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  1. I, also, miss my life. We are retired, but very active. I walk at 7 a.m. to avoid running into others, practice Tai chi at home and go to Publix at 7 a.m. on Tuesday for groceries. We are trying to do take-out once per week to help out our favorite restaurants. I now probably have the cleanest house in America. Miss my family and my friends. Face-time and phone calls just aren't the same.
  2. I am currently living in the state that my sister refers to as Flori-duh. Our governor left beaches open for Spring Break and has declared WWE an essential business, while allowing religious congregations to remain open. We now have over 23,000 cases of the coronavirus. Right now, I wish I was still in New York. Despite their massive number of cases, there is an attempt to contain and face the problem head on. Personally, we are safe and happy, if a bit bored. I walk every morning, shop once a week with a mask and Clorox Healthcare wipes (which coincidentally, I bought two years ago to
  3. It would have been great if I drank enough wine for two, but I did want to be sober enough to enjoy the journey!
  4. We were contacted about the Best Sale Ever for our upcoming Norway cruise in June. It made perfect sense for me, but not for DH since he does not drink alcoholic beverages . Unfortunately, our PCP said that we would both have to take the package, so no savings for us.
  5. The package we were offered was wi-fi (we already get 75 minutes each), gratuities and drink package. My husband drinks coffee, water, oj for breakfast and a glass of wine once or twice a week.
  6. Our Princess Cruise gent offered us this in addition to the deal we already had, but both of us would have to take it and since my husband does not drink alcohol, it was not worth it for us.
  7. Sorry, but I disagree. A tablecloth is much classier than...what, paper place mats????
  8. Personally, I choose the itinerary first; then the ship!
  9. technology if it's glitch free. When/if it causes more headaches than it solves, I'm over it. The medallion is also non-intrusive and easy to carry. You can opt for the lanyard or simply put it in your pocket. I opted fro the clip which I placed on the inside of my slacks or shorts.
  10. I was on the Regal last week and have posted a thread about my problems. Some minor hiccups with the Medallion itself, but major problems with the apps. It took until the evening of day 3 with multiple trips to Ocean Now and the Internet Cafe before I was able to access the apps.
  11. I am sorry, but I have to laugh at those people who are afraid they are being tracked. If you use the internet at all, then you will realize that you are always being tracked. Every use the internet to research a new appliance? Do you not get a dozen appliance ads immediately after? Have you ever looked for information about a city, a hotel, your county's tax information. anything....? If you are on the internet, you are being tracked. Princess merely wants to know what services you use and where you spend your money. Information they can also track with a card. The medallion just trac
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