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  1. It isn, t just Asia.We live a 5 min walk to IMO one of Europes best beaches.The local Italians dump plastic bottles,bags and cups everywhere.This month the "sophisticated" Northern Italians descend on our shores and it's bloody worse.I remember the UK being like this 50 years ago before all the campaigns and education.Don't get me talking about dog poo,lol.
  2. LOL,on that last one,make sure they're clear of leaches and other undesirables.
  3. That's good,wonder how many laps to the mile the usual sign will say.
  4. Remembered,we're travelling day before,lol.
  5. Is that the aft section,or is that to be added after,cheers,Brian.
  6. Yeah,but Uncle Don has told them everything is fake news and the world is perfect,lol.
  7. Everyone else got it so I don't know who "we" is.I give up now.Cheers,Brian.
  8. Over on the Princess board,people are filling their bags with Walmart plastic straws,cos they're outraged at the introduction of cardboard ones onboard.I'm speechless.
  9. brian1

    Cherry problem

    After cherrypicking from all the posts.The only baked Alaska parade is on Princess.
  10. As I said in my post above,I am only talking about Easyjet and the EU.Islands like Majorca etc, the airport would be the main one,so other airlines would fly in and out.Otherwise as you and I said,the passenger would have to wait for available seats,but with compensation and hotel expenses in place.
  11. I'm only talking about Easyjet in the EU and the circumstances revolving around my OP.
  12. What,you're telling me we won't get a police escort,DYKWIA.
  13. Hi,we're travelling National Express from London.Do they get delayed,or are there extra bus lanes everywhere,cheers,Brian.
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