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  1. Thrak, Thanks for the wine recommendation. I will give it a try from home since I don't sail again for what feels like forever (late summer next year). Dru
  2. cruiserdru

    Air Canada - Can't Enter Passport Info

    Air Canada does not allow you to make online changes to bookings not made directly with them (i.e., if you book through a travel agent or it is part of a booking through another airline.) I am unable to do seat selection online as my leg with AC is part of a ticket booked through United. It says I must call them to make any changes. I, too, am getting the projected long waits when I call. My only consolation is that my flight is late summer 2019 so I have lots of time to keep trying.:rolleyes:
  3. cruiserdru

    Wine makers dinner/chef table question

    Chef's Table is available on the Crown. It costs $95/person with wine and $80/person without. I have no experience with the Winemakers dinner. The Chef's Table menu varies by ship and by head chef. It is the creation of the head chef and may be different each he holds one. We have attended 3 and each one has been different and incredibly special. It starts in the galley with champagne and hors d'oeuvres and a little tour of the galley. It continues in the dining room wherever they have the space (varies by ship) to handle around 12 attendees and allow much of the preparation of the food to be done tableside. It may be offered once or twice on a cruise. In 2009 on the Coral Princess we had: Alaskan Snow Crab Margarita w/ Green Apple Gelee Beef Tenderloin Tartar w/ Traditional Condiments Mini Foie Gras Terrine w/ Preserved Figs Warm Steamed New Potatoes w/ Caviar & Sour Cream I do know the above was served in the galley with champagne Italian Carnaroli Rice Risotto w/ Lobster Tail & Asparagus Lemon Sorbet w/ Mango Slaw Trio of Beef, Inupiat Venison & Pork Tenderloin on Flambé Roaster Doused w/ Alaskan Amber Pan Jus, Wild Berry Essence, Béarnaise Sauce & Café de Paris Butter Market Fresh Vegetables & Creamy Mousseline Potatoes Baked Camembert w/ Pine Nuts, Port Wine Reduction & Honey Walnut Fig Bread Iced Cointreau Parfait, French Vanilla Baby Orange Compote Brandy Snap Tuile Coffee or Tea Forgot to take a pen so I could write down the wines so …..
  4. cruiserdru

    Questions using ExecuCar San Pedro to LAX

    Not just you. Obviously, this is the first time I have used them and it is driving me crazy that I will screw it all up some how or they will. Nothing like the unknown to put you on edge. The world won't end if something goes wrong. I'm just hoping it is the proverbial piece of cake. Thanks for everyone's patience and unending willingness to help.
  5. cruiserdru

    Questions using ExecuCar San Pedro to LAX

    So, I see my reservation under My Trips on the app on my phone. I see a "Link My Trip" in the upper right corner. My pickup is a good 3 weeks away. Do I link my trip now or wait until we arrive in San Pedro? :confused:
  6. cruiserdru

    Questions using ExecuCar San Pedro to LAX

    Was hoping you would see this, Keith. I know from posts that you have used them and would have the kind of info I need. Thanks.
  7. Have booked ExecuCar to get from San Pedro to LAX on 9/19. No where on their site or in this forum have I been able to find info on where we get picked up or how to identify our ride. Do we just go to the SuperShuttle pickup area and give our reservation # to someone? Is there a number to call to contact your driver? Do you need to download an app to contact them? Both Coral and Star Princess will be there and so lots of people milling around. Any insights/experience to share would be appreciated.
  8. cruiserdru

    Updated Wine & Cocktail Lists

    Multiple times on the page reached by the first link is the following in very small type: The new beverage menu offerings will be available aboard all ships in Fall 2018. Anybody want to place a bet???????
  9. cruiserdru

    Booking future cruises on board

    Thanks for the info. I shall certainly do that. I never would have thought of it if I hadn't stopped to read this thread.:D
  10. cruiserdru

    Booking future cruises on board

    I have a cruise booked for August 2019. I will be cruising in September 2018. Can I buy 2 FCDs on the September cruise and have them applied to my 2019 cruise in order to get OBC?
  11. cruiserdru

    Crown Princess

    Go to the top of this page and click on "Find Your Roll Call" and you will find 29 members who are going on the cruise.:D
  12. I am a US citizen flying to Vancouver to board the Coral Princess to LA. The first stop after Vancouver is Victoria, BC. At what points on the trip do Customs & Immigration/Passport Control come into play? Trying to determine where delays will/might occur when leaving/returning to the ship. Vancouver Airport – C&I on entering Canada, that’s a given Vancouver Canada Place to board ship – ? only passport check to ensure can enter US ? Victoria, BC – ?? passport check ? Astoria, OR – ?? old threads say US Customs check occurs here, is this still the case? San Francisco, CA – ?? Santa Barbara, CA – ?? LA/SanPedro, CA – ?? is there only a passport check here for US citizens if Customs done in Astoria? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  13. cruiserdru

    Princess shot glasses

    Is the picture just deceiving because they look big enough to be stemless wine glasses?:confused: I have 5 of the old smoked shot glasses with the medallions on them. Broke one and guess it is not replaceable.
  14. cruiserdru

    Just off the Caribbean Princess 6/30/18-7/7/18

    Wonder what soon means? Some of us have bookings on her late summer/fall next year. Kind of makes you worry that suddenly you will have a missing cruise.
  15. cruiserdru

    Coffee Card worth it on Island Princess?

    See the info at the link https://www.princess.com/html/global/personalizer/ssv/beverages/coffee-physical-card-disclaimer/index.html