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  1. Host Grandma Cruising: You, along with BBMacLaird, kept a calm, steady hand on the wheel. In the moment, we don't, and possibly can't, fully appreciate the impact of such an easy presence. As such, I cannot point to a specific message you sent during the past couple of years that "made all the difference" in our Azamara experience. However, my wife and I have found valuable information that did enhance our preparation and onboard experience, and I am sure that this board has been piloted along in a good direction. Thank you, and may you have smooth sailing.
  2. This first sentence indicates that at the time of posting, this was a current issue affecting a current cruise, Iamcruzin.
  3. oceangoer2, with sufficient smoke, mirrors, and Hollywood lighting, I might be able to fool someone into thinking I'm important and special. Not my wife, though. Can't fool her, she knows better. In fact, the last time we had a butler, she and the wife were in cahoots from Day One. In all other ways Katarina was excellent. Maybe I could put that on my list. To wit: Butler will recognize and appreciate that the male occupant of this cabin is charming, witty, and all around delightful.
  4. Nachosdelux I first read you post 15 minutes ago. My eyes are still stinging. On our next Celebrity cruise, I will be sure to use the mirrors more fully to my own advantage.
  5. You have identified my problem. We don't have servants, therefore we haven't been properly trained in our expectations and comportment.
  6. ECCruise: Your posts could have been taken off my computer screen. I complement you on your brilliant thoughtfulness and the clarity of your wise messages.😉 We too make few requests of the cabin staff (they are not our staff per se, but ship staff who provide services for other passengers as well), therefore when we do ask for something, these requests are nearly always met with a smile and prompt execution. I don't know where the line is on service requests made to the butlers who take care of the passengers in the suites. My wife and I are well aware that the service we received has been negatively impacted by the daily and near constant demands of just one other cabin. While good communication undoubtedly does make the system work optimally, each and every request we suite passengers make adds to the overall load on the system. There is a ripple effect on the service system when only one passenger creates an environment of entitlement, the pressure does not effect merely the one butler. This is not to say that the idea of a list and its submission suggested by OP of this thread has crossed an invisible and movable line, however the list concept does tread closely, and could easy cross such a line that will impact not only the cruise in question, it could impact all cruisers in suite class in upcoming cruises.
  7. Found this article about the cruising and it's impact on New Zealand. At the top, there is an video focused on the challenges created by Ovation of the Seas, and about midway down, there is a video featuring the Azamara Quest. I thought some folks might find the article interesting. https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/115156230/dramatic-changes-needed-as-next-nz-cruise-season-looms
  8. To reinforce mchell810's response, this is a screen shot from the link provided:
  9. vtcruising, I used your estimates of the 8% increase in size (140,000 tons) to guide my search for existing comparably-sized cruise ships to better understand how much larger, and therefore how many more cabins and passengers could be expected for the proposed Edge class ships. My answers to the survey will be as a Celebrity CEO charged with protecting the brand, which means maintaining product quality while attempting to maintain current passengers and attracting new costumers. A tall order. I found this table on Wikipedia under "world's largest cruise ships". The last three columns are for "Number of Cabins" , "Double Occupancy", and "Maximum Capacity". Please note than four of the ships in this approximate size range are Royal Caribbean, and might therefore represent target occupancy loads (and possible revenue generation) for the future Celebrity builds. Last autumn we cruised on the Silhouette, in March on the Reflection, and we were on the June 22 Equinox Caribbean cruise that just completed; all three cruises were taken in suite class. I like that vtcruising offered this questionnaire for gathering data.
  10. I appreciate the review, Gacruiser2. You provided a helpful perspective. My wife avoids certain types of pillow, and "mildew" is not on her pillow menu. We are on an upcoming cruise on the Equinox, therefore I was able to take a peek at the current pricing and descriptions for the various Blue Lagoon excursions offered through Celebrity. As of today, while food is available, there are no mentions of an open bar for any of these excursions; and with your review GAcruiser2 I looked at the photos through a different lens, and yes one could see that this is not a fully separate and self-contained facility, and more of a designated section of shoreline. For contrast, when we did a dolphin encounter while porting in Cozumel a few years ago, there was a facility with large man-made pools for the lessons and dolphin swims. While porting in Roatan, Honduras we were in facility more like the Bahamian excursion, however it was well maintained marine habitat. In both venues, one got the sense the humans cared about and for the marine mammals. For anyone considering a future Eastern Caribbean cruise that includes the Nassau, Bahamas the current prices for Blue Lagoon (5 hours) are: Blue Lagoon Island VIP Dolphin Swim & Beach = $374 pp Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Swim and Beach Day = $184 pp Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Encounter and Beach Day = $129 pp
  11. We are looking forward to our second cruise on the Equinox, which will take place later this month. Judging by the latest photos and on-the-scene reactions from cruisers such as Mari10, we are in agreement with others, including blueboro, that the truncated dry dock that was just completed has refreshed the Celebrity Equinox while leaving intact the majority of the ship's positive features. Particularly when one considers some of the feedback about the reduced storage space in the cabins on the Summit and Millennium, we prefer the existing bathroom configuration, along with the current Sky Lounge and Sunset Bar. That said, from a decoration and design standpoint, why is better to have a black-and-white stripe color scheme in the Retreat Sundeck area, rather than a Celebrity blue-and-white theme?
  12. No doubt the Passport Bar will be busy at 6 am with cruisers reserving seats, and empty the rest of the day.
  13. We are on topic. The furniture in the newly renovated Passport Bar is being discussed. And you hail from Chicago, Sandburg's "Hog Butcher of the World"
  14. From: https://caribbean-pirates.com/nautical_superstitions.php 15. Pigs Atlantic seamen in the West Indies had a bizarre superstition related to swine. Pigs themselves were held at great respect because they possessed cloven hooves just like the devil and the pig was the signature animal for the Great Earth Goddess who controlled the winds. As a result, these fishermen never spoke the word "pig" out loud, instead referring to the animal by such safe nicknames as Curly-Tail and Turf-Rooter. It was believed that mentioning the word "pig" would result in strong winds. Actually killing a pig on board the ship would result in a full scale storm. If you get a chance, the NZ Maritime Museum in Aukland, New Zealand is very good. https://www.maritimemuseum.co.nz/top-20-sailing-superstitions 19. Tattoos When tattooing became popular at sea a rooster and a pig were often tattooed onto sailors’ feet. It was believed these animals would prevent the sailors from drowning by showing them the way to shore.
  15. Welcome to the newly renovated PigPort Bar. "Th.th.th.that's all folks"
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