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  1. Nothing wrong with a good dinner suit.I look up to Sir Les Patterson as a role model.
  2. They'd have to have a curtain,like on a plane,separating business from cattle class.
  3. There are some free weights at the back,by the mirrors.The running machines are better,only because they overlook the bow and I saw a whale last year on the QE,magic.
  4. Sorry,but it seems this is the way the High St is going.With all the vultures picking the bones.I'm fed up myself,you can only buy so much in 8 charity shops in our town.
  5. Don't worry,Phillip Green will buy them out and you'll all be safe,lol.
  6. Where's Mr Moonstones.I've googled it and can't find them anywhere.
  7. You've got a sense of humour,that's not allowed on formal nights.
  8. I'll give you one of my West Ham shirts,you won't be ashamed to wear that,lol.
  9. Thanks John,for a more eloquent explanation as usual.Being a retired plumber,I was better at joining pipes than words,lol.
  10. ,1st day of the "gloomy" forecast, late 20s and the only clouds are over the mountains.
  11. I had a feeling it might be a little daunting.Perhaps take my suggestion of using LHR as a base and get the coach from there.That way you go into town just to see the sights. You can prebook Premier Inn T4 online.Although cheaper than most,they are my favourite hotel group with large rooms and nice beds.The restaurant has a good menu of English pub grub style.You can google menu also.Lastly,the Piccadilly and District lines are opposite each other on the same platform at Barons Court.We always use this route when we go to LHR.We live at the opposite end of London from LHR on the District line,but we get free travel because we are pensioners,lol.Cheers,Brian.
  12. End of June should be OK.July and most of August is more or less unbroken sunshine with temps in the high 30s.Any months outside those,IMO, are unpredictable.
  13. Better than Huddersfield though,lol. 20 to 22 degrees often turns into spells of 30 and clear sky.In such a large area it's variable. Massive storm predicted today,just a few heavy showers with sun inbetween so far.
  14. The 10 day forecast in Southern Italy is good from tomorrow.Chucking it down at the moment.
  15. brian1


    Bell Boy could tell you,but he'd have to kill you,lol.
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