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  1. I try to avoid washing my hands at public sinks. I prefer to use hand sanitizer which I carry in my purse. I cannot imagine anything less sanitary than standing water from people who have just washed their hands after using the toilet. Call me crazy.
  2. Was going to write a defense of my comment, then decided 'what the poo?'
  3. So why would anyone want a product that smells like poo? I just assumed it was a misspelling!
  4. If you enjoy using potpourri, why not just wrap it up and dispose of it at home? Potpourri, unless it is really cheap, will last for weeks or months and can be transferred to a drawer, closet or room when you return!
  5. Have you asked Princess for info re their floor cleaning schedule? Most of us know that it will not take long for old grout to be quickly discolored.
  6. Tried to do my security picture and got a message that online was down and techs were working on the problem.
  7. I did order medallions and a clip for myself on Wednesday. I had created avatars and completed personalizer info on Thursday. Created a password on Wednesday. The problem was when I tried to get back on this morning. App does seem to be working now. Added passport scan and security photo for DH (will do mine soon). I am going to assume that all will go smoothly from this point on (but will have back-up, just in case)! Thank you for you concern and help.
  8. My concern is that I will get to cruise check-in and Medallion won't work or I will have to enter all kinds of info into app first. In any case will have a paper boarding pass and, of course, passports and driver ID as backup. I don't sail until Dec. 1, so lots of time to get things squared away. Thank you!
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried that earlier today with no results. Just now, I deleted Ocean Ready and tried MedallionClass again. I had to enter booking#, name, birthdate, but did get my account. What was the point of creating a password, if I have to enter all that info again? Does password work only after all have been submitted?
  10. Two days ago I downloaded Ocean Medallion and Ocean Ready, signed in a filled in info requested, created a password. Last night, I logged in and created an avatar for hubby and myself. Today, I had planned scan documents and take security photos, but neither app recognizes me and wants me to begin entering all info once again. I sent an e-mail to Ask Medallion this morning, but have not heard back as yet. Has anyone else had this problem? Should I just start all over? I hope these kinds of glitches will not be a recurring problem. Thanks, fellow CCers!
  11. My husband definitely would. Whenever we have time to spare in an airport, he seeks out the shoe polish guy!
  12. Wondering if you spoke to your steward first or went directly to Guest Services?
  13. I think disembarkation lounge depends on timing. SWe usually disembark 8:30-9:00 and have not have crowds.
  14. I have never found the disembarkation room to be crowded and they serve coffee, tea and small pastries.
  15. Keep in mind that No wait at meals is not the only CC benefit. You get 1/2 bottle of two wines (They indicate one each of red/white, but you can ask Steward for 2 white or 2 red. You get evening canapés upon request, upgraded robes and priority embarkation/disembarkation (if you do not already have that perk). I did not see how long your cruise would be, but at $400+ pp, only you can decide it it is worth it. My DH and I did it once and will do again in December. For us on the Royal class, it is worth more because of the balcony. However, we would never pay that much for a 7 day cruise. Happy sailing.
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