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  1. Please explain to me how Texas and Florida are consistently in the top 5 for new cases over the last month.
  2. Right now masks are to be required to be worm even on Labadee and Coco Cay. Not for us! Edit: no masks on islands for those on Adventure out of Bahamas good news
  3. You have to factor in the percent who are vaccinated who could still contract Covid. 95% vaccinated on a cruise gets you close to the 85% immune needed for herd immunity.
  4. My friends who were doing distance learning would have much rather been in the classroom. They certainly weren't "enjoying not working"
  5. We've only got 5 booked, one from the Bahamas, then nothing until an 11 NZ and then the transpacific next Spring. Here's hoping the Aussies will let us back in... We hope that we can do the Greece cruise that has now been scheduled and rescheduled 3 times.Then we are doing a cool repositioning that's has several stops in Central and South America in Fall 2022.
  6. Royal Caribbean is a business entity that does business in Florida, the ruling DeSantis just signed said nothing about excluding certain businesses. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
  7. How can they follow CDC guidelines if they can't require the passengers to show proof of vaccination? It feels like a catch 22 to me
  8. Thank you for your response, and I really appreciate this particular paragraph.
  9. Florida doesn't want cruise ships, governor just signed a law that companies cannot ask for proof of vaccinations. That really screws the cruise industry, since they cannot sail without that proof.
  10. We had no problem getting results in under 3 hours from Walgreens
  11. Too many years of reading journal articles, can't break the habit in retirement!
  12. This article is from June 2020. The reason there is no mention of vaccines is that there were none 10 months ago when they're s article was written.
  13. And yet North Dakota, South Dakota Minnesota have similar densities and much worse numbers.
  14. Except that the numbers are per million and states such as North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota have similar densities and much worse numbers.
  15. Masks have been required outside in Maine since early in the pandemic. It may have contributed to the fact we are 48th in cases and deaths per million.
  16. It was in the hospital I worked in. I had two sets of HepB vaccine and lucky showed immunity after the second set of 3. We had to either have titers or proof of vaccine to : MMR, HepB, TDaP, Flu and varicelka
  17. We did a cruise with 1000 people who won the cruise as part of meeting sales quotas. The only thing we noticed was they congregated in groups and sometimes it was hard to get through the promenade and they all wore matching turquoise shirts, which kind of ruined the color for me for a while. Otherwise, absolutely no problem.
  18. That would have been way too close for me even in pre-CovId times. I would have been assertive and direct in telling ng him to move away.
  19. CaroleSS, there's no way I can impart 40 years of experience and 10 years of college to you. Please explain how there have been 600,000 deaths in excess of expected.
  20. We can tell through years of experience. There are many ways of determining what finally causes a body to fail. Have there been done errors in documentation? Absolutely. But there is no way to explain away 600,000 deaths in the US in the excess if nirmal in the last 14 months other than Covid.
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