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  1. In these “stay at home” times I was thinking a very similar thought just now, so I searched for this thread I had read. Today I made the delicious iced Tea Forté peach mango green tea, with some fresh mango, and my very favorite, is the pear ginger tea over ice to enjoy on our lanai as we look out over the ocean -- it always reminds me of afternoons in Cafe Al Bacio, or on the suite balcony sitting in the tub. There is a lot to miss about cruising - and plain ol’ socializing for that matter. Not everything is peachy for the cruise lines right now, they haven’t all seemed to always
  2. It is a nice hotel on a pretty and walkable beach. The sunrise is beautiful from there, and you can watch the ships sail into and out of Port Everglades. We have stayed there a few times, (sort of B2B cruises with a day or two on land between) but will choose to stay elsewhere next time. There are often conventions, weddings, dinners and breakfasts served in front of the guest rooms, bands and/or DJ’s playing loudly on the ocean side of the hotel - parties only lasted until around 11 or 12 at night, but the music usually ended by 11. The check-in and getting into our room was late each
  3. I am pretty sure four will fit. In the past we have taken 3 , then I stack shorts in the extra space and had extra space for another. I like to leave my things in the packing cubes, and place most of those in the drawers, but my husband places t-shirts, etc. in the cubes. We each had one of the 5-1/2" or 6" X 11" or 12" on the bed side table, as well. The full ones for above the bed are about 12X12, but the 11" ones fit better. I thought the very lightweight nylon or fabric fold-able cubes from ikea or the dollar store were just fine, that way if I didn't have room for them on the way home
  4. Nice Review. In addition, thank you Sharon for the information about the interesting place the glass blowing class is listed! I, too, just booked the class for the two of us.
  5. If you do shop around, and have proof of the price available, many times the celebrity rep can meet the (big box) price or come close to it, and add OBC instead of the gift card. If you find a celebrity rep/TA that you like, they will usually work with you to get the best price available, even if it changes before final payment. Booking direct has been great for us. But using other TA’s can work out great, too.
  6. You would likely find exact answers on the celebrity website or just do an internet search for celebrity perks prices. I’ve even seen some great write ups showing price value comparisons here on cruise critic. That way you can decide which you’d use most. Here are some things I’ve found. I do know you are able to upgrade your classic package and will have many offers to do so when you are onboard. If it seems you will use it, ask your favorite waiter or bartender to upgrade that for you. You can find the price on the celebrity website and I believe you can sometimes get a discount price.
  7. I happened upon some photos someone posted in a review of the Millennium and noted that the bottles appear to be secured and not openable by anyone other than the room stewards, so that’s a good thing.
  8. Are the bottles able to be opened? I do bring my own shampoo and conditioner, but I worry more about who has used the product while in the cabin before me, and what they might have put into the bottles.
  9. We have sailed with Celebrity for over 10 years (only suites or aqua). Retired teacher to teacher: Your designer jeans will look great, rips and holes or no rips and holes. Be happy and kind, smile and enjoy yourself. Likelihood is you will get in to a restaurant if your appearance is neat and clean. Things have change over the years, but each person is going to wear clothing that makes them feel happy while enjoying their vacation time. Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. As others have mentioned, yes, you are able to bring bottled water onboard. When we have sailed without a premium beverage package, we have brought along a small filtration pitcher (several brands make a small size) we have brought along packed in our luggage or picked up in a store in the port town. When we stay in vacation rentals, we do the same thing. It’s much lighter and overall compared to purchasing individual bottles, less expensive, even if you don’t bring it back home with you. It seems to take away the smells and unusual taste from the ship’s water.
  11. Cabin 7208 is the center aft cabin and I can’t remember the cabin number on the starboard mcorner aft FV with the even more extended balcony. From each of these you are directly above one of the 2 large suites below. If they have a party, you will hear that, but we didn’t have that happen on our sailings.
  12. We stayed in a CC on millennium deck 7, it was great. No noise, large partially canvas covered balcony and beautiful views. We’ve also had the pleasure of a corner family suite (only 2 of us, we switched when we saw a last minute opening before sailing) and found those to be the ultimate cabins with a great location for excellent views. We sailed last year and have not sailed since the latest renovation. The pics for it look great. You can always ask for loungers and maybe you will get them.
  13. KennedySA I, too am sorry for your loss, and health difficulties, and am very glad to hear Celebrity has been helpful and kind to you. Enjoy your cruises. In response to twincheryl: Yes, there are Celebrity Vacation Planners. Below is the signature line from emails we have exchanged. I blanked out all of the info that I think isn't allowed on CC, but at one point years ago, I called Celebrity and worked with this person to get great deals, even as good as "big box" travel agencies. I do call to speak with her when I am planning a cruise. I generally do all of the basic homework m
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