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  1. Cruisergal1208

    Formal Nights

    Yes you can!
  2. Cruisergal1208

    Military Discount?

    That’s why we use a travel agent. Can use only one discount.
  3. Cruisergal1208

    Seaside heading back to Miami

    Yes, one person said they were meeting a coast guard helicopter for evacuation. Hoping all will be ok for person/persons involved.
  4. Ours was on the second sea day at 10 in the Galaxy
  5. It is not listed in the Dailey Maybe you can get someone on your roll call to let you know the info when they get their invitation
  6. Don’t count on it! They cut off changes on the cc site so they can send the list to the reps on the ship.
  7. Because the on board reps didn't change my cabin number to the correct number, I did not receive the photo from the M&M. They still had us listed in the old one (15025) and even made a note on their list for the new one (16034) and we still didn't get it. Bummer!!!! Need to get their act together!!
  8. Cruisergal1208

    What can we expect on MSC Divina?

    Not Karen but on now. Was told there were 11 pax that didn’t present themselves for disembarkation . After about an hour the number was down to five. They were called several times and even security was searching ship for them. They were finally found and taken off. Then the ship was zeroed down and pax were allowed back on.
  9. Cruisergal1208

    What can we expect on MSC Divina?

    Thanks for that correction.
  10. Cruisergal1208

    What can we expect on MSC Divina?

    You have to remember OPs cruise started in Europe and ends in Miami. Lots of his statements are not true for the US boarding experience. Looking forward to being back on Divina soon.
  11. Cruisergal1208

    Seaside YC 16002

    There is an access door to the Topsail right outside of the door. I think your balcony will be enough distance from the smokers outside area not to be a problem.
  12. Cruisergal1208

    Seaside YC1 cabin next to YC Royal Suite

    We will be in 16034 in April so hopefully it’s a good location.
  13. Cruisergal1208

    Seaside YC1 cabin next to YC Royal Suite

    No privacy issues and like the location. That hallway is behind glass wall and just across from concierge desk. Quiet hallway.
  14. Cruisergal1208

    Seaside YC1 cabin next to YC Royal Suite

    We have stayed in 16022 and had no noise from the Royal Suite. Good location.
  15. Cruisergal1208

    credit card check-in

    There are kiosks around the ship where you register your credit card. It can be done within the first 24 hours of boarding. There are some near the guest service desk. Wait for a few hours after boarding and the lines might not be so long.