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  1. I second that. It would be nice to still have that open deck space forward and on the wings to walk out to.
  2. Hopefully better renderings and deck plans will be out soon. Otherwise we will have to get help from Lloyd on the Oasis 5 Blocks are in the House thread.
  3. May be it will look like this. Wing access from deck 15.
  4. Indeed the ship does still have a lot of open space. That thing label #7 Large RCI Canopy is interesting, with placement and size. It looks like those high paying Loft Suites may have an obstructed view due to that thing.
  5. I'm not sure that item 6 is an extra deck. I think that's still part of deck 15. The other interesting difference is how the area of the Crown Loft suites on Harmony looks vs on Wonder. On Wonder the forward section looks taller, perhaps 2 levels, then slops down toward the aft, single story perhaps. Item 8, I agree, the Solarium also looks like one hard top on Wonder compared to Harmony. It may be an illusion, but there is an area between the tired deck and the mini gong that looks like an elevated walkway with white looking poles/frames below. Could be glassed-in also. Just a guess. Below is one of the photos that was shared here that a think shows my last point.
  6. That is interesting news about Icon. The first Icon Class ship is currently due out in Q2, 2022. Thanks for sharing the info from the presentation.
  7. Yes looking forward to it. Thanks and enjoy yours too.
  8. We will be on the 8 day right when you return from yours. Thanks again for the photos of the JS on deck 11 you shared a while back. We booked based on your recommendations.
  9. From the press released you shared and within this sentence below, I think the reference to "seasonal homeport of Fort Lauderdale, FL" means that Odyssey will return to FLL after the summer of 2021. And yes, RCI can always change things as we have seen them do in the past, but for now that's how I read it. "The global cruise line’s 27th ship will arrive to her seasonal homeport of Fort Lauderdale, FL in November 2020 to offer 8- and 6-night Caribbean cruises. Odyssey will then continue her inaugural year in Europe for summer 2021."
  10. If you already know the sail date you prefer and the cabin type, I would book it now and not wait for Black Friday or any other sale. After you book and the price goes down, you can get the price adjusted as long as it's before final payment. Good luck. Edit Sorry my page wasn't totally refreshed and I didn't see that others had already responded to you.
  11. Is it possible that's for the JS on Deck 9 mid ship, J3s. On other Quantum Class ships those have 2 Bathroom in the cabins.
  12. Thanks and I appreciate the fast feedback. I am studying the deck plans to determine which cabins to book when we decide. My eyes could be playing trick on me but the J1 on 10, 11 and 12 look very slightly different on the deck plans. Still not a big deal as they are all in a good location. Thanks again.
  13. Ken - If you don't mind me asking, What are the dimensions of the J1s, 10722, 11722 and 12722? They appear slightly different on the Deck plans. Also the J1 on deck 6 has to be somewhat obstructed due to the Life Boat right below on deck 5. Thanks
  14. I found some of those same dates you mentioned above. Couldn't find anything for Odyssey from Istanbul or other ports yet. Perhaps they are holding back publishing it for now. As for Athens, Greece, it's all here from this link below. www.olp.gr/en/cruise-greece/cruise-programme/item/download/15540_093cdf70621d69e4fe8f6c826db76b19 Some screen shots.
  15. I am also surprised about the CL. I thought they were taken them out and replacing them with Suite Lounges on other ships. Although having a CL is a much better use of that space than a having it as a Conference Center. Maybe the CL will be the Silver Dining and Lounge for Odyssey. I can't imag them not having that and or Coastal Kitchen (or something new and better/different). By the way, great and beautiful pictures you took on your Ovation OTS cruise to Alaska.
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