11. That makes 3 of us in the LH fan club now,Zap,you and me.I watched it live,great entertainment.They forget that in previous races that Lewis was a gent backing off when being run off the track by MV.
  12. I contracted for SEGAS based at Acre Lane in the 70s.Daily drive from Dagenham was a mission.Fantastic café in the railway arches behind Clapham North tube.Don't forget the WI bakers that sold the Jamaica patties.Quite spicy for me in those days.
  13. The only time I'd consider an inside is a TA on QM2.Just to save money for the New York bit.5-7 days of nothing but open sea,no brainer.
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