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  1. I will be in San Juan for the first time when the NCL Encore docks during my cruise this upcoming April. We're in Port from only 5:30pm til midnight. I am an outdoorsy person and love once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If I were to take an excursion to the bioluminescent bay, it would take the entire time that I have in port. Has anyone kayaked the bioluminescent bays? Does the time of year that you visit matter in terms of microorganism activity? Is this something that's worth doing, especially if I know if like to go back to San Juan , PR in the future? Thanks for any advice or experiences you can share!
  2. The search function on CC is not returning ANY results for me for ANY search I run, or else I would be looking myself. (Thanks, CC). I am hoping that someone has a handy link to current freestyle dailies for the Bliss or could point me in the right directions. I know there was a recent review with them, but without the search function, I'm at a loss 😞 Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks so much for your detailed reporting! When you do your review of the Vibe, can you please include whether or not there are cabanas for rent for the week, similar to the Getaway. Or if it's like the Escape where no cabanas are available. Thanks! Have a great time 🙂
  4. If for some reason this who claimed them still haven't responded, I will take one! monica.r.craggs@gmail.com
  5. I'm sailing out of LA on the Bliss this April and have also booked a flight home around 2:00. They want you off the ship by 10:00am AT THE LATEST, so I would say there will be no problem getting to the airport. It's a Sunday, so you won't be facing rush hour traffic, but with that being said, there is always traffic in LA. I would say an hour is MORE than enough to budget to get to LAX or other area airports.
  6. I think my ship will be in on a four-ship day this April! If you can post to let everyone know what the crowds around the city are like and what to expect, that would be great!
  7. Thanks for the confirmation, you guys! I had just seen previous posts about a $100 price deduction by not taking airfare. That must have been for a different style of promotion.
  8. I've seen a few posts that mention that when customers have declined the free airfare offer they have received a lower fare/compensation. Does anyone have experience with NOT choosing free airfare on the "Take All 6" promotions for balconies and above? Just looking for people's experiences. Thanks!
  9. That definitely makes sense! I am not, as you can tell, mathematically minded 🙂
  10. I am sure it has to do with the original booking price! The more you paid upfront, the lower your bid probably has to be? Well, that's my speculative logic. How do you think pre-paying tips factors in?
  11. I, as a solo traveler, am booked and paid in full for an ocean view room on the April 21st sailing of the NCL Bliss out of LA. Since talking about my cruise, my mom has been showing interest in going. Has anyone had experience adding a passenger after paying in full? I've paid ~$1500 for the room. If two of us in the room is more than $1500, would they just charge the difference? I'm not looking for a better deal and expecting money back in any way, just wondering if anyone has done this!
  12. You might want to try a collapsable sink like the one below. They pack up to the size of a hockey puck! https://www.rei.com/product/758048/sea-to-summit-kitchen-sink-5-liter
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