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  1. I believe all the JS on the hump are “Spa” JS. On earlier Quantum Class Ships those had an official category as Spa Junior Suites. On Odyssey I think they are under J4. The JS on deck 9 J3s like 9200 etc are bigger and have two toilets. Often referred to as Family JS.
  2. From the RC Un.....Blog, The article is about a deal to improve ports in US Virgin Islands which includes mention of Icon Class. Perhaps a hint of at least one port of call for Icon Quote “In the short term, Royal Caribbean will bring more passengers to St. Thomas and St. Croix, but down the line, enhancing the piers is a big part of the deal. A third pier will be added to Crown Bay in St. Thomas, which will mean there will be three births there. Two of these births will be capable of handling an Icon Class cruise ship. In addition, Royal Caribbean will look to expand Frederiksted, St. Croix. This will include work on dredging the pier to accommodate larger ships. Currently, the pier in St. Croix can only handle ships as large as a Voyager Class ship.”
  3. One sort of looks like MSC Seaside Class and the other like Virgin Scarlet Lady.
  4. Fantastic and very nice of them. This is the first view I have seen of the inside of that hall. Very cool.
  5. I would guess somewhere around 56 to 59 which puts Biker’s estimated right in there 😀. 59 at the higher end considering how at Mayer WERFT they squeeze those ships out of Hall 6 with few feet to spare. At the low end, the greyish entry wall with extra space, say 4 to 5 meters. One may say that’s a lot but, consider the equipment that in moved back and forth along the sides and the safety element. I could be wrong but hey we are just having fun here with it.
  6. Tempting to book a December cruise. However I am trying to leave my 2023 dates open after my Mardi Gras cruise for hopefully Icon.
  7. What is your projection? Just for fun. They can’t give a Ship a name “Icon” and not make it a wow.
  8. Yes Wishful thinking on my part. Has Wonder been really “confirmed” for PC. Hope it happens. For you it will be a short “walk” and perhaps a 2.5 hours drive down for some of us 😀
  9. Still no speculation on beam compared to Oasis class 😀
  10. Our recent sailing on Symphony stopped in San Juan for practically a full day on August 26th. We were originally supposed to go to St Kitts but due to St Kitts changing their Covid requirements it was switched to San Juan.
  11. Thank you also for confirming this. The original suite I had booked on Odyssey was 10722 thinking perhaps two balconies. But after studying all the pictures Lloyd shared on the Blocks are in the House thread and from Google; my thinking was wrong. The Corner Loft Suites do though have two balconies. Have a great cruise.
  12. Try this link. It should show you the status of your bids. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade
  13. Of all the times I have sailed into St Thomas on an Oasis Class ship including just last week on Symphony, they dock at Crown Bay and on Starboard side.
  14. Wow over 60! Sounds like it will will be a fun group. We are only 6 thus far and will also be on the March 12 sailing.
  15. @Russ Lomas Great detailed review and photos. Thanks for sharing. Now I really want to sail this class after following all of the builds since Quantum. Maybe will bump into you March next year. 😀
  16. This afternoon at the Windjammer- Lobster and all kinds of Seafood. I don’t think I can remember having Lobster in the Windjammer but maybe others have.
  17. Flight was not listed as one of the show options for this sailing. As a side note, Hairspray was on last night and the second show is at 3:30pm today I believe. Slides, Flow rider and zip line are open. There wasn’t a line for the Flow rider the day we went. Only two other people in line.
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