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  1. I can only speak to Kinky Boots. As many people have said, it depends on your view on LGBTQ and drag cultures. I like the way that another poster put it, Kinky Boots is the story of a failing out-of-date shoe factory re-branding to make boots and heels for a niche population! Yes, the main character is a drag queen and there are other scenes with great singing and dancing, all from drag queens! To me, it can be a very educational moment if you have that mind set. The most "offensive" song (from the perception of some, definition not from me!) would be "The S*x is in the Heel," but I don't know
  2. I travel solo, most of the time. This is why I think I will NEVER travel in the Haven (I'm a high school teacher, so I must travel during the expensive times and I don't bring in bank!). If anyone has traveled in the Haven solo, I'd love to hear about their experiences!
  3. The Joy, Bliss, and Encore all over go-carts and laser tag. The Joy and Encore have virtual reality as well.
  4. Is your sailing this itinerary? Day 1 - Miami Embarkation Day 2 - At Sea Day 3 - San Juan (5:30pm-midnight) Day 4 - St. Thomas (8:00am-6:00pm) Day 5 - Tortola (6:00am-2:00pm) Day 6 - At Sea Day 7 - GSC (10:00am-6:00pm) If so, would you mind sharing the dailies? No worries if you don't have them!
  5. Thanks, I am already aware of all of those areas and the nature of the cruise. They are trying to learn about all of their options, hence the questions above.
  6. I am helping my parents plan a cruise on the Epic in September out of Barcelona. Myself and my mom have cruised with NCL before and have both enjoyed the Vibe. I know that the Epic has Posh, which is primarily for Haven guests, but a few passes are sold to the masses upon embarkation. I am looking for up-to-date info on Posh. Do they still sell a small amount of passes? Anyone know what the average number of passes available is when sailing in the Mediterranean? What is the price/person/week? Where are they purchased on board? With a sail away of 6pm, at what time does check in begin and how e
  7. I always sail around Easter because I'm a teacher and that's when I have break. Get the Vibe. It's worth it.
  8. I'm going to chime in as a past Vibe client who will roll with whatever system is used and hope for the best! Has there been any factual confirmation that the change is being made to a "pre-booking" system? I know that the original article was posted by a Cruise Critic editor, but I find some of her wording odd, and therefore I find myself being very skeptical. She says, "one of the biggest changes on Norwegian Encore is the conversion of the Spice H20 adults-only sundeck into a larger Vibe sundeck." Spice H2O was not converted into a larger Vibe. The space where Spice H20 was on
  9. I agree, Mary. Can you please fill us in on your experiences with the first fully populated Vibe sailing? I'm excited for my trip in April and would love to know how things go!
  10. I have heard on posts from people on the TA right now that the price is still $209 per person for a regular 7 day cruise.
  11. From my research, when I am there (and they do have a ship-sponsored excursion, or else I wouldn't risk the long trip there and back with such little time in port), there will be a half moon, but it should set around 6:30pm, so there should be no moonlight!
  12. I will be in San Juan for the first time when the NCL Encore docks during my cruise this upcoming April. We're in Port from only 5:30pm til midnight. I am an outdoorsy person and love once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If I were to take an excursion to the bioluminescent bay, it would take the entire time that I have in port. Has anyone kayaked the bioluminescent bays? Does the time of year that you visit matter in terms of microorganism activity? Is this something that's worth doing, especially if I know if like to go back to San Juan , PR in the future? Thanks for any ad
  13. I, as a solo traveler, am booked and paid in full for an ocean view room on the April 21st sailing of the NCL Bliss out of LA. Since talking about my cruise, my mom has been showing interest in going. Has anyone had experience adding a passenger after paying in full? I've paid ~$1500 for the room. If two of us in the room is more than $1500, would they just charge the difference? I'm not looking for a better deal and expecting money back in any way, just wondering if anyone has done this!
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