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  1. We cancelled our upcoming July cruise, where we had $200 deposit and I forget how much for prepaid internet. Now we just have $200 deposit on our January 2021 cruise. Both were on-board bookings so only $100pp.
  2. My final payment for a late July Baltic cruise was scheduled to be charged on Wednesday. I went ahead and cancelled. I wish Royal had extended the final payment deadline in the US. I know the "cruise with confidence" policy is supposed to take the place of that, but there's a difference between getting another month to decide whether to give them $8k, and a deal where I give it to them now and have to go through the hassle of making them give it back!
  3. Unfortunately, the available options for soda by the glass or by the can are so limited! I would love to be able to get an occasional caffeine-free diet lime soda a la carte.
  4. If you get a WiFi package for multiple devices, that would be less costly than the Key for each person. On our last cruise, we had variable luck communicating over WiFi. My husband (Android phone) could send and receive texts with my daughter (iPhone), but I couldn't. Facebook chat worked but sometimes with delay, and not always in our cabin. 🙄 Nothing was perfect but it was better than nothing. I can't comment on surf vs stream. We had the stream because the cost difference for a four-device package was minimal.
  5. The first thing I do is empty out the drawers! The hair dryer, extraneous brochures, and whatever else is in there that I won't use go up on top of the hutch over the desk. I use magnets for all the paper that makes its way into the cabin, to keep it off the limited surface space, and for jackets and the like, that start out in the closet but never seem to get back there. With enough hooks on the wall, we don't end up with a heap of stuff draped over the back of the chair. I think I'll be getting one of those neoprene bottle holders. They look useful!
  6. There's no reason for us to know what the issue is. We can't resolve it.
  7. We visited during the first week of January. The vendors accepted sea passes (charge to ship account) until about 90 minutes before "all-aboard" time. The prices were really high. My guests paid $35 each for long-sleeved t-shirts. Sweatshirts ran over $50. We missed our Nassau stop so it was the only opportunity for Bahamas souvenirs. If you have the option, I'd suggest shopping in Nassau.
  8. Message boards, overall, have become a less popular way of interacting on the internet. Several sites that used to have very active message forums have shut down over the past 5-10 years, so I imagine overall participation in Cruise Critic is likely dwindling as part of that trend. At the same time, the number of cruise passengers is increasing, so I think the estimate of 1% seems reasonable.
  9. The beach bed has curtains on three sides and can provide really nice shade. We loved having it.
  10. I agree that the South Beach beach bed setup was lovely. We are on the Grandeur and shared Coco Cay with you yesterday. My husband and one of our travel companions are visible in your photograph! Great location.
  11. I've carried refillable mugs/tumblers on Grandeur and it works out fine. You can even ask for a glass of ice water in a bar and transfer it to your own container. The problem I encountered, though, was that it's quite difficult to rinse out a bottle/tumbler or a straw in the stateroom bathroom, because the angle of the faucet and the vessel sink creates a major physics challenge. You may want to bring along an extra bottle you can fill with water to rinse out your coffee cup. I'm also bringing lots of my reusable straws so I can swap out a clean one as needed.
  12. I don't know if it's possible to switch from one option to another in the midst of dispensing a beverage. Does anyone know, is it? I would have guessed one would need to partially fill the cup, wait through the "lock-out" period, make a second selection, and fill the cup the rest of the way. Which seems tedious.
  13. Good friends are coming along on our next cruise in January--their first! I've been meaning to get a goody bag of cruise must-haves as a holiday gift. I was thinking of an assortment of travel-sized otc meds, first aid items, ginger candies, magnetic hooks, a multi-port USB charger and extra-long charging cords. Lanyards are a good idea, too.
  14. My 23 and 25 year-olds had the same experience. Being old enough to drink doesn't make that much of a difference. They spent most of their time with us. There just didn't seem to be anyone their age looking to connect with new folks. They had fun though.
  15. Our first cruise was on Enchantment out of Baltimore in December 2012. The stretched pool deck and Centrum are nice. I will certainly give it another try. But I'm disappointed that Grandeur is leaving the fleet.
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