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  1. Thanks for the correction, Island Lady. I'm really not all that familiar w/how Oasis Class ships are designed to dock--starboard side--as you have just advised me. That said, some of the ships I've been on either dock on the port side or the starboard side--wherever the pier was located. In Barcelona, ships dock on the port side so that they head out to sea bow first and no turning was needed. Same thing occasionally happens w/Rome-Civitavecchia: port side docking to head out to sea w/o doing a 360 degree turn. OTOH, for other ports such as Lisbon, Livorno, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Labad
  2. I thought that the Baked Alaska parade had stopped because one woman's blue hair caught on fire from the sparklers atop the cake, and the cruise line whose ship had seen that situation happen wanted to avoid liability suits. I don't miss the parade that much, even though some of it was amusing when the servers wore gorilla costumes to dance w/the pax. Nowadays, I prefer doing the Macarena during the parade of chefs and servers on the second formal night of the sailing. That's fun!
  3. Regarding nightly turndown services w/chocolates on the pillows, I think that Celebrity stopped putting those candies on pillows for everybody below Suite folks, but then only the Suite occupants got the candies. However, Princess still offers candies on pillows for their guests, regardless of what kind of cabin they occupy. I agree w/you about those damned roving photographers in the MDR.
  4. I don't know about RCCL having these groups, but I do recall being aboard a competing vessel where there was a singing headwaiter in the MDR taking song requests. That said, I think I recall Celebrity having violinists taking requests as they strolled the MDR.
  5. Oh yeah, right--a giant Lego block. All he has to do is accidentally step on it and he'll go down hard, screaming with pain.
  6. Of course not, especially if RCI has issued bonds or authorized new shares to sell to current or new investors for continuing operations.
  7. You mean way back in '69 when they first started operating as a cruise line with two ships, the Song of Norway and the Song of America? How many C&A Society members have a cruise history that go back that far? They're probably at the Pinnacle Tier by now or beyond.
  8. I wish I could help you but my experience in using my Visa to make deposits and final payments to RCI has been nothing but positive. Ditto w/Princess: very good experience using my Visa for last February's Coral Princess sailing to South America.
  9. And I don't want to hear anymore about the Kardashians. I'd rather watch "Chrisley Knows best" than this famous for being famous clan.
  10. What does this photo show, a bunch of ice cream sandwiches? They all look ready to eat! Please save one for me! 😀
  11. Oh yeah, right. Didn't Enron management say the same thing back in the early 00s to their employees? Then look what happened: the execs started selling their shares, but the rank-and-file couldn't sell their shares because they been vested in their employee stock option plan as part of their retirement program. Then somebody told the auditing firm to shred documents and down went both ships: Enron and the auditing firm (Arthur Anderson). Thousands of employees lost their shares and jobs. Thousands of Enron investors lost money in this company. Bottom line: don't listen to backstabb
  12. I agree w/the poster above: There is no one correct side of the ship that has a great view of the port upon entrance into its harbor and exit upon departure. I've occupied balcony cabins where the harbor entrance view is terrific on either port or starboard. That said, please keep your curtains closed if your cabin faces the port if you don't want to offend the residents with your bodily appearance or romantic adventures on the balcony. OTOH, there are ports whose views suck regardless of whether your cabin is on either side of the ship. Here's an example of that situation for illustrative pur
  13. Thanks for making me aware of the complaints. That said, I've had better service w/SkyLux rather than dealing w/somebody down in Miami or elsewhere. Moreover, if you book Biz Class using any airline booking engine or Travelocity (my go-to booking engine), expect to pay higher RT fares, especially to Europe. I'd rather go w/SkyLux to get those discounted fares than attempt using my FF points for Biz Class seats. Moreover, would other booking engines offer you transfer services from the airport to your destination hotel using Mercedes sedans? SkyLux does.
  14. This photo is a good reason I'm glad I'm Jewish and don't celebrate Xmas: I celebrate Hanukkah, and I use an electric menorah. This year, I decided to skip celebrating the "Festival of Lights", and didn't put the menorah out for display. That said, in 10 years of having my furbaby, she has not knocked down my menorah. A miracle!
  15. I know what B2B means, but what do CWC and L&S refer to? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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