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  1. We have stayed in 16018 & 16020 and really liked that location. Close to the Concierge desk and easy access to the topsail and elevator to the restaurant. Also if you stop at Ocean Cay, Starboard side has been facing the island in the past times we were there.
  2. A crew member that I correspond with is now on Grandiosa and the process was the swabs in terminal before boarding then they were quarantined in a guest cabin for 14 days. Meals were served to them in the cabin and temps taken 2x daily as well as more swabs for testing. Only after staying negative for those 14 days were they allowed to go to work. So it seems the lady that tested positive was already under the 14 day quarantine on the ship which means she was isolated from all others on the ship.
  3. Remember, Ocean Cay is own by the Bahamians and leased by MSC so it will probably be under the same protocols as the Bahamas.
  4. I would think it's too far out. They will still be working with the vendors in the different ports of call. Let's hope all of the ports on your itinerary will be open to cruise ships by then.
  5. The article says they chose to take the next cruise out of Naples. Not to continue on this one.
  6. Lots of nice goodies and gifts and never asked for them. Perhaps they came since I am a long time cruiser with MSC. Never asked why, just graciously accepted them.
  7. When on Seaside and Meraviglia the bow was toward the lighthouse. Is that what you are asking?
  8. Join the club of those of us waiting for refunds of cancelled cruises. Patience has paid off for some of us and are receiving refunds very slowly. Can you imagine having a business and then thousands and thousands of clients demanding refunds for non receipt of goods purchased? That is what is happening. I have had 9 weeks of cruises cancelled for 2020 and will most likely loose over $6K due to last minute canceling on our part. This was done at the very beginning of the halt of cruises. I'm still working on getting some sort of compensation for those 2 cruises but don't hold out much l
  9. Last time there, they had brought in those very nice porta potties, with sinks. They were also building more restrooms to the left of the club house.
  10. On a happy note, I just received our first refund on our 7 cancelled cruises for 2020. Cancelled on 3/30 for a 5/23 cruise. Have asked for $ refunded and not FCC's. So maybe there is hope for the rest. Thank you MSC for a glimmer of hope.
  11. Just heard that an "adjustment" was made on my request for refund on a cancelled April 18, 2020 cruise and it's taking 75 days. Not sure of 75 days from when!!!! I originally cancelled on 3/13 and was told it would be 60 days for refund. I am definitely not giving MSC any more of my money till I see refunds of over $14K outstanding requests come back to me!!!! Wish you all good luck with getting actual refunds of cash back on your credit card or however you paid. FCC's are worthless to me for the next 2 years.
  12. Gelato is not included in any package on Meraviglia.
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