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  1. Let's hope you don't have to throw any Monagasques off their poolside loungers this time...
  2. OK, so the cruise itself starts Friday next week but receiving the final documentation today seems like the right time to kick off this thread. By way of introduction we are both 65-year-old retirees with over 200 days on Silversea, a QM2 crossing and a 14-day Seabourn Caribbean cruise under our belts along with a couple of river cruises. Saga has drawn us for this trip because we, at the time of booking last spring, didn't know what the international travel arena held for 2022. In addition we haven't done a British Isles itinerary and felt that Saga's all inclusive sailings would fit our needs. The itinerary visits several Irish ports, not least of which is my home town of Belfast. OH is English (I try not to mind) but has only visited the island once, about 10 years ago, and the Republic not at all. I lie. We stopped at Waterford with SS a few years ago. Anyway, the car picks us up between 0820 and 0850 next Friday for the run to Soton; it's a journey we know well because my S-i-L lives down that way. 3 hrs? Probably - on a good day. Several excursions booked, except Belfast (obviously!), which I'm hoping will persuade Madame that moving "back home" isn't a crazy idea at all. At the very least she'll get some proper Guinness. I shall try to keep a travelogue flowing, WiFi permitting, and answer any questions about our cruise, the ship, the cabin, food and the chances of Ireland winning the Six Nations. J and K
  3. Echoing the thoughts of others. Thanks for your fantastic travelogue.
  4. Is this an international version of "The Four Yorkshire men"?...
  5. If I look at JJ's post I see nowhere does she say anyone is crazy just that she isn't. Why is that controversial?
  6. We've just had canvas print reproductions of our one late and two current dogs. Our first dog, Ninja. Just the best dog ever: Then we have Harley. Six years old now and definitely the wise elder statesman: And, finally, Little Tuppence who came to us as an eight-week-old pup two years ago: So, OK, labradors aren't compulsory. But they should be!
  7. Yes indeed. Free laundries for passenger use with detergent provided. However, you are asked only to use the SS detergent so that's one less thing to pack.
  8. Getting a bit off topic now but we lived on Germany for 11 years and one of our treats was to visit a local Konditerei every so often for a "Schlemmer Fruehstuck" consisting of meats, cheeses, assorted breads, proper coffee and a glass of champagne. Those were the days...
  9. A bit niche, maybe, but if you like a typically Northern European breakfast of cold meats, cheeses, bread etc then you will find the SS buffet in Terraza excellent. The only other time we get a similarly meat/fat laden breakfast is when visiting our friends in Amsterdam. It's no wonder the Dutch are the tallest nation on earth!😉
  10. My own preference is whatever my wife tells me it is.
  11. But what happens on the day you find that horse with a stone in its hoof...
  12. Germany must be the most underrated tourist destination in Europe! Mind you, we lived there for 11 years so might be a little biased.
  13. 8July. Saga have eased their Covid precautions a little, the downside being that transport will now likely be shared. We should get our final timings about a week before the sail date. We are hoping that the pick up is 9am or later so we can leave the dogs at their holiday home that day rather than the previous evening. I might try to do a "live from"; failing that I shall post impressions on return. I'm expecting maybe 90% of the SS experience - it will be difficult to be totally objective after 200 SS days, but I shall try. Whatever, we are getting away and that's the main thing.
  14. Take 3 dogs, get them chasing a ball around the garden for an hour or so and this is what happens:
  15. Small point: Are masks available on board or do we need to bring our own?
  16. Of course. Just as there are alternatives for those not in that certain sector. The thread was started to point out the vagaries of the new booking system, not to compare and contrast the SS product with their competitors. None of which alters the original premise that the new booking system is a major step away from that which it replaced and is disadvantageous to those who like to make their own arrangements.
  17. OK, Stumbles. The message is clear. Don't book a D2D, be flexible and annoy your shipmates with your last minute bargain! I'm not really sure why I'm pursuing this topic. It just annoys me that SS is charging such a ridiculous mark-up on D2D while at the same time penalising those who gain value and flexibility from making their own arrangements. It was always possible to book a cruise then get the air credit. No penalties. We did this all the time. Now it's made SS less attractive. I'm sure the cruises will be as good as ever. I hope the loyal customers who book have a great time. But I'm sure there are old SS hands unwilling to be party to such egregious practices. Seems that some just can't take the news that SS has disappointed some customers. SS will thrive, I'm sure. But it will do so without me. That's not a threat or a fit of pique. There are plenty of alternatives.
  18. OK. How's this for crazy pricing: 21 Jun 22 Silver Moon Copenhagen to Stockholm 7 nights. D2D £4900 P2P £2350 So a difference of £2550 per person. That £2550 gets you flights to Copenhagen return from Stockholm. That's about £400 or less for Business. You get return from home to Airport (if you live within the radius) and back. So another £200. Overseas airport - port - Airport. Let's be generous and say £100. So for the extra £2550 you get the elements you could buy yourself for £700. To put it another way on a D2D fare you are paying £1850 for, er, absolutely nothing. That's £3700 for a couple. So you can pay £9800 for D2D or £6100 (£2350x2 + £700x2)for P2P and arrange your own travel. That's not crazy pricing? The crazy thing is that anyone would buy the D2D. That really is crazy.
  19. I might be wrong but I understood that the point of this thread was to highlight the revised Ts and Cs as they affect the P2P and D2D aspects of making a booking. When a significant number of loyal SS customers feel frustrated, disadvantaged or just plain angry at the new rules it is hardly surprising that they vent somewhat on here. And as CC only touches a small portion of the VS membership I think it fair to extrapolate this thread's dissatisfied numbers to suggest a decent chunk of SS regulars are not happy. I've voted with my feet and I'm not the only one. Plenty of people are still booking. Others are trying to suggest that it's all a bit of a storm in a teacup. Very well, be that as it may and have a happy life but in a world of choice and diversity I, for one, will take my custom to a line with a more transparent and fair booking system that will honour my accrued loyalty benefits regardless of whether I choose to take their hugely inflated included features.
  20. This one must be. He's chosen DW as his owner!
  21. To be fair, there are clearly plenty of people happy to pay through the nose to have everything taken care of by SS and are in the privileged position of having money to burn. Anyone looking at D2D who happens to be able to use all of the included elements may feel it's good value. The losers here are those of us that like to arrange our own travel with the flexibility to come and go wherever before and after the cruise. The other losers are those who, because of location, cannot use some of the included elements, receive a credit but end up paying way more than what is effectively a P2P at an inflated price. I can see where SS is coming from. I don't agree with nor like it. The old system didn't penalise those who use their own initiative on travel nor did it penalise folk geographically. I might look like a cabbage but I'm not green. I'm out.
  22. Further to my post immediately above: SS is no longer attractive to our needs so I've copied those parts of the T's and Cs for interest only.
  23. I've taken screen shots of the T's and Cs. It would seem that VS days are credited on P2P but that the VS days-earned 5% and 10% savings only apply against D2D ssilings:
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