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  1. For some reason I assumed they were some good renderings. Well we know she will look as good or even better perhaps.
  2. Those balconies on deck 10 are indeed bigger. Check out this YouTube video by Cruise Admiral that shows and explains the decks including 10.
  3. Ken thanks. Will have to wait and see what eventually happens with that cruise.
  4. So looks like Symphony 8N S Caribbean for August 2021 is no longer showing on the RCI website. Interesting that they removed it even though it’s 9 plus months later.
  5. Thanks Ken. Yeah hopefully the 8 days are still in play for Summer 21.
  6. Ken - How about those cruises to S. Caribbean? Doesn’t RCI usually keep those as 8 Nights if sailing from Florida? I’m asking since I have a Symphony 8 night next summer 2021. Thanks
  7. Indeed thanks Lloyd and to all the amateur photographers for all the updates and for keeping it interesting here.
  8. @Lloyd555 - A couple of favorite photos (NCL Getaway and up close view of a Quatum OTS engine) from back in the day and courtesy, Ingrid Fiebak.
  9. Lloyd - I so remember those days and it was exciting. After being so immersed in that build I was very disappointed that I had to cancel my Quantum cruise and then she got moved to China. Ingrird took some amazing photos that gave us a lot insights to the builds. I hope she puts out some more for Odyssey and other recent builds for public viewing.
  10. The optimist in me would go with December. Starting with limited short cruises and reduced capacity. May be even cruises to nowhere.
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