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  1. Through a TA. We have gratuity perk lost but dropped fare $340 plus added $200 OBC which made up for gratuity. Our TA did immediately so no delay for us. Hope you get it worked out!
  2. Thanks so much for the OP for sharing this sale! We gained $300 on our November 2019 cruise.
  3. Hi yes we’ve done this twice. Very quiet and beautiful resort. You must book in advance. Guard at the locked gate out front calls front desk to confirm your reservation before allowing you in. Very limited access to non guests in order to keep it low key and uncrowded. The facilities are definitely oriented towards adults/ couples which we loved. No kid toys. The wAter is so clear and filled with hundreds of fish. You can walk into water without a snorkel and see fish. We do snorkel there. They provide drink and food service at your chair. Or you can eat at their beachside restaurant. The fish tacos were delicious! At the end of our visit they called a cab for us. We we have another visit planned for 2020 for the day Melissa
  4. Looking great! Men in dinner jackets or tux look fabulous. My hubby wears his on occasion and I love it 😍 I dress up for him and don't care if others want to wear casual.
  5. We used to think Celebrity was more focused on cruising with few children especially on 10 plus day cruises. We don’t have children but enjoy seeing the well behaved older children at dinner and around the ship. But after seeing a baby crawling on the Martini Bar floor of the Equinox 10 day during prime 6pm pre dinner while doting parents filmed it last year and other strollers in Celebrity bars with fussy crying babies ( hey.. it’s what they all do). The previous year on Equinox 10 day we had a one year old baby crawl under our balcony divider to ours. 🙀🙀🙀 we’ve taken the cue and advice here and booked other lines. May still have babies and toddlers but why stick with Celebrity if they have them too. We are Elite now but don’t have loyalty to Celebrity anymore. Our choice where to spend so we are going to spread our vacay dollars around. Decided to try Regent Seven Seas new Splendor next year. Viking Ocean also of interest.
  6. Thanks! and of course to add to the confusion the Cruise Planner only shows the $49.99 pp deal. Maybe a purchase pre-cruise but the a la carte still there once you are onboard. Will find out in April 😎
  7. Is it correct then that you must purchase the $49.99 per person at Izumi and that a la cart is no longer available at all on Serenade? Thanks! ~ Melissa
  8. I keep large engagement diamond in cabin safe but wear small diamond chip studded wedding ring off ship. I also bring $$$ jewelry but just wear on ship. My husband feels that we have insurance and he Loves to see me wear his jewelry gifts instead of locked up at home. He says I bought for you to enjoy wearing. But I would never wear $$$ jewelry off ship
  9. And worth the higher cost to book higher Tower Port view room. The views of the ships arriving and leaving plus the 17th street bridge opening are fabulous. Water taxi leaves from property and long term parking is $10 a night.
  10. I understand. Hilton doesn't advertise this and you can't book it in advance. But there is plenty of valet parking spaces for the $10 a night deal since many people self park.
  11. actually it is $30 for just one night only through Hilton or the long term through their parking management group: https://parking.com/fort-lauderdale/hotels-hilton/hilton-fort-lauderdale-marina?lot_id=20527&showListOnly=1&view=daily&sw=26.101383046681207,-80.12051076528046&ne=26.101676953140753,-80.11998323470935&facility&valet&general=&displayFullCity=0 We used it for 12 days overnight parking while on cruise in November and our bill was $120.00 😎
  12. I checked for long term parking in the area and the group that manages the Hilton Marina parking offers $10 a day parking. You just tell them at check in at the front entrance. It is billed as part of your Hilton stay. Valet parking of our vehicle and half the cost of the port parking.
  13. We loved the hotel but the directions from SIRI on my iphone were a scream. Great routing until we got on 17th street. We knew the hotel was on the left but Siri said keep straight and then in the middle of the 17th street bridge she said "Turn left here". LOL I don't think so Siri! We went over the bride and had to make a U-turn and then once across the bridge it was a right turn into a complex and a side road to the hotel destination.
  14. ...and these "hot" tech companies that failed: https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/failed-tech-companies-most-notable/
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