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  1. I took the Cruise Planner 125% credit on our May cancelled cruise and was waiting forever it seemed to get the certificate as I watched our October cruise Drink Package oscillate from $55/day down to $41/day. It was at $41 when the certificates finally showed up! But the website wouldn't complete my purchase. No matter what I did. *sigh* Called the next day and the price was back to $55. Frustrating. But then it went back down to $41 and I called and booked it. I'm happy with that price as one of our ports is Perfect Day at Coco Caye. No rhyme or reason to the pricing. It's a yo-yo and you have to check often.
  2. Our experience has been weird for our cancelled May 17th cruise. We had 6 rooms and only 2 opted for the FCCs. Those we received (well, I received one of the two and called to ask about it and they gave me the certificate numbers over the phone). And, I received all of the refunds on the cruises (I think, still feel like I'm out half of one cruiser's fare, but it's so hard to tell when there were multiple people paying over the course of a year on multiple passengers, have to verify with all those who paid if they've gotten extra credits). But still have not received the cruise planner refunds. When I called to ask about it, they said that it could be up to 45 days after the day we were supposed to sail. And, oddly enough, I got a "post cruise" survey even though we obviously did not cruise. My advice for everyone is to make sure you have every payment anyone has made and you put them all in a spreadsheet and make sure you get your credits. I'm being patient, but this all feels very disjointed and illogical for who gets a refund and how quickly.
  3. Our May 17th cruise was cancelled, not like I'm surprised. But now I have a dilemma and was wondering if someone here knows about the 125% OBC? We are definitely taking the FCC for the cruise. It's unlikely we'll find a cruise at that value, but the extra 25% might get us there. The question I have is for the Cruise Planner items. We all purchased the Deluxe Drink Package. If I take that as OBC is it tied to the FCC and must be used on whatever cruise I book or can I apply it to my October 31st cruise? Has anyone tried that?
  4. Same here. I doubt all 12 of us in our party will go (we do have a couple 70+), but most of us are ready for a vacation. Even a cruise to nowhere sounds great at this point!
  5. Still waiting on Royal to cancel our May cruise and haven't decided when we can cruise as a replacement for that. It was a large group of us and it's hard to get us all free at the same time. Plus, we got such a good deal that currently it's unlikely we'll be able to snag that price again (or maybe not, depending). But hubby and I have a cruise leaving New Orleans on October 31st and expect that one to be in the middle of this outbreak and the expected 'second wave'. We also have a cruise in May 2021 and will definitely be on that one, if it goes. I do hope that there is concentration on getting a reliable and fast antibody test on the market ASAP. That will help a lot. I don't feel the need to wait to cruise until there's a vaccine since we know how to mitigate the spread, but I still hope one is found soon because of the immense suffering this has caused.
  6. I'll just re-iterate, you're young and honestly? If you're careful, you will not get the virus. It is not as easily transmissible as the flu because it does take contact, but the virus does appear to live on surfaces for a long time. Take precautions for that (there are good suggestions here on how to do that). I know the State Department is saying to not cruise but I don't get that. Hundreds of ships with thousands of passengers have sailed since January and only two have been adversely impacted (well, three, but the Holland America ship didn't have anyone get the virus). We've seen baggage handlers and quite a few others associated with flying contract the virus and no one is saying to not fly. I've never gotten sick on a cruise (we are quite careful about hand washing and sanitizing), but I have gotten a cold after flights. So many times. (Could just be the dry air, but it has happened.) The thing is, cruising is going to get hammered. And I think a lot of it is unjust. I don't see wholesale closing of hotels, amusement parks, restaurants, etc. Cruise ships have a lot of people, but they do a good job with cleanliness, better than sports venues and concerts. And those events have many thousands more in attendance. We have to see how this shakes out. I and the 11 eleven others for our May cruise are sailing. If the ship goes, we're on it.
  7. A lot can change before our cruise in mid-May. We're past final payment so this is a really nice allowance for us if things deteriorate between now and then. I still suspect that Liberty will be sailing just by virtue of never leaving the Caribbean, but time will tell.
  8. Thanks for the review! I was hoping it was going to be worth it. Got a great deal of $40 on Black Friday for our early November visit. I hope the water's still warm by then!
