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  1. probably because it makes sense? So much hate here, it‘s time for some to chill out a little instead of stuffing their political views into our throats!
  2. Having said this, weekly passes ( maybe daily passes as well) generally have been available on a limited number - if I remember correctly for around $200/week.
  3. If your cruise happens at all - I am doubtful that the Thermal Suites will be opened soon on any ship. For hygiene reasons, the buffets won't be self-serve - and for the same reasons, steamrooms and Sauna won't be opened very soon. Aerosoles - Social distancing (impossible there) - mask wearing (impossible there) and so on.
  4. The retreat Lounge can be a double-sided sword.... Our friends had a Sky Suite on Edge - unfortunately so did a couple with a dog which 24/7 was around with them. That did negatively affect most of their moments there and I know for sure that our friends where not the only ones with that feeling.
  5. Pretty sure it does - the turbulences on the ship sides must be massive on traditional balconies (dividers). Just open an IV window when the ship moves... Is there any deeper analysis how much that will save? We very much enjoyed the Infinity Verandas on Edge and like the traditional balconies on S class, too
  6. How about a bit of solidarity with the people who are still patiently waiting to get their vaccine and have agreed to give your age group the priority and an earlier vaccination?
  7. We have seen someone ( not only once) shaving with a wet-shaver in the Salt Room and Sauna on Edge....
  8. We have been on that itinerary twice (on Solstice) and never had problems with the internet. While it was pre-zoom age, using the video function on Apple Facetime worked well with the „small“ package
  9. Having recently cruised with Celebrity, we are very strong against Cunard having a Drink Package. The affordable wines are pretty good with Cunard, the bar drinks miles away from the premade „out of the can“ Cocktails that you are getting with Celebrity. We had the Premium Package on our last Cruise on Edge and all the „included wines“ where terrible and so where most of the Cocktails. If you want Drink Packages or All Inclusive with Cunard, they will go that path for sure because there is no incentive anymore for them to provide quality.
  10. Blu on Edge is very occupied usually, so the receptionist in Blu will happily arrange a dinner for you in the other 4 main restaurants.
  11. I have asked our Maitre d‘ - Attila - if he would be so kind to tie me my bowtie the night before formal night and he did it perfectly - like everything that he does!
  12. Just do a little research about excess mortality and you‘ll see that your claim has almost no substance. https://www.sciencealert.com/2020-has-killed-up-to-200-000-extra-people-in-the-us-so-far
  13. We have been several times with Celebrity on a Transpacific from Hawaii to Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, New Zealand and then Sydney. It's a dream of us doing that itinerary on QM2!
  14. Again, I was directly replying (with quotation) to the question how well the measures worked so far in Europe!
  15. Well, it was a direct response .. but I am sure that you‘ve seen it. As for Germany looking like most other countries now - if you go a bit deeper than the headlines, you may realize that you are wrong 😉
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