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  1. On our Edge Transatlantic, we saw Shaun Brown singing on the little stage by the Martini Bar and absolutely fell in love with him. We joined him on every possible occasion. He was planned to perform on Apex right from the beginning, so obviously we wheren’t the only ones, but unfortunately that didn‘t happen.
  2. yes and people in Hong Kong ( who are very serious about this And have some broad experiences with respiratory diseases) are dropping like flies when walking on the streets while wearing masks NOT. Some people just need a reality check. Such a minor discomfort like wearing a mask became a perceived issue for so many - just imagine what they‘d say if they‘d need to use much more invasive steps to spreading the virus - like daily shots with large needles or such... I can‘t imagine of anything less troublesome than wearing a mask in order to limit this evil thing spreading.
  3. if there‘d be the 80% infection rate, the virus would die out and we‘d reach herd immunity. now compare this to the exploding numbers in the Americas....
  4. You are certainly reading too much on social media.... growing consensus....
  5. Not sure why people are not reading properly: >>Interim advice for restarting cruise ship operations after lifting restrictive measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic<< the emphasis is on „interim advise“ the text reads a lot „ Cruise ship operators should reduce„ so this is obviously a working paper - yet. And the purpose is to make Cruising possible again while providing a relatively safe environment for all passengers.
  6. We have been on Edge last November and we thought that she‘s the most beautiful and gorgeous ship that we‘ve been on! The next day we took another cruise on Equinox and that was a sharp contrast. Is Edge perfect? No! And we like the IV cabins - not more than a traditional balcony though.
  7. Our favorites: Butter Chicken from the buffet Filet Mignon in Blu Sacher Torte for desert (MDR, buffet)
  8. I have just had a facetime call from one of the staff on Apex. they are all together since February - basically under quarantene. Even the local workers must stay on the ship, so there should be no issue with infection that requires social distancing. so, there you go!
  9. Alternatively people could be a bit more considerate and realize that they are not the centre of the universe.
  10. The most famous person whom I‘ve met was Jim_lain last year on the Edge 😌
  11. Yes, but that way the virus can be theoretically transported to the UK (almost unrestricted) and infect UK citizens who then travel to the US. That's why excepting the UK does not make any sense. That was my point.
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