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  1. Tempozan - Osaka Cruise Terminal 天保山客船ターミナル
  2. Hank, You made an excellent constructive feedback 👍. If you are healthy and mobile, you can stay anywhere you like. You are right, no reason to stay near a cruise terminal, otherwise too far to walk but too short of a distance for a taxi. All taxis have an initial fare, regardless of distance. Most taxi drivers prefer long distance fares. Anyone prefer public amenities are nearby, then stay near a major train station. If Oceania changed a March 2025 voyages embarkation port from Tokyo to Yokohama, more like will dock at Shinko Pier.
  3. Sihnko Pier is for small cruise ships; Osanbashi for medium and Daikoku Pier for large cruise ship because of Yokohama Bay Bridge clearance restriction.
  4. August travel is not crazy as Golden Week. Only typhoon and earthquake will impact you travel plan.
  5. Even in an ideal scenario: ship docks at 6:30am and cleared at 7am. First one off the gangway; clear customs, and taxi queue. Travel time from terminal to Haneda airport usually under 45 min. Your road block will be at the Airport Roadway and Haneda Airport - "2025 Japan Golden Week, April 29 to May 5" and "Osaka World Expo 2025 starts from April 13". You must clear security and exit immigration. If your departure gate number is above 140, will be a long walk. International flight large aircrafts usually boarding time is 45 min before departure. So give yourself minimum 2.5 hr. airport check-in time. Cross your fingers if planning the 11:00am departure. Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world. Any prone will shutdown transport system for safety.
  6. You are very welcome. If you don't mind taking public transport, many attractions can be visted in a cost saving way. There are cafes, small eateries around Kamakura and Hase stations; or you can pick up sandwiches from any convenience stores (Japanese breads are soft, ingredients are differ from North American). 50-60 min travel time. Metro Minatomiral Line to Yokohama station: 4 stops fare ¥230 time 7 min JR Yokosuka Line to Kamakura station: 6 stops fare ¥360 25 min Enoden Line to Hase station: 3 stops fare ¥200 5 min
  7. I already did the Celebrity sailing. Discovery Princess won't let us apply our own e-Visa, and must pay US $75/PP fee. (money grab). The google map address function is very handy, display in English and in local language. Use it to show local taxi driver where I want to go, no lost in communication translation. Enjoy your transpacific cruise.
  8. We received the seaport info from Celebrity email and I got the address from google map, shared with all CC members for our Celebrity sailing, everyone got the e-VISA without issue. Information About the trip" Entry through checkpoint - Vung Tau Seaport Exit through checkpoint - Nha Trang Seaport Intended temporary resident address in Vietnam - Celebrity Millennium, Phu My Port, Phú Mỹ, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam City/Province - BA RIA - VUNG TAU
  9. Hank, AK.Jonsey is a HAL cruiser and pier is Shinko. Unfortunately, the couple had medical challenge, wife had to use a cane due to hip replacement and max 2 mile walk/day, husband requires B12 injection. Haneda Terminal 3, 4/F and 5/F are restaurants and convenience stores, walking from her hotel takes 10 min, under 2000 feet distance. Haneda also had medical emergency station. In Yokohama, I think only Yokohama station had the similar facilities like Haneda and Yokohama Bay Sheraton is the closest. If they are healthy seniors, then staying in Haneda for 2 days is not a wise decision. Since you have been to Yokohama many times, if someone had the similar medical condition, which hotel with varieties restaurants nearby, will you recommend? I seldom overnight in Yokohama, I always pre-cruise stay in Osaka/Kyoto, I can day trip to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and Wakayama. On embankment day, ride the shinkansen, a 2.5 hrs travel to any Yokohama cruise terminal, similar time from Narita to Yokohama. Hotel cost is cheaper than in Tokyo, even factor in the shinkansen fare.
  10. Some CC members did go to Kamakura Big Buddha during turn around day. 1. From Osanbashi Pier either taxi to Yokohama station or walk to Nihon-Odori Station take metro Minatomirai Line to Yokohama Station. 2. From Yokohama Station, take JR Yokosuka Line to Kamakura station, then transfer Enoden Line to Hase station. Walk 10 min to Kotoku-in temple. https://www.city.kamakura.kanagawa.jp/visitkamakura/en/access/index.html Yokosuka Line runs every 10-15 min Follow the signage in Kamakura station to Enoden Line Enoden Lines runs every 15 min:
  11. The typhoon season in Japan runs from May through October, with most activity from July to September. If first timer to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, I suggest book a Disney Resort vacation package, to enjoy Disney to the fullest and guaranteed admissions. You need an App on your smart phone in the Park and Japanese is the primary language.
  12. A loose left visa mostly for cruise ship passengers with restriction. An E-VISA is a general electronic visa. Cruise ship companies do have how-to sample document, and Vietnam gov't website does post list file for seaports and provinces. Actually is very easy to apply the e-Visa if collected all the required information ahead. Don't shoot first and ask questions later.
