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  1. Nice photos updates Lloyd. The last one is a pretty cool image of everything in the yard from the top phot bundled up.
  2. That's a strange looking block for the front of the loft suites. Maybe because we are are not seeing the whole thing.
  3. @Lloyd555 - Looking at that block another difference I see is that the some of the cabins under or around that pool or hot-tub appear to be Junior Suites.
  4. "Pool" or Hot-tub?. If a pool then another big difference with the other sister ships.
  5. Now that most are looking at dates in 2021 and beyond, I recently stumbled on a saling that was somewhat of a surprise to me. Symphony OTS, Southern Caribbean on August 21, 2021. Only one sailing and may be the first time an Oasis Class ships calls on Aruba and Curaçao. Furthermore, the pricing seemed great.
  6. Talking about golf, the starboard side shows a lot of green area. Maybe a bigger golf or lawn area like on some Celebrity ships?
  7. I'm guessing it's the area under those tall lights on the port side. The attached photo is not quite clear but there is something that looks like a basketball hoop.
  8. On Symphony that was part on the Zipline platform. May be Wonder will not have a Zipline but something different in that general location.
  9. Hopefully soon we will see some renderings and know what she would look like.
  10. You are right Lloyd. The next mega block for Aida Acosma will be started behind Odyssey. Then when that mega block is completed and moved out then Odyssey is moved backward.
  11. Here is another video of Odyssey about to be moved in Hall 6. Courtesy - Ems -Dollart Media Also Screen shots of the aft from the same video.
  12. If you don't mind the walk, go with the aft. The aft cabins seem to have deeper balconies if that matters to you. In looking at the deck plans, it appears that decks 8, 10 then 12 have the deeper balconies (see some of the photos Lloyd posted in the construction thread or photos videos of Spectrum). Also, I think the aft cabin area is quieter than the hump area where lots of people are passing by for the elevators. They appear to have great views. I have never sailed in an aft cabin before but have an aft JS booked on Odyssey.
  13. Here is 9726 also shared by Brandis. This is slightly narrower compared to 9724.
  14. I had a similar question on the aft J1 Junior Suites on Odyssey and tried to get info on Spectrum that had similar cabins. The only info/photos I found were shared by @Brandis . I believe they stayed in 9726 and had friends in 9724. Cabin 9724 should have the same general layout as 11722. Below are some pictures that Branis shared a few months ago.
  15. Some "small/shorter" Cruise ship can fit under 295E. And no Oasis class will make it either, maybe Mayport. I say Mayport, only because it's deep enough for Aircraft Carrriers and may have a wide enough turn basin. I could be wrong. The river has been/and will be dredged again for bigger Cargo ships though.
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