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  1. I have to use an electric scooter on the ship. Elevator use is usually a pain -- trying to get into one w/people crowding or waiting until one comes that isn't full. On the Majestic in Sept. in Alaska it was easy! If there were already a few people (3-4), they always waited for me or held the doors -- no hostility at all. Loved that we (3) could easily get reservations in any of the 3 DRs. Really loved the Conservatory! I've never had a favorite Princess ship (I love the fact that they're so very similar that I don't have 'learn' a ship). But now, the Majestic is my favorite because of the Conservatory. I may take a Mexican cruise just to be on the Majestic again.
  2. I've rented a scooter 3x from SpecialNeedsatSea.com Go to their web site to see what size scooter you want/need. Call them to reserve the scooter; give them your cruise info; pay w/credit card & you're done. The scooter will bee in your cabin. Really easy. If you've never used a scooter, go to your supermarket or Wal-Mart & practice "driving."
  3. I was on the Majestic in Alaska last month. The shows were at 7:00 & 9:00. I got to the 9:00 one night when we ate at 7pm.
  4. Don't worry! The mobility scooter negates any "fashion" rules. (I drive one too. I wore black slippers w/my "formal" wear last week in Alaska). ENJOY!
  5. Call Princess & ask for the Accessibility Office. It may take some On Hold time, but is more direct.
  6. Yes, a specialty dinner is a suite perk. I strongly recommend the Crown Grill (love the steak filet!). You can probably book now & have your account credited when you board ($29 each). You also can have breakfast (free) each morning in one of the specialty restaurants (varies by ship). There's a list of "suite perks" on the Princess site. Enjoy! I just cruised Alaska on the Majestic last week -- loved the ship! And I haven't had a favorite Princess ship until now (30+ cruises w/PCL). The Hollywood Conservatory (a large enclosed area on deck 17 forward) is great!
  7. Another vote for the Conservatory. I was there last week in Alaska. It was usually rather quiet except for specific activities or demonstrations (see Patter). If I have one, I usually prefer my balcony (put a pillow on the chair), but the weather in Alaska wasn't "outdoor friendly".
  8. Yes, definitely 2022. [Senior moment or fat fingers!]
  9. I'm booked on an east bound TA in late May 2021, FLL to Southampton, via Iceland & others. It will be interesting to see how thing progress toward that cruise.
  10. Thanks, Franktown. I realize that now. I was evidently having some brain fog from like of recent experience. 😏
  11. I just talked to Princess Special Needs dept. about an hour ago (3:00 pm EST). The mattress pads are NOT available due to health/sanitation reasons (pre-covid). I got the PCL pad for several years, but PCL eliminated them about the time they got the new & improved beds. However, I really need the pad so I bring my own. I've had it for 8-10 years. It rolls into a small duffle-bag like size & goes into a heavy plastic bag that zips. I got it at Target. Good luck & enjoy your cruise.
  12. Thanks, Geoherb. I've already done as you said & printed the pages. I guess I take that to the airport & go from there w/American.
  13. I'm having a senior moment! I've used EZAir for years, but can't recall how I got my/our tickets! (Well, it has been 2 yrs.) Can someone help this old, muddled mind? We leave Charlotte, NC on Sept. 11 for Seattle. THANKS!
  14. My 5th Alaska cruise is coming in 5 weeks! I agree w/everything Lois R says (above). I'd add gloves & a warm hat/cap (or hoodie). I'm wearing water-proofed sneakers & taking "fur" lined black Skechers that can go day or night & black sandals for nights. My most important item (besides shoes) is my wind/rain proof jacket w/a zip-out fleece lining. I can use as is or zip out & add a heavier sweater. I too bring 3-4 long-sleeve t-shirts to go under jackets or sweaters. One of those shirts will take me from NC to Seattle & home again. I have black/gray/navy pants that work for day or night plus 1 pr. 'silky' pants for formal, w/a fancy top, plus 3-4 other tops for dinner. Oh, and remember, you can wear things more than once or rinse out & hang in the shower. And I plan to buy a sweatshirt in Alaska as I don't have a fun one right now. ENJOY!
  15. If possible, can anyone address the departure arrangements for those needing Wheelchair Assistance? Do we meet in a particular area (often Vines on past cruises)? THANKS!
  16. Currently the only Princess cruises from the US are Seattle to Alaska. Ship's excursions are NOT required. Own Your Own & private excursions are allowed. Since your cruise is not until Dec. & in the Caribbean, things could change. You'll need to follow the Princess website & this CC board frequently. Good Luck!
  17. Thanks for posting your "finds". Sept. 12 will begin my 5th Alaska cruise, 4th w/PCL. My 1st was 40 yrs. ago, with Sitmar. ENJOY!
  18. THANK YOU! And for answering so quickly too. Your creating this thread has been wonderful!
  19. I haven't read all 49 pages yet, so if I'm repeating a question, please forgive me. I'll be using a scooter in Sept. Does there seem to be any problems w/scooters & elevators? This has always been a "traffic" issue pre-covid. How's it going now? Thanks so very much for all the great info in this thread!
  20. I guess I'm one of those Elite customers Princess would like to see GO: I always book the Saver. However, since I'm also a solo passenger, I have to pay the 100% Single Supplement. I don't drink any alcohol or fancy coffees. I drink the 'free' coffee. I exchange my free mini bar for sodas & a few bottles of water (to take on excursions). I have no need for the beverage package. The (previously) free Internet minutes allowed me to check-in w/my DD every day when I cruise solo. No other Internet needs. I do buy (mostly) ship's excursions, esp. when I'm solo -- easier & more secure for this elderly solo. I don't even go in the casino. Will I now move to other cruise lines? Even though it's a rather small increase in costs to me (so far), the loss of free minutes & the Loyalty OBC (I've almost 41 points) makes other lines more competitive. We'll see.
  21. Is the Loyalty Benefit the bonus $25 after 20 cruise points; $50 after 30; $75 after 40 & $100 after 50? If so, I'll miss that 450.00
  22. Thanks, Everyone! My DD & her DH will probably walk down but my rollator & I will definitely ride down. Many thanks for your help!
  23. Have you ridden the funicular up the mountain to the lodge in Ketchikan? Can you ride it back down to to street level? Or can you get a taxi/uber for the trip down? I cannot walk very far (I use a rollator for short distances.) Thanks!
  24. "This may require some investigation about persons with a record*** crossing into Canada - and this does not mean just driving - visiting alone may present problems. *** DWI DUI DIU misdemeanors and felony - the DUI DWI usually most recent with 5 years. Check it out before hand to avoid unpleasant unexpected denial of border crossings." In the past, a person w/DUI and/or other legal issues could NOT BOARD the cruise ship! [Search the topic here on CC] The cruise lines would not accept passengers who wouldn't be able to clear Canadian customs. The entire ship has to cleared. This may not be an issue in 2021 since the ships aren't stopping in Canada & the excursions in Skagway won't be crossing the Canadian border. HOWEVER, if anyone in your party has any legal history, including DUI, check w/the cruise line and research it on-line. No one want to get to embarkation & be turned away!
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