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  1. Thanks. I didn't just want to make an assumption that all airports are alike.
  2. Are there normally taxis queued up outside YQB waiting for customers or do I need to arrange one in advance? We will be flying in from Toronto on 7 August mid-afternoon. Thanks
  3. It's been awhile since I was on a ship with a Vines. Do they still not open on port days until 4 in the afternoon and open at 11 am on sea days??? Always wished they opened earlier every day.
  4. Not yet, but it is on my To Do list for my cruise next week. When I asked about this on an earlier Live from Caribbean Princess topic, someone said they very much enjoyed it. The only info they shared was the cost so I am very pleased that you posted this. Thanks.
  5. I have enjoyed many of his chocolate journeys but the first time I cruised on Princess I fell in love with their souffles. They used to have them almost every other night. Now they are few and far between.
  6. Unfortunately, not always accurate. I was Ocean Ready and had ordered my medallions 71 days prior to my sailing. I was able to download and log in to the app (accepted my booking number) almost 30 days prior to that. The app became the most responsive after final payment. The apps remain glitchy so it is difficult to give hard and fast answers to questions. Mostly, folks can just relate their personal experience. The different experiences vary from DC to white light as the saying goes. Check your personalizer online and look for the heading over it to change to a Medallion. That is usually a sign that you can proceed.
  7. I'm not sure how to choose between the chocolate journey and the soufflé. 😧
  8. Have spent ~50 days on Cunard and over 120 on Princess. My last Cunard cruise was 18 days in 2017 (NY Round Trip Hamburg). Was often disappointed in the food on Cunard. Amazed by their service. Disappointed about their disability support/atmosphere. Only one place on QM2 that I could sit and not need help to get up. Incredibly pleased with their disembarkation disability support. I will not sail QM2 again. I could not sit in the atrium and get out of the chair. Sat there for a long time before my DH found me. More comfortable places to sit on Princess. Food is not what it used to be but still good (2018). Gets old dressing up every night on Cunard and my DH was not crazy about needing to wear a jacket every evening. I would really like to see a compromise between the over casual dress on Princess and the a little too much on Cunard. Fell free to ask other questions. (Only been on QM2 but on many Princess ships although not the Royal class.
  9. Clearly, you have not been on the Coral Princess. The area around the IC (but not the coffee bar) is railed in. Perhaps to separate it from the Casino. The coffee servers did not wait on tables. You went up to their bar and placed your order and they asked if you wanted a take-out cup. During 10 days on the Coral, there was never any lack of seating in the area for IC customers although there were a number of times that people were pursuing other activities in the area.
  10. Sounds like your bigger issue is that you only want to drink out of a ceramic cup and if you are not seated you will get a paper cup. Two very simple choices - take a ceramic cup in your suitcase or walk up to the Horizon Court and get an empty cup from there. A whole lot less angst if you take the initiative to solve your own problem.
  11. Perhaps I already got some coffee or pastry and I have finished it and am relaxing. By your logic, no one can go sit in the Wheelhouse Bar or Crooners or Skywalkers because they have menus for drinks on the tables. Your logic is way faulty.
  12. I still have the foldup maps that go with my cards and the room # is written on the map.
  13. rdsqrl, Perhaps your battery is going kaput. They can give you a new Medallion at the Passenger Services Desk (and it will be engraved like the one you have now).
  14. Thanks for checking Ombud. I'll just address the invite to Ocean Navigator Leader. I'm sure the Pursers Desk will get it to the right person.
  15. Does anyone know the title and/or name of whoever is running the "Ocean Navigator" help area? I was thinking about inviting the person to our meet & mingle on the 8/9 leg? Thanks
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