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  1. Safe travels home, great review and terrific dirty martinis. 😊
  2. You are killing me with these dirty martinis which is my favorite drink and it definitely needs to have blue cheese stuffed olives. I have never had a muddled one though and I do like it dirty.🍸🍸Cheers.
  3. Great pictures, Patti sure put on a lot of miles. I was there when it was Downtown Disney probably about 13 years ago. At that time I dated a man who had a very expensive motorhome and we would stay at Fort Wilderness which was fun. Not having children, I had only been to Disney one other time so I sure learned a lot about Disney during this time.
  4. Great review and thanks for taking us along. Safe travels home.
  5. Great itinerary, have fun, will be following along.
  6. Have a terrific trip, look forward to following along. Maybe someday I'll try Carnival but as you mentioned there are better values out there these days.
  7. If it was December I had heard on the news there was unrest. looks like there was unrest in October and November also. https://pa.usembassy.gov/alert-december-20-demonstrations/
  8. Safe travels home as always a terrific review, thanks for taking us along. That Miami cold will be nothing compared to when you get home. Hope you're home in time to see the BUCS play and win.
  9. Safe travels home Sid. As always have enjoyed your review and all the great pictures.
  10. @MeganGC1983everything looks yummy. What was on top of the seaweed salad, couldn't figure that one out?
  11. @Hogladyriderthere must have been something going with CC as I also did not get notifications this afternoon but getting them now. I also checked all my settings and nothing had changed.
  12. Megans Bay is beautiful, we found some pretty sea glass just sitting at the edge of the water. The next year we went to another beach and don't recall the name but were disappointed. Those safari buses can definitely be scary on some of those curves.
  13. Great pictures! We did a B2B out of SJ in Feb. 2022 and had gone in 2 days early to explore. Well, it wasn't meant to be, it poured our entire time there. For sailaway it was pouring, when we returned 1 week later it was still pouring so much that before sailaway for week 2 you could here everyone's phones going off with weather alerts. Someday hope to get back and explore.
  14. I'm and NCL girl and also dabble with Princess, will be interested to see your take on MSC. I just don't see me trying them at this time but you never know as I do like the convenience of going out of NY/NJ ports.
  15. Totally agree with you. Tried it once and chucked the rest of it.
  16. Love the Tribe tee shirts and have fun everyone.
  17. That's a good thing and I could have used it recently. I was at a Hampton Inn and swear I could hear the person's CPAP machine in the next room.
  18. I will be doing London to Southhampton so have been following this. I am interested in the bus and don't want to assume but the bus driver must stow your baggage under the bus, correct, as I definitely cannot drag my luggage up any steps.
  19. This is the game I wanted to watch and out here it is not available on any channel but Peacock.
  20. BF is same way, was telling his daughter I was going to Sweden this past November and I was going to Iceland. He is the same way for our trips, I just tell him where and when to be ready.
  21. Six hours after posting and I am follower 109.... everyone has been busy. Look forward to your review as always. Now to go back and read the first 4 pages.
  22. I just googled it as I also did not know.😄
  23. OMG...checked this morning and you hadn't started the review yet and now here I am on page 8. Have a blast, look forward to following along.
  24. Great to know as I want to book a Norway trip for summer of 2025 and will be booking an inside and using points from NCL credit card to upgrade to balcony.
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