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  1. What I know is as follows: while speaking with the Maitre d‘ in Blu on our last cruise, I have told her that we have been unhappy with the food on the previous cruise. She told me that she knows and she could tell me exactly how many points we gave on the last survey - and she did. And she was spot on. She could even repeat my additional comments. So the data is out, if it‘s shared with how many staff, this is up to the heads of department.
  2. We don‘t really want to compare „low paid workers“ from Europe/USA to „low paid workers“ from the Philippines, Indonesia and the likes?
  3. That is not correct. We and most of other germans are tipping between 5% -10% of the restaurant check on top - though exceptions happen every day.
  4. The normal taxi won't be big enough for 4 person + 4 suitcases + carryons. I would recommend taking 2 taxis. The cost for one taxi from the airport to Kowloon is around 400-500 HK$, including the tunnel/bridge/suitcase fee. During the busy hours, there are quite a lot of traffic jam. I think the cost if fair since the airport is over 30 km to Kowloon. Most of the taxi drivers don't speak much English. It would be good if you print out the hotel name + address in Chinese - I can help you with this since I am from HK. You can PM me if you like. Yes, you need to pay cash.
  5. It depends on the wait staff. Keep in mind, that there is no connection between Blu and MDR kitchen, so there must go somebody down, thru MDR, pick your meal up and walk all the way back.
  6. Hello Paul, just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blogs and I‘ll be missing the daily updates in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for taking the time and efforts and looking forward to the next one. Greetings from Germany
  7. the dresscodes are widely known. the question is: where to draw the line? It says no shorts, I am sure that Julie looks great in them, but how do you explain the guy in running shorts about the dress code and overlook the op‘s wife‘s shorts. If you are starting to differentiate between ‚sports shorts‘ and ‚dressy shorts‘, you‘ll open an even bigger can of worms than it is right now.
  8. I have seen people who where asked by the concierge not to wear Shorts in Blu twice on our last trip
  9. It only needs one immigration officer insisting on a passport book and your vacation will be significantly spoiled. As others said, without the book, you won‘t be able to fly, so why take the risk when you already have conflicting info on this matter. I know what I‘d do.
  10. Just try to browse back and they usually offer you the courtesy hold
  11. Wow, what people do to get guests on these cruiseships 😂
  12. I have recently received my MMS shot (thought that I've had it as a kid, mom says no). The main argument from anti-vaccers is that the vaccine contains traces of mercury. I have researched in depth, there is NO mercury in modern MMS vaccines!
  13. Bon voyage, HH and enjoy your time 🍸
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