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  1. jpc763

    Solo trip Escape - questions

    No fridge. I have brought mixed drinks back with no ice and add ice in the room. You do not have to walk through the studio lounge to get to your room. Escape is a great ship. There will be a solo traveler meeting every day that is hit or miss depending on the people that show up. Dinners and show reservations are handled by the solo coordinator if you are interested in dining with others. Solo coordinators can be hit or miss also. Solo cruising can be very relaxing. Sign up for the CC roll call and you can also meet folks at the meet and greet (if there is one for your cruise). John
  2. jpc763

    NCL Escape to Bermuda questions

    There is no smoking outside on deck 8 on the Escape.
  3. Mandy will be a great Cruise Director! Captain on Escape switches between Cotugno and Persson. Persson left on August 5. I believe it is Cotugno now.
  4. jpc763

    Question about Vibe Passes

    Vibe passes are $129
  5. Deepak Punia is the current Hotel Director on Escape. I have enjoyed cruising with him in charge, he is one of the best IMHO.
  6. jpc763

    Escape Departure-NYC

    The Sun deck gives you a view in all directions and of the Verrazano Bridge
  7. jpc763

    Escape Thoughts 8/12-8/16

    I was on the Breakaway in July of her first year to Bermuda. I do not recall 5:00 departure.
  8. jpc763

    Adult pool 6'8" deep..WHY??

    I thought the ships pools were salt water. If no chlorine then what?
  9. jpc763

    NCL's Bribe Club

    On Escape July 29 Vibe was $129
  10. jpc763

    Escape/District Beer Selection

    That's the same menu as the July 29 sailing
  11. jpc763

    drink package on the escape

    No Yes Try this, these are included (based on my intel, no guarantees if NCL changed) .
  12. Found this "Effective May 11, 2018, Fat Cats Jazz & Blues Club on board Norwegian Breakaway will change to a new live music venue called Syd Norman's Pour House, as part of the dry dock enhancements. The venue will remain complimentary. Syd Norman’s Pour House Show description: From gritty brick walls to live rock ’n’ roll, you’ll feel like you’re in one of LA’s legendary rock clubs at Syd Norman’s Pour House. Sip on a Witchy Woman while chilling on The Waterfront. Quiz the bartender’s encyclopedic knowledge of everything from Axl to Mick. Belt the night away to classics you love because after all, it’s only rock ’n’ roll but you’ll like it!" Was hoping for something like the District with a better beer selection than Breakaway had. John
  13. The description of Fat Cats Jazz & Blues Club on Breakaway indicates "Please note that this venue will be replaced with Syd Norman's Pour House on May 11, 2018." Does anyone know any details on this "new" venue? John
  14. jpc763

    Taxes on upgrade

    Are there additional taxes/fees added for successful upgrades? John
  15. jpc763

    Escape/District Beer Selection

    The menu on the Bliss is the same. These were posted on the "Bliss - Live 4/21" thread on page 14. Was told that there are no plans to change the beer offerings now that Escape is sailing from NYC. John