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  1. Media release of 15 February announced that Oceania has a new/revised Your World magazine which will be sent to past and potential future guests, as well as to travel advisors this month. The magazine was developed through a new partnership with SANDOW. The latter half of the magazine features sailings from July to December 2024. An online version is included in the release - link: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/emags/jan_2024_your_world_mag us/. Of interest, page 94 has the 2024 Voyage Calendar which in the past, we only received when onboard. There will be three issues of the magazine: next in the summer and last one in the fall.
  2. Thank you for this list as it is a good reference. We took advantage of the Land Program and then the ESS for two different cruises. Will be interesting to see if 2024 follows the same continuous pattern.


    The volcano, Mt. Sakurajima, towers 3500 feet over the city and the bay. Take a look at this site: https://www.whatsinport.com/Kagoshima.htm  map you can print, cruise calendar to see what other ships will be in port that day, hint and tips etc. This site also has great info: https://www.kagoshima-kankou.com/for/cruise/marinport. We opted for a ship shore excursion to see Samurai homes + Museum to Kamanzi Pilots.
  4. Concur with everything said about Trinity College and amazing Long Room. We took a shuttle from the port to downtown Dublin and walked the remainder of the day as was easy to get to Trinity College. We then walked along bank of River Liffey to Temple Bar area (stopped for an Irish Coffee at the famous Temple Bar) before heading to Christ Church Cathedral and then St. Patrick's Cathedral. Browsed shops along Grafton Street before returning to ship. Wonderful day. In Edinburgh (port of New Haven), we chose to take an excursion to St. Andrew's as we are golfers and a quick tour of Edinburgh city. Believe there is public transport available to St. Andrew's. After, we toured on our own the Royal Yacht Britannia.
  5. Agree - we always tip and always receive a nice thank you.
  6. We disembarked Riviera in September 2023 and the renovated ship is beautiful and crew were great (other than the CD was poor). The bathrooms are gorgeous and the overall ship is lovely. Enjoyed the expanded Barista area where you can relax in comfy chairs with your cappuccino. New Waves Pizza was delicious (and they will bring your pizza to your table if you are dining in the Terrace in the evening). Not sure why there are negative reviews. We sail her again in a few months and can't wait.
  7. It depends on the cruise and the night. Have sailed O class many times and as recently as last September when we did have to wait approximately 10 minutes for a 2 top. Last September, we were sitting waiting and the maître d'approached us and asked us if we would like to dine at Toscana instead and we accepted!
  8. Thank you for the beautiful photos and we are looking forward to seeing so many stunning sites in Japan.
  9. Just booked our Speciality restaurants and the earliest was 6:30 PM. 7:00 PM was not a choice next was 7:30 PM then 8:30 PM. We took the 6:30 - now, these choices were for a table for two and if one shares, the times could differ.
  10. Thank you once again @monkey@cruise. Have read about admission tickets (or stamps) being a collector's item. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies and yes, we were a tad suspicious 🤨.
  12. To avoid a long queue for tickets, we are thinking of purchasing advance admission tickets to Nijo-jo Castle/Ninomaru-goten Palace online (https://nijo-jocastle.city.kyoto.lg.jp/ticket/?lang=en); tickets are valid for use within 3 months from the date of purchase. However, can't seem to find advance online tickets for Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) - has anyone purchased tickets online and if so, could you provide link? Thank you.
  13. We have exchanged the champagne for wine many times as well as exchanged the O Club red wine for white wine and never a problem.
  14. We will achieve Silver Status on our upcoming cruise and reviewing the additional benefits, curious to understand what does, "VIP Shore Excursion Check-in" mean? Familiar with the Shore Excursion check-in process - perhaps it means that we can give our Excursion cards in early once the desk in the Lounge is open versus being called up per their announcements? Thanks!
  15. Had same issue online but called Oceania and they put us on waitlist.
  16. A mystery. Our past experience was in Aug-September 2023 and we now have 1 waitlisted for March 2024 and received the same response.
  17. Our experience when asking O the status of the wait list and where we placed was that they could not tell us. Called a few times and received the same response. Once onboard, we went to Destination Services and was informed that the wait list had cleared due to late cancellations.

    Kochi, Japan

    Our cruise is not until March this year and ends in April. We still plan to take a taxi (or combo of shuttle/walk) to Harimaya Bridge, walk to Hirome Market to browse local food and shops and then head to Kochi Castle (will not tour inside as too many stairs to climb). Another option we may consider is the MY-YU tour bus. Enjoy your cruise!
  19. Thank you for posting @shepherd really as we have been monitoring two Med 2024 cruises and the prices listed today equal the same as was on the previous Happiest Holidays offering (other than the SM change). Probably won't be the last promotion and in no hurry so will wait it out for a further discount than the last two sales. At this rate, O will definitely need to say good-bye to an R ship to maintain close to full bookings with Allura coming next year.
  20. On our London-London 10 day UK cruise onboard Riviera Aug-Sept 2023, definitely older crowd many with walkers/wheelchairs requiring assistance. In September 2022 LA-LA 10 day Pacific coast cruise onboard Regatta, also an older crowd. Prior to this, sailed UK, Australia-NZ, Med and Baltic between 12 and 14 days and age bracket was definitely much younger and don't recall ever seeing walkers/wheelchairs. Haven't sailed Caribbean in a very long time and wasn't on Oceania.
  21. Here is the correct link direct to the sale: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/special-offers/holiday
  22. Oceania is continuing with their ongoing sales - Happiest Holiday Sale has replaced the Black Friday Sale: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/cruise-finder#time_frame=2024-11|2024-12&ship=RVA&sort=featured:desc&page=1&pageSize=10. Take your chances that the next sale won't better the one you just booked. Looking at Riviera offerings, noticed that Riviera has revamped itineraries for November-December 2024; no cruises shown for October to December 2025.
  23. Do miss Franck's Mashed Potatoes on Oceania and curious if EJ offers this side dish?
  24. Your point of not being 'special' is key as this is what we expect when dining in Speciality restaurants. Haven't sailed Vista yet so cannot personally comment. That said, most forums seem to give Ember a 👎. At least we will once again enjoy Jacques on Riviera this spring.
  25. We will often reserve a Specialitiy restaurant on the first night. We find the first night dining in other venues such as GDR and the Terrace to be extremely crowded and service rushed as a result. Whereas, we start our cruise with a relaxing and delicious dinner - personal choices.
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