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  1. Is that $14.99 for any burger, 1 side, and refillable soda? Thanks.
  2. That last part is what I'd like to avoid, been there, done that. My niece went on VV and loved it. I did ask about the age thing (and we're "only" in our late 50s), but she seem to think it was no big deal and saw people of all ages, so I also feel better after reading this.
  3. Oh no - it's not that hard to make pasta! I've been on a couple of ships where they threw in some specialty dining... I bet that's a way to change behavior so that we'd try and then pay at some point.
  4. I don't know about your particular ship, but most libraries are in an area where there are large glass windows. On the Serenade, it was actually an open space so not enclosed, so it would hopefully discourage any bad activity. The library is also used to play games so not sure whether he needs the quiet or not. My suggestion would be for you guys to look around the ship the first couple of days and locate several places he can work from while you're out. On another ship (another brand), the specialty restaurants were open because sometimes there would be activities there but otherwise quiet but available. You can also check w/Guest Services. I probably wouldn't use conference rooms because that might be in a more isolated area. Sometimes, it can be a table outside like near the pool but to one side where most people don't use or at the back of the ship where people would sit if they can't find a table in the buffet. One thought would be if he needed the bathroom, could he leave his stuff out? I know this is a stereotype, but I'd say it's safe especially for a teen boy. My daughter was quiet, wouldn't speak up or talk to strangers, and very compliant, so I probably wouldn't have done it.
  5. For the Serenade, I think I ordered pasta 2-3 times and each time it was lukewarm, like even after I mixed it all around (sometimes you do that, and the pasta is steaming - nope). However, every steak I ordered was great! That was the best of all the meals.
  6. We got off Serenade last Sunday and were given the choice of morning or evening, although I did try to look sad when he said only one. It's funny because our friends who occupied 2 rooms down the hall both told him they only want once every 2 days😁 I was like, "What?!" We do return to the room mid afternoon and sometimes eat/shower before dinner, so it's mostly about the wet towel on the floor, emptying garbage can, and taking away glassware. It was maybe already day 5 or 6 when I realized i could have asked for 2 floor towels. I'll remember next time.
  7. Wonder if it was occupied by the kids. When my daughter went on those week-long trips to visit DC, etc., she'd tell me how messy her friends had the hotel rooms (clothes on floor, things all over the place).
  8. We got off Serenade last Sunday, so hope you've enjoyed the beautiful ports and that the pretty leaves were still around.
  9. I've removed tips once because we had bad service at the MDR and wanted to give tips specifically to the waitstaff they ended up assigning us to instead. We ended up taking the same amount and giving it to the steward, asst steward, asst waiter, waiter, and maitre'd, so it wasn't to save money but didn't want it to go to the general pot. What we weren't sure of is whether they actually had to return those tips to share w/others, but we heard about that way after we got off the ship. This was maybe 20 years ago, so I don't think they shared tips with back operations people at the time. I don't do it anymore because I've noticed that the waitstaff in the MDR also help out in the buffet (on the ships I've been on), so it's kind of the same thing. I know you're not getting the same service at the buffet (they sometimes walk by our stacked plates, we have to get our own refills).
  10. Yes, it's kind of come down to that. I don't tip on takeout for food for drinks, but I have friends who do. They say they feel bad. These people are making more than them! I also tell them that it sets up an entitlement attitude that because they'll think that if some tip, then all should tip. And some people are tipping 20-25% because "you old people used to tip 10%-15%, but now it's 30 years later." I'm like "y'all need to understand math!" It's proportional. That dinner used to cost $4, and now it cost $40! I agree that I don't think they will take the time to mess w/people who don't tip because they won't remember after a few minutes and also waste of time. I tip primarily because our bags are heavy, but it's maybe something like $5 for 3 bags.
