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  1. Call Latitutes Department and ask.
  2. What we did was find the cruise we wanted to ReBook, and put the deposit down to hold our stateroom. (Wanted a special location). In the meantime, after our cancellation we waited until the Furture Cruise Credit showed up on our Individual Latitudes Account. Then we called back to apply the FCC to our New Reservation, and at That time the discount was applied, and any other discount that were available. I have to say, it was pretty easy. Beat of luck!
  3. Thank you for the super review. Just read it again. Our April 18, 2020 cruise is cancelled. We rebooked for December. We plan to celebrate the holiday season with the Aloha Spirit. Anyone cruised these islands in December?
  4. Thank you for your review. I have taken this cruise 3 times and your review was very "real time" as I read it. Remind me, the coffee maker was not a Keruig right? What night did you have Meet the Captain? Welcome home
  5. Oh my goodness, I am so excited to be going on this cruise!!!! We enjoy traveling during the holidays to see the ship's decorated and to see the tropical islands decked out as well. How about you? Some people find it too busy a time to be traveling.
  6. We are hoping to see the N.E. Patriots too. Getting excited to be in a ship with so few passengers!
  7. Thank you!!! Just what I was looking for! I am so excited!!! Our first cruise was on a small ship, the Song of Norway. From there it was onward and upward, and now I feel like we have gone full circle but I am sure the Azamara experience is going to be epic.
  8. You had to climb up a staircase to get to the Crow's Nest. You could get a card punched and you would be a member of the Night Owl.
  9. First time on Azamara Club Cruise. Does anyone have a copy of the weeks event that you can share? Cruising on 5 night Azamara Journey. Thanks!
  10. Host Grandma Cruising getting excited to experience our 1st Azamara Club cruise! A little concerned about her small scale but I will have SeaBands. If we want to view a football game at one of the bars...where is best....and are the beers we will be drinking really included? Thanka for the super input to this Newbie thread and the spreadsheet.
  11. We did not get an email about a White Night, but I was told to bring white for it. What can we expect?
  12. Correct. I think All cruise line's Wi-Fi packages.... You MUST logoff.com.
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