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  1. original OP: because it starts in Seattle and ends in Miami ... adding airfare brings it UP in cost to the cruisers!
  2. Depends on how crowded the cruise is. We had a gtd balcony on our very first cruise on Glory years ago. It was right below where they stack all the chairs on the Lido deck... so at about 6:30 am we had about 30 minutes of dragging and scraping right over our heads... but we didn't know the difference! Have Fun
  3. I have always been able to order online before the cruise - not cheap ! and it was in room or delivered first day. I have also 'thought' I ordered, but didn't so I could still order a bottle from room service. You pay the high pre-cruise price, and delivery tip, but they will bring it to you, and you can consume during the cruise. Nothing out of the cheaper duty free fun shops is delivered until last night aboard. Tom
  4. We've been on Freedom a few times.... I agree, the Serenity area is a flop on Freedom .. not only the excited kids screaming sharing the deck, but the LARGE speakers from the Lido stage point towards Serenity. We were on Freedom when the switch to DJs, and the demise of steel drums happened. Have not been back to those ships. Glory was our first cruise, but Serenity wasn't a thing back then !
  5. Pride Jan 5th Weather was poor. Moved muster station indoors ( We had upper MDR) T.
  6. Jan 5 Pride sailing Balcony rust There were a couple diamonds down the hall from us on this 14 day cruise. I know they were diamonds because isat next to them during muster drill. It took all of 10 seconds of conversation before i was told it was his 74th cruise and her 78th cruise. 🙄 He was saying this was the WORST muster drill he has ever been through. ( It was inside in the dining room! ) So we were out on our aft balcony, sailing down the Chesapeake,and I head him ripping into what ever poor sole got sent to his cabin... going on and on about the rust, and he was going to call Miami and raise hell. WAY over the top. This went on for about 30 minutes at a pretty good volume. Well the squeaky wheel got the grease. The next day, and the following 3 sea days there was at least 2 - 3 hours of scrapping, grinding, primer and then the blue paint fumes coming from his balcony. I am thinking he didn't realize what he was getting himself into since he never seemed to be able to use the balcony. It really does require all those step to get the paint patched correctly! Oh, then at about day eight, I heard him out there giving someone else hell about how dirty the glass was on the balcony. 🤷‍♂️
  7. We were on the Jan 5th PRIDE sailing. The ramp/gangway onto the ship was still out of order ( as it was two weeks later on return). So we entered the ship at ground level( deck A ) just like a port. When the gangway is working you enter the ship in the atrium. Elevators are just around the corner when you board.
  8. Also told 15 drink limit on DOU when I got it a couple weeks ago. Also no double shots
  9. Booked a few weeks ago, and got confirmation email. First tried online, and it required $$ (credit card) up front. Backed out and did the reservation on my phone. That worked like the old system. reservation in, email confirmed, and no prepayment. YMMV
  10. Your Sail and Sign card charges purchases to your folio. IT ALSO keep track of your player bank ( or something like that) which is money you have charged and put into the 'bank' the casino uses. The idea is to take all your left over credit on your folio, and move it to the casino bank. Then go to the cage in the casino, and cash out. You must do it before late on the last night. Do not wait and try to do it on debarkation day.
  11. I was just reading that old thread about that phantom 'opportunity' ! Must hake liked your comment out of habit.
  12. link: https://eresearch.fidelity.com/eresearch/goto/evaluate/news/basicNewsStory.jhtml?symbols=CCL&storyid=201911141111PR_NEWS_USPR_____CL37995
  13. Don't know if this has already been posted... If so please excuse. It's Time To Have Some 'Fun With Cooking'! First-In-Fleet Culinary Studio, 'Carnival Kitchen,' To Debut On Carnival Panorama BY PR Newswire — 11:11 AM ET 11/14/2019 MIAMI, Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Carnival Cruise Line today announced Carnival Kitchen, an engaging and hands-on culinary experience led by the line's talented chefs, debuting on Carnival Panorama in December. Guests sailing on Carnival's newest ship can enjoy more than 15 onboard cooking classes inspired by the expansive array of international cuisines showcased on Carnival Panorama.
  14. I have done it before, but it has been two years since the last time.
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