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  1. Really?! Any push back? I have 3 B2B segments booked and would normally just bring it back with me when I return to the ship on turnaround day.🍷 *(non corkage fee allotted amount)
  2. Not an actual secret but something some may not realize. On a B2B cruise you can bring on your allotted amount of bottled wine again on turn around day. 🍷
  3. A view we all need right now https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com Happy Sunday!
  4. I just received a casino offer for Free Alaskan cruise inside passage, Alaskan Explorer or Glacier Discovery for July, August and September 2021. Not evidence of anything but thought I’d share
  5. **I have taken free tests and have also submitted insurance info with those.
  6. Antigen tests/quick tests are readily available to many industries (including mine) If needed. Princess/airports will most likely be stocking if required. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, it will be sorted prior to the industry starting up again.
  7. It may also be how you pay or buy chips. They need to track ypur spend so they can give you offers. perhaps someone else who plays tables can offer some insight
  8. We cruise often and play in the casino daily but usually lower bets in the slots We usually only get offered free interior comps, once or twice have been offered a window or a balcony.
  9. You can use them for shore excursions Easy to buy and redeem, Princess Gift Cards can be used before sailing or once on board, on everything from shore excursions and spa treatments to a cruise itself.
  10. This Should Help- (seems you will always get gift card credit back) Q: If I have used my Princess Cruises Gift Card to pay for my cruise and I cancel my cruise and am entitled to a refund, how can I receive my refund?A: If you have your original Princess Cruises Gift Card, a credit will be added back to your original card so please keep your card even after you use the entire value of the card. If you do not have the original card, contact Princess Cruises Gift Card Customer service at 1-855-426-0168 and a new Princess Cruises Gift Card will be sent to you. Q: Can I receive a refu
  11. You can have physical gift cards mailed to you and apply them to your ship board account once you are on the ship.
  12. I’m booked for April/May 2022 and have been researching Portland since it’s one of our ports. I reached out to this company about setting up a small group tour off the ship with a custom itinerary https://dorsettours.com They are very quick to respond and super helpful (I wanted to visit Mapperton Estate and the Jurassic Coast and although not a tour they offer they are more than happy to work with me)
  13. I have a few cruises booked over the next couple of years on various Princess ships and I’m curious Which areas of the ship do you think are often overlooked or missed by passengers? Or Are there places where you “lounge” that are less discovered? Thanks All!
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