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  1. Real ID was pushed back to October 2021 due to covid.
  2. Probably not. The OBC will be transferred directly from one booking to another in a single lump sum.
  3. Even if a new administration is elected on November 3, they don't take office til January 20. A decision could be made to start cruising back up well before then. That doesn't mean the new administration won't have it shut back down after January, but I don't see that happening.
  4. Which means you paid Princess directly. The agent just used your card to process the payment (as they are supposed to). In the OP's case, it sounds like maybe they paid the travel agent and the travel agent then paid Carnival so the refund would go to the agent and not the customer. This isn't really the proper way it should be done and will make getting the refund more complicated (but would be on the TA to resolve, not Carnival).
  5. When cruising starts back up, the boarding process will look different for the foreseeable future. There is no final plan yet, though, so Carnival has not released boarding times as of now.
  6. All cruises except for Miami and Port Canaveral which are still a go.. for now anyway.
  7. The October 31 extension was only to give them time to have this meeting and come up with a solid plan. It's still not set in stone.
  8. They will likely honor it for you. Same thing happened to me in March. I rescheduled my cruise before it was officially canceled so I had no OBC offer for doing so. Then my cruise ended up being one of the very first ones canceled and they sent an email afterwards offering me the OBC.
  9. We are going to Disney before our cruise too. 🙂
  10. I love how everyone just "knows" this stuff. In Christine's video from earlier this week she talked about enhanced functionality of the Hub app which includes being able to reserve shows. So it sounds like there WILL be shows, but they will have reduced capacity and you'll need reservations to guarantee you get in.. (By the way, this quoted the wrong poster. Sorry about that.)
  11. No.. The CDC wanted to extend until February. The White House said no and they extended until the end of October instead which is when the CLIA voluntary shutdown ends. They are still meeting tomorrow and this could change.
  12. Yes I'm booked for March 13. Originally was booked for this past March on the Fantasy, but we all know what happened there so I decided to move my booking to the Mardi Gras. If I had to cancel my vacation, my idea was to go big or go home! Currently booked in a Family Harbor Ocean View. We had this on the Vista and loved the area and the perks. I'm not really concerned about booking a ship based on just renderings. I know it's going to be nice from everything I've seen and read. As for price drops, I wouldn't count on it. The demand is going to be so pent up for cruising that I don
  13. On ships that have the Red Frog Pub or the smokehouse/brewhouse, they are $20 normally or $10 during happy hours (usually a couple hours on embarkation day and the last port day).
  14. Grab a Guy's burger and a half off fishbowl drink (not necessarily in that order).
  15. FCC cannot be used as a deposit, but the agent who helped us rebook took what we had previously paid for taxes and gratuities (which would usually be refunded) and put those towards our deposit.
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