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  1. Review by jollyjoyce Ship Explorer Cabin 714 F2 1/2019 Port Side FWD 1 Bathroom Tub/Shower Combo & Separate Shower No Noise issues Recommend....YES Close to forward elevators, very quiet, huge cabin , good sized balcony, not far from laundrette. Excellent cabin would choose again.
  2. Totally agree with every word. The only night we stayed up later was the 1st Karaoke night....it was great fun!! We didn't make it to the 2nd M & M but the 1st was great and nice to meet folks....and we did eventually find out why there weren't many at the 1st ! Loved our 1st Regent cruise unreservedly.
  3. Hey there Bill, we were on this cruise so really interested to read the rest of your review. It was great to meet up with yourself and Mary. Agree with all so far !! although we did enjoy our 1 visit to Sette Mare. Agree about entertainment, the best we have ever had on a cruise by far. We too did the Seals & Dolphin tour in Walvis Bay but it didn't cost anything, it was a Regent included tour. Highlight for us was St. Helena. Lowlight for us was Rio. We have been before and love it but we thought the Regent organisation with tours, last day arrangement were total chaos. I look forward to part 2. Joyce
  4. Thank you for the reply Re hairdryers. Unless I have lots of room in suitcase I will feel happy to leave mine at home now ! I don’t use curling tongs so no proble there. Thank Mary please. We would love to join you for Trivia, I am a big crossword and trivia fan...hope we don’t let you down ! Hopefully we will be at CC Meet & Mingle so will look forward to meeting you both. Joyce
  5. We too are on this cruise 6/1/2019 Cape Town to Rio. As this is our 1st Regent cruise I am really wanting to know about the hairdryer provided by Regent. Sorry but I really don’t want to have to bring my own but need a high powered dryer and don’t seem to be able to find info anywhere !!! Can any of you guys familiar with Explorer help ?? Very excited and so looking forward to our cruise. Really enjoyed the posts on this thread, especially Walvis Bay seals cruise which we are doing....sounds fantastic. Thanks to all who have posted and hope we will be able to post during our TA.
  6. Delighted to hear that as we board on 6th January. Thank you Regent.
  7. On a trip to NZ we hired a car drove down to Dunedin and we stayed in Dunedin overnight and drove to Queenstown. As others have said Queenstown is beautiful but it is a long way by road from Dunedin...I know, I drove !! The journey from Queenstown to Milford Sound is also a long drive. We went by coach and back by small aeroplane. We were lucky as we could only return by plane if the weather was perfect and they did say that the weather can close in quickly. We did the Red Boat cruise on Milford Sound which was good. I know I am telling this from the perspective of a road trip in a hire car but the distances are quite long to drive even on a coach. New Zealand looks small on a map but driving always takes considerably longer than you imagine. Dunedin is nice and others have said, quite a few interesting things to see there. It is very Scottish in flavour !!! Hope this helps.
  8. Peggy, Thank you for clarifying that the listed officers are on Navigator. Now I need someone who knows who is on Explorer ! Yes, it was a hard copy mailed to me. Joyce
  9. Hi. This morning we got a copy of Seven Seas Society Pages. Page 13 gives a list of Officers Rotation. We are booked on Explorer 6th January 2019. The Master, GM & CD are listed as Ubaldo Armellino, Nickie Sheils & James Logan respectively. As I read to the bottom where Officers for Navigator are listed ...they are identical to Explorer Officers!! I know that is physically impossible so can anyone help me and tell me who our Officers will be ? Thank you ....I know someone will know !
  10. Aperol is an Italian Aperitif. You mix it with Prosecco, Soda, ice and a slice of orange ...lovely drink....you must try it !!
  11. Thank you all. Very useful & interesting info. I like the idea of Aperol Spritzers delivered for the balcony..... I wouldn’t have thought to order drinks through room service in case it isn’t allowed !!
  12. Fingers crossed then. That would be perfect.
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