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  1. I'll have one with you sis.Oh hang on I do that every night,cheers,bro.
  2. I'll give you my Italian address for the Christmas card then.Seriously though this lockdown in France and Germany is not as strict as last time.My main worry is whether stopovers will be available.We are booking apartments rather than hotels so may be easier.French PM is confirming details tonight so keeping my fingers crossed.Traditional Xmas dinner here is a 7 course fish meal,lol.
  3. Thanks,we're in the deep South in Italy on the same latitude as Athens.Yesterday was cold and stormy.Today, walking on the seafront in shorts.I'm in no rush to get home but my OH is closer to her family,so will try and find a route home soon when the dust has settled,cheers,Brian.
  4. Cheers,UBD room service tonight,lol.I'll post pictures later,Brian.PS,I hope my sis is ok,give us a look in Avril.
  5. Was going to start booking apartments for our drive home next week,lol.Looks like we might be here for another month,but it's probably one of the safest places in Europe still.Cheers,Brian.
  6. There's rumours of a negative test required before entry being introduced.
  7. It isn't just criminal outsiders doing this.My SIL was expecting a phonecall from an Indian call centre regarding her internet connection.10 minutes before her scheduled call an Indian guy phoned and talked her thru a load of stuff and managed to get control of her computer remotely.Luckily her daughter walked in and realised what was going on and terminated the call.If that's not an "inside" job what isn't,cheers,Brian.
  8. What are these posh wheely bin thingys.Our "rich tory southern" council make us buy bin bags from poundland and hope the dustmen get to them before the cats and foxes.
  9. LOL,that's just a cockney expression.My birthday has been salvaged,they are allowed to do takeaways and will deliver.See how they get on with 2 portions of scallops gratin,king prawns,fillet steak and all the trimmings,Still, better than me walking in half drunk and carrying it home,lol.
  10. We've got Lidl,lol.We could have the same menu for lunch but not the same atmosphere as an evening meal.Is it your old man that likes the bread and butter pud?Good stuff in M&S,happy birthday too,cheers,Brian.
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