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  1. Same thing happened to me on Friday. I tried to purchase the UDP for Symphony cruise, but it told me I had already purchased it. So when I canceled it the actual price was $30 higher rather than the preview screen! Sent an email to Customer Service right away to not cancel my original booking. First response is "it's out of our control". So I guess unless a new sale comes along I will be eating in the MDR that week!
  2. I can see the necessity for doing Covid testing just prior to cruising, but carte blanche vaccination is another animal entirely. At risk individuals voluntarily getting the vaccine makes sense, but perfectly healthy people? Not so sure. How come medical doctors are reporting that this "spike" protein in the vaccine could compromise your body's immune system for protection from future viruses? If this is survivable, similar to flu or cold... shouldn't it be an optional vaccine? I think the fear of the unknown or what "could" happen has caused people to jump on the vaccine as the panacea for al
  3. Allure of the Seas, Transatlantic to Barcelona, March 1-13, 2020! Best Cruise EVER! And best plane ride back after 5 days in Barcelona and Montserrat!
  4. Thank you, twangster! I have a room on hold on both the Hawaii sailing and the first Glacier sailing in 2022. I was mulling over the obstructed balcony vs. regular balcony or even a virtual balcony. This is such helpful information for those of us trying to make a value decision. The last time we were on Ovation was the 13 night Glacier cruise two years ago. We had a deck 8 Accessible Junior spa suite which was converted from a Grand Suite. That was a great value for our family. But cruising solo changes the value ratio quite a bit! This will help make a more informed decision. Thanks again!
  5. Also, you can dine at these restaurants for lunch, if you choose.
  6. ... and how many people have to sail on a cruise to make it pay? Cruise Lines are not going to just sail without profit. So does a ship have to be at 50% to make money or is it more like 75% plus?
  7. I feel you were reading my mind! Lol! That was my exact answer...
  8. I should have said must be checked out by Sep 1... I have a September use year. The Cast Member put me on hold to talk to a supervisor first. So it's coming from at least one level up of management. Of course it could change by the end of the year, as anything. I was trying to lend my support to those thinking Disney may not be reopening in June.
  9. 15 hours ago, datolim said: We believe Parks' profitability will be impaired for a longer period of time given the lingering effects of the outbreak and now assume an opening date of Jan. 1 as our base case," Hodulik wrote. "That said, the economic recession plus the need for social distancing, new health precautions, the lack of travel and crowd aversion are likely to make this business less profitable until there is a widely available vaccine." https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/when-will-disney-world-and-disneyland-reopen-one-analyst-predicts-it-may-not-be-until-
  10. Thanks for the heads up! Booked the TA and the week after on Harmony! Great deals. $387 pp double on Neighborhood Guaranty for Nov 14, 2021.
  11. I was on this cruise. It was very easy debarkation in Barcelona. Walked off no wait to get off ship. Relatively short wait at passport desk. Picked up my two bags and walked outside. I was actually surprised at how smooth it was. I think they started staggering the number of people they were letting on the elevators and escalators which caused the line to back up behind us. Stayed in Barcelona until March 17. Had a great time! Went around sightseeing. Toured Montserrat. Enjoyed dinner, breakfast and lunch in different cafes. Went to La Sagrada Familia. Purchased wine and a few gro
  12. Bring a square of vinyl drawer liner to place in the wire corner shelf where all your items fall over or through the slats. You can trip to fit when you get there. Or if you know the exact dimensions... cut to size before you travel.
  13. You should get an email from Royal UP! If you don't, you must wait to be within the 30 days. They are trying to make it seem exclusive and by invitation only, I think. Lol!
  14. I think it is possible that taking extra reserved seats can be considered hurting someone. There are one or two handicapped cutouts near the front of the theater stage plus a seat for a companion marked with a handicapped logo. We had a Star Class family take over those seats. They were not handicapped and there were so many of them that I wondered if they were all truly Star Class or just part of the family. They were not entirely happy that we wanted to put our daughter in the handicapped cutout right next to them, nor would they give up the companion seat. Our only other option was to put h
  15. I don't remember using the words "doddering old fool" anywhere? My mother used to have random blackouts in her 50's and could not remember what had happened when she fell off her bike, or down the stairs at work and she was a senior executive. My husband's father was in no way doddering but would have bouts of dementia periodically and not remember what year it was. So you used your own compass to judge, right? That is what I am saying. You use your life's experience as part of the yardstick. And as far as everyone's sense of right and wrong... you are speaking of the norm. Not everyone is par
  16. One thing I keep coming back to is this... we are all judging the step-grandfather's actions using our own sense of right and wrong and comparing them to our own family dynamics. We do not know these people. We do not know this man. We do not know if he is sane, senile, suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's? Something is off from the beginning when he talks about thinking there is "glass and who leaves a window open" on a ship with children? These are not rational comments. Anyone who has walked by an open window on a ship knows there is a breeze in front of it.The windows have a railing/barr
  17. I'll throw my hat into the ring on this topic... Lol! At Guest Services most people don't know but there is a print-out (you can ask for a copy) for how your daily gratuities are divyed (sp?) amongst the crew. Very enlightening! It helped me make adjustments to my EXCELLENT room steward one week by giving extra. But leaving my previous week's So-So room steward his normal grats. I am also one of those people who puts Hershey Kisses into silk draw string bags and passes them around. Oh, but I also stuff cash in the bags with the candy to make it more special! These I give to everyone from the c
  18. Was on Oasis of the Seas and disembarked on December 22 from Miami. I was wondering if the weather would hold for the holiday cruise travelers.. Yikes! Sounds like no!
  19. I was onboard for 3 weeks and was there for both Bobby and Michele. Definitely enjoyed Bobby more. He was much more dynamic and memorable. Especially at the 70's party! HIL-ARIOUS! Michele had a hard to understand accent at times (Russian sounding...)
  20. Just returned from Oasis of the Seas last week after a three week cruise. I splurged for the "Key" for my last week in order to have expedited debarkation. The benefits I used and enjoyed were the embarkation lunch, the debarkation breakfast (which by the way was the best breakfast I had for the entire three weeks!), the VOOM internet, and the escort off the ship on debarkation day. For a solo I would say I received value from the Key, but would NEVER do it as a family as it becomes cost prohibitive. As a previous poster stated, there is a LOT of fluff that you will never use. The dedicated ti
  21. I saw it with the new cast which were from London (I was told) on August 11th. It was beyond fabulous! I saw every performance because it was just that good... better than the movie, even! The actors were clever, well-spoken, and had amazing voices. When the singers harmonized it gave me goose bumps it was so tight!
  22. My sister booked a month before me but did not receive her cabin assignment until a month after I got mine. She is on Deck 7 Port Mid-ship. I booked later and was assigned Deck 6 Port Aft... waay aft, lol! She seemed to get the better location.
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