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  1. @steamboats As always, fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing here with us.
  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions of Icon. I am surprised they don’t have extra seating in Central Park given the additional eating places, bars and jazz set up they have out there. All of the photos I have seen of the Promenade look great. I’m glad they removed those expensive jewelry stores from Icon’s promenade compared to other ships. I think a lot of people with agree with you about paying for Crown’s Edge 😀. Hopefully, you guys will get to sail on her again and for a full 7 days. We have been following the building of Icon and are looking forward to our sailing on her this coming spring.
  3. As always, those are great video’s by your DH. Thanks for sharing. I realize it was a short cruise for you guys, but what are your general impressions of Icon if I may ask?
  4. Looks like you got a great deal and good for you. Enjoy your cruise and your balconies on deck 17 😀
  5. Wow! A very, very great deal for three people. That is cheaper than the opening price for a regular JS for 2 people on the same day that bookings opened up.
  6. Thanks for sharing your cabin photos. I was curious how the JY Sky JS balconies were on deck 17. Thanks
  7. Time to start an Icon 3 thread. Steel cutting started. Photo courtesy- Royal Caribbean Blog
  8. Nice video with some closeups of the top decks. Courtesy- Jorge Rodriguez
  9. Another good video with some closeups shots. Courtesy- The travel guy
  10. Yes you are correct. Although Icon has the deck 19 space above the suites as a suite deck. Still, I get the point that both of you and @Newcruiser215 have made that Oasis class appears to look bigger. It will be interesting to see them side by side.
  11. I think one of the things that makes it “appear” not as large is, the view from the sides with the lifeboats on deck 5 and no ocean facing balconies on deck 6 of Icon compared to Wonder. The side profile with the ocean facing balcony cabins seem higher on Wonder but Icon has cabins as high as deck 17/18.
  12. She looks golden with all the cabin lights on throughout the sides. Very cool.
  13. Thanks for the update and photos. They are not wasting any time. She may be completed faster than Icon.
  14. She is already in drydock https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0nATLarSFq/
  15. Another video of Icon at Cadiz with some closeups Courtesy - Los viajes de Teli
  16. That's cool. Didn't realize that they were assembling some parts there. Since it all under Meyer Werft, it does make sense though.
  17. I tried but it didn’t work 😀. Just checked out the website OMG 😀! Wow on all the pricing through April 2026.
  18. She sure is moving very fast. At one point she was doing 24knt
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