  9. Yeah, no suites for us! Not while dear son is in college! And probably not after. I made the mistake of getting hubby a balcony for the first cruise I talked him into and he absolutely refused to go with anything "less". But, money talks, so I've gotten him to agree to an inside for our May cruise on Liberty (I got four of us two rooms for what one OV Balcony was gonna cost!) and only an Ocean View on our October cruise on Majesty. To me, we spend so little time in our room, it's just not worth spending so much extra. We did have an incredible room and balcony last November (on Celebrity's Summit), but the itinerary was so port intensive, I'm not sure we sat on the balcony once!
  10. We had connecting CP Balconies on Harmony on the 10th floor right above the area where performers played each evening. It was nice to have the partition open between our rooms and to sit and listen to the beautiful music as we were getting ready for dinner. My husband wasn't thrilled with the "view", but having cabins across from us didn't bother me in the least. It was serene to me. I could listen to the wind rustling the trees, no noise from the pool deck, just peace and quiet. I didn't notice the balcony being hot, but we never used it except for mornings and evenings. When we went, we also got the perks, the lunch, the wine, etc. Without those, it's still a good value, but it is a different animal than an Ocean View Balcony.
  11. Thank you for this review. Hubby and I are taking that cruise this October because I want to sail out of NOLA again (I love that long cruise down the Mississippi and we love having an excuse to visit NOLA), but I was a bit worried about the "older" ship and no solarium. So I'm glad to hear it sounds like the perfect, relaxing cruise for us.
  12. A group of 12 of us, ranging from 19 to mid-70s have a cruise out of Galveston on the Liberty May 17th. Are we canceling? Nope. Do we have travel insurance? Yes. Am I concerned? No. Hubby's work had a bad out break of flu. We both got it despite always getting the flu shot. It was much less severe than contracting the full-blown flu. Hubby does have asthma so we have to watch his respiration, but we'll be fine because we will practice hand washing and all the other things that we need to. If Royal cancels the cruise, then we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Oh, and we're not canceling the one out of New Orleans to the Bahamas in October, either. That one's just the two of us and we're really looking forward to cruising out of NOLA again. The bottom line is that everyone has to do their own risk analysis. Everyone's risk factors are different. But, even with hubby's asthma, we're still going. Would I recommend my parents go on a cruise or fly anywhere? Absolutely not! But that's because they're in their late 80s and the plain flu is more than they need to deal with. I will also have to say, we're not flying to either of our ports. And, to me, flying is far more problematic than being on a cruise ship. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  13. Black Friday wasn't a sale for either our upcoming Liberty cruise in May or our Majesty cruise in October, so I didn't buy. It was $19/pp/pd for the Refreshment package and $51/pp/pd for the Deluxe package. Both went up, $26 (which is mind boggling) and $55, they're back to $19 and $51 for this past weekend's "sale". I was disappointed that the prices are this high. Our Harmony cruise in May 2018 was only $45 for the Deluxe ($17 for Refresh) and my Rhapsody in August of 2018 was $41. I guess we're paying for Royals $18 Deluxe package error. I successfully bought the Refreshment, but cannot get Royal's website to work no matter what I do to purchase the Deluxe Package. (And, yes, I have cleared cache, used Incognito Windows, tried multiple browsers, I get the same "Error 405: Request method 'GET' not supported" every single time.)
  14. This is an example of why you have to know what things cost. The Deluxe Beverage Package isn't a deal for either of my 2020 cruises, but the Beach Club at CocoCay dropped from $54 to $39. So some savings. I do wish that we got the prices on the drink package that we used to get on Black Friday, but it's still a good deal. Again, it's a matter of knowing your price point and what things are worth it to you.
  15. CABIN #: 8090 DECK #: 8 CLASS: Concierge C2 AREA: midship BED NEAR: bathroom QUIET?: yes BALCONY VIEW: forward and out was good, a couple of decks down were the lifeboats, but you could still see the sea and toward the aft had a bump out a few cabins down, but not enough to totally obscure the vista BALCONY SIZE: average size WIND A PROBLEM?: no SOOT A PROBLEM?: no PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: It was a nice, quiet cabin in a good location, very close to the central elevators. The only "issue" was that the balcony doors were very hard to open. It's due to the railing being dented at the bottom so no clue how to get it fixed. Other than that we loved it!
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