  11. I'm in San Francisco, and the minimum wage is $18.07/hour. I'm guessing a porter who belongs to a union would make several times that. On one trip, I gave our luggage to the porter and tipped for our bags, and our friends (and other random people) piled on, and he was like, "this is all the tips?" I'm like... he knows which bags are mine! I'm a reluctant tipper but will make sure I tip to ensure my bags make it too😂
  12. Ah yes, that's a good idea we forgot about. Thanks.
  13. I'll be on Serenade in October, so it's disappointing to hear about the food, BUT I was on NCL in Dec for 14 night Panama Canal and recently again on NCL for B2B Alaska, and each cruise, everything was too salty, so I had to preorder low sodium at the MDR every night. "No taste" might be a good change for me 😁
  14. Thanks for mentioning that there is no Sorrento! I was expecting pizza anytime. From your research, is there any food, other than room service, on the ship in the wee hours past 1:00AM? We're night owls, so we get up at 11:00AM and sleep around 3:00AM-4:00AM. Thanks!
  15. Just wanted to share that I followed suggestions! I rolled tightly, stuffed well, and ended up doing laundry twice, which really was a splurge for us cheapies. 😁 We had 19 and 18 items respectively: 5 "undergarments" including sports bra, 1 pair of socks, 2 shorts, 3 jeans, 1 workout pants, and 7 tops followed by 2 undergarments, 1 socks, 2 shorts, 2 jeans, 2 pants/slacks, 2 dresses, 6 tops, and 1 dress shirt. We were pretty impressed. Photo #1: We bought tape at the Dollarama in Vancouver specifically for the bag (if my husband thought I was nuts then, he didn't after we used it!) Photo #2: The steward said at the earliest, it'd be ready the next afternoon, so make sure you don't put on your DND (we did the first time because we didn't know, so it was delivered in the evening) Photo #3: neatly folded for us and wrapped in tissue
  16. For future reference, you'll receive the notice on the night of Day 3, hand over the laundry on Day 4 when you leave your room, and get your clean laundry in the afternoon/evening of Day 5. My 14 day cruise was technically two 7-day cruises, so we had 2 opportunities.
  17. There's a Chinese grocery store near me w/a hot deli where you pack your own boxes like chicken wings, chow mein, sweet and sour pork, etc. Your box doesn't even have to close, so my husband packed something like 24 wings in a small box for maybe $7. One day my daughter has a potluck and comes over to have Dad pack for her because it was too much pressure in case she packed less.😁 I think he crisscrossed them to build layers.
  18. Thanks for the t-shirt idea, just what I needed. Will check around the house for something to line in similar size. We'll aim for 1 bag but helpful to know 2 may be possible. Thanks again for the details.
  19. If she's never traveled, cruising alone out of the country (assuming Vancouver is involved) would probably be too overwhelming as a first step especially since she doesn't do things alone. I keep telling my friends to step out of their comfort zone especially before we all get older (things just feel/seem more scary when you get older). Hopefully, she'll be ready before her credit expires and then discovers a whole new world.
  20. Well now I'm going to have find some, lol. How full can the bag be? I think last time we folded the end so that we'd hope things wouldn't drop out, but I saw a video last night where the guy had stuff sticking out of the top! I guess tape would help in that case too.
  21. Thanks! That's what I'm hoping for, but you're right... we could also wait for the 2nd one. I'll roll as you suggested and hope at least a couple of pairs of jeans will fit!
  22. I posted a question and then realized I already asked it even though I searched for over 30 minutes and couldn't find anything. My follow up question regarding the laundry bag at $29 is if we're willing to pay for 2 bags, will they allow us to do that? Or is it just 1 bag per room? Thank you!
  23. Even at home we were scammed from a service that we've used for many years... the company is only as good as the driver. I reported the person to the service, and they said they won't send him again. Our last ride back to the airport from our hotel to JFK in NY was similar. That one did have a specific rate of $52, I think, and he said it'd be $67. I told him it's $52, and he said that's the start without his fees and tolls. Finally he said $63 because he'd go the way without tolls to save me money. Right. And he insisted on cash since he made sure to ask us if we had that first. Unfortunately, we are at his whim... if we didn't agree, who knows where he'd take us to. And we were so ready to leave after spending a week in Manhattan. His license was right in front of me (in the back seat), and I think I did take a photo. I tried to report it, but in NYC, it's a general number, not to the taxi company itself... they are brazen. If again, I'll do what martincath suggested: get in and snap the photo right away. I wonder if we had ended up paying by credit card, would we have been able to dispute it afterwards? Then if the taxi company got charged back, they might ask who the driver was.
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