  13. If NCL docks at Tokyo International, stay in Shinagawa City, north of Haneda. Yokohama is 10 miles south of Haneda. If requires taxi transport to Tokyo area, flat-rate fare taxi available from Haneda.
  14. Good 👍 loose leaf visa is US$5 and Carnival charges $26 for admission fee. Princess charges the most, US $75
  15. I wish Celebrity will add Otaru to her itineary. I like the Hokkaido Shiroi Koibito biscuit (白い恋人 white lover) - chocolate sandwiched between langue de chat. My friends always ask me to bring this iconic souvenir whenever I travel to Japan.
  16. Suzie passed away in 2017, so I changed CC named from SSN. Travelling in Japan is relatively easy, most of the port I did DIY. If sailing the Spice Route, will be head spinning for all of us.
  17. Abby, we both did Antarctica on Star Princess; and Iceland TA on Caribbean Princess. I will do the Expo 2025 in Osaka and take Discovery Princess to Singapore.
  18. https://tokyo-haneda.com/en/index.html Haneda Airport has three different terminals. Terminal 1 is a domestic only, Terminal 2 is mostly domestic, but it has a few international flights. Terminal 3, is only for international flights. If arrival gate number is above 140, an extensive walking distance to immigration hall. Visit Japan Web online form vs Paper Form If both queue the same line, the QR code doesn't speed up immigration—still need to see an official to get your passport reviewed and stamped. If separate line for each - QR code, paper form. The QR code line will be quicker. For customs, a separate line with kiosks for QR codes. Scan the QR code and passport at a kiosk, confirm your answer and go to the automated gate, you only have to remove hat/mask and slowly walk out (there is camera that look at you). QR code line is quicker than paper form line. Transport from Haneda Airport Keikyu Airport Line Express to Yokohama station, operates till 11:30pm, every 15 min, 30 min travel, fare ¥370 (US $2.5) Keikyu Haneda Airport Bus to Yokohama Sta. (YCAT), operates till 11:30pm, every 20 min, 30 min travel, fare ¥650 (US 4.50) Taxi from Haneda Airport to Yokohama Stn. fare : ¥10,000 (US $65) Train is commuter rail, though no luggage rack, but floor area for luggage, if taking the train during evening hours, fewer passenger . Bus accepts touch payment by credit card (Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover), no need to queue at a ticketing desk. Yokohama Bay has three cruise terminals: Daikoku Pier, Osanbashi Hall and Shinko Pier Haneda Airport ⇔ Yamashita Park/Minato Mirai District/ Red Brick Warehouse bus route Runs every 2 hours from 10am to 4pm, 4 times a day only. fare ¥800 (US $5.30) Shinko Pier - 300 feet; Osanbashi Hall - 1800 feet; Daikoku Pier - N/A no public transport access (shuttle from Yamashita Park)
  19. The nearest shinkansen station is shin-yokohama station about 10 km from your hotel, 30 min train ride from Kannai station or Sakuragichō Station. You can ride the shinkansen to Nagoya in 75 min; Kyoto in 110 min, Osaka in 130 min, Kobe in 180 min, Hiroshima in 220 min,.....
  20. More likely a system update got kaboom. Wait for a Walmart rollback !
  21. ありがとう DaKahuna. Thank you for your patience allow me hijacking your thread. Safe Travel. I didn't know your Osaka Dotonbori tour is on your own, otherwise will tell you the hidden gems location. You must re-visit Japan to pick up the missing pieces.
  22. For PC, you use the Chrome Browse to connect Celebrity website, where tablet/smart phone use Celebrity own app (you download the app from App store) to connect. I can see Celebrity try to moving users using app interface than through PC browser.
  23. This is my Hakodate tram experience, I was not in kimono outfit ! You can take the tram to Goryōkaku Park and Tower.
  24. Thanks, This will be quick, can clear the whole ship in 2 hours. Hakodate is not a wealthy but conservative city, very few shopping malls and department stores. If the city want to earn tourist $$$, act fast! They can tell I am a tourist because I am not in kimono outfit.
  25. Hakodate built a new cruise terminal and pier - Wakamatsu Wharf Quay in 2021-22 and operate since 2023 fall. The wharf is designated for small and medium size cruise ships. Minatocho wharf (7 km away) is for overflow (2nd cruise ship) or cruise ship over 110,000 tonnage (Royal Princess docked there in April). Westerdam will dock at Wakamatsu Wharf, if no other ship took the spot. Diamond Princess and Celebrity also docking at Wakamatsu Wharf Why walk to the Hakodate Ropeway? Ride a tram only cost ¥210 per trip, or you purchase a tram day pass (unlimited ride) for ¥600 from JR Hakodate station tourist center. No more concern on pedestrian and location safety . Picture of Wakamatsu Wharf and cruise terminal 3 min walk to the Fish market back entrance, 5 min to JR Hakodate train station.
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