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  1. The pool deck seems to have quite a bit less shade than Vision class, without the deck above it. Are there enough shady places to sit?
  2. We never went to the MDR, so, to be fair, my review only applies to the WJ. We had expected the choices to mirror the MDR menu the way the WJ does on Grandeur, so we were dismayed to see the same hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, pork chops, plain pasta, etc., at dinner each night. I love trying new and interesting foods, so buffets are a treat for me. I am not picky about quality, I just want novelty. Grandeur WJ delivered that every meal. Vision didn't. I thought, though, that a prior poster was reporting improvement on Vision, which would be great news to me.
  3. That was the case on Grandeur but not on Vision (in January).
  4. The food on Vision in January was laughably awful. Elementary school cafeteria selection and taste. I'm really glad to hear that has changed because we otherwise loved that cruise! It was non-stop fun.
  5. My daughter's favorite activity host from our recent Grandeur cruise is moving to Empress and she is determined to follow him! I'm starting to think it sounds perfect.
  6. What are the inside cabins like (space, layout, storage)? Similar to Vision class?
  7. What is the a la carte price for something like a non-alcohol frozen drink?
  8. You might consider the refreshment package and paying as you go for an alcohol drink of two.
  9. There was a passenger talent show on the Vision in January.
  10. Thank you so much for this helpful review. I'll be on the late July sailing of this itinerary. It will be our third cruise on Grandeur. We have also sailed on Enchantment (from Baltimore) and Vision. We love the Vision class ships. I have two questions, which you may or may not be able to answer. 1. Last time we were on Grandeur (about a year and a half ago?) the WJ offerings at dinner paralleled the MDR menu. We made friends with a group of frequent Grandeur cruisers who said they never went to the MDR because they got all the same choices in the WJ, but more quickly and flexibly. On Vision in January, this was most certainly NOT the case. I was wondering if circumstances have changed for the worse in the WJ on Grandeur as well, or might we encounter the same very pleasant situation we found on our last Grandeur cruise? 2. You mentioned the wifi was an issue. Did you happen to notice how much of the time you had cell service? So much of the itinerary is in US ports. I'm thinking we could forgo wifi if our phones are working most of the time! I mostly want to be able to text others in our party to coordinate meeting up, etc.
  11. Sometimes Celebrity is a better deal apples-to-apples. I had a choice between 7 day Bermuda sailings the same week, one from Baltimore and one from Bayonne, small ships either way, and the Celebrity fare was lower and had all sorts of perks. This was a few years back, I'll admit, but it's how we wound up moving to Celebrity for several cruises.
  12. Can you expand a bit on the Windjammer offerings? You mentioned that more variety would have been welcome. We really liked the WJ on our last Grandeur cruise (2017) and were disappointed last month when the Vision was nowhere close. I wasn't sure if things had changed over time or if it was a ship-to-ship difference. I agree that B2B cruisers dominating trivia is a problem. That was one plus for the Vision! There didn't seem to be anyone playing who had heard all the questions before. My husband earned the wrath of a guy on the Celebrity Reflection once by being the first one to beat him in weeks...But he won fair and square.
  13. We've sailed both lines (tried M-class and S-class on Celebrity, all Vision-class on Royal) and one of the things I really miss on Celebrity is the activities. On our Royal cruises there have been a full staff of activities hosts (an Activities Manager, and three hosts, generally). On our Celebrity cruises, there have been a manager and a single host. Obviously, no one can be in two places at once, so there are fewer organized activities, and there are fewer venues that are suitable for them. We've gotten great deals on Celebrity--included perks like drinks packages and gratuities and more OBC than we could use. For less than a comparable cruise (e.g. 7 day Bermuda vs. 7 day Bermuda) on Royal. But...we were kinda bored last time. So it does really come down to what you enjoy doing on your cruise.
  14. Ah...I guess those aren't USB! You might try this type of cord which has no surge suppression and will give you some extra distance from the mirror and the ability to plug in >1 item. Plug your hairdryer/flatiron/whatever into it, and wrap the whole cord (appliance cord plus extension) around the appliance as you normally would do with the appliance cord. Pack your hairdryer and keep your fingers crossed.
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