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  1. Thanks for the information. I was afraid of that. I'm really concerned about the QC on these tests. I've seen far too many with dry or bad reagents! And now I just have to hope that I can get to a local in person site in Newark (without having a car) as my Plan A.
  2. Quick question to the OP: I had ordered the 2 test pack from Optum as a backup for our upcoming departure and I'm still hoping they will just be a backup. But my question is this, can I open these tests and see if the reagent is missing or has an issue without having to take the test right then? I'm hoping to be proactive and replace any defective kits before we sail on the 8th. Thanks!
  3. Sorry I didn't see your question until now. I did notice that someone else answered, but it's really subjective as to what a "great" beer is. I love beers that tend to be bright or sour and hubby loves his stouts. That said, my favorite beer: Kronenbourg 1664 is on the list, as well as DUCHESSE DE BOURGOGNE, which is a reddish color and tends toward the sour end of the spectrum, but it's far more complex than "just" a sour. I also love Saisons and there's one on the list. We have a lot of craft breweries that have sprung up here locally and each one has it's own style and honestly, it's just fun to try all the vastly different flavor profiles. Beer has grown up and it's a very complex craft, though there are clunkers (I cannot believe that someone made multiple types of pumpkin spice beers!). I suspect I'll be dropping by for 4 oz pours just so I can try most of them (except the stouts, not a big fan of stouts or the super hoppy IPAs)! I know I'm still new to Celebrity having only been on two cruises on them at this point, but so far Celebrity has really done fabulous by us for the opportunity to try things we wouldn't dare at home because the cost could be prohibitive. The best part of cruising after seeing new places and meeting all the wonderful people is the food and drink.
  4. Thanks. I thought so. And so many in our party were excited because it eased a lot of headaches! Oh, well.
  5. All, everyone in my group of 12 travelers has received an email from RCCL that we need to go and schedule our complimentary rapid antigen test when we check-in for our November 8th Anthem of the Seas cruise out of Bayonne. The thing is it feels like this isn't actually for any of us because it mentions "guests arriving from overseas" (which excludes every single one of us) and also mentions registering with the Eurofins site. While I'd absolutely love for Royal to pony up and do these tests, I just don't believe they actually meant for this to apply to this cruise. Is it just a holdover from the previous UK sailings for the Anthem? Does anyone have any idea? I have 11 other people who are very confused and need to be able to provide them good information, which I very much doubt I'll get if I call Royal. Do we all just ignore these emails? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for posting that link to the CS menu. I do enjoy wine, but we love craft beer, too. And that menu has some great ones on it. Plus the bits of food will be awesome to have as I always prefer to make sure I'm eating a bit while imbibing. When we were on the Equinox, we only went into CM for our meet & mingle. It was far too quiet with nothing really going on there most of the time so I do think this makes sense for X because they don't want to waste any space. Creating a space people want to be at is their goal.
  7. It was over a month ago so I doubt it. Plus, they never over the same deal on all sailings across the board. The only way to know is to make a mock booking.
  8. We called our TA when I heard that Royal was offering solo travelers a hefty discount as we have 2 solo travelers in our group. Every room ended up getting a discount, which was given as OBC. Of course, now Royal's completely mucked that up by changing our cruise to a 6-day and taking all my OBC.
  9. I wanted to book our party of 12 this way, but the "kids" (20 somethings) insisted we book one giant table. I'm actually concerned that dinner will take a ridiculously long time because of this, but we'll see.
  10. I do understand what you're saying and I do think that the problem for me with this is that Royal shortened the cruise by one day. It did not cancel it. One day. I've yet to figure out how that one day adds anything to their COVID procedures that they did not know about 3 months ago. I have had many cruises cancelled and took that in stride, even for this one when it took them over 6 months to get my FCC and OBC credited to my booking. And, again, I would be fine with all of the changes if they actually delivered on their commitments. But, everything that I purchased has been cancelled and yet I have not received a single penny refund. And, I still cannot book anything else despite the fact that they said they'd have everything back online by the 15th. I also feel responsible for the other 11 people who are cruising with me as I try to plan and coordinate everything for everyone and we are all still up in the air. Royal gave us dates that they are not abiding by, but they sure as heck wouldn't let me slide a day or more on paying up. Lastly, as I am a programmer and have been in IT for over 30 years, I am well aware of how hard changes on the fly are. I cut Royal's IT a lot of slack, but taking more than a month to adjust this cruise appropriately and still not meet the date they committed to? I could have done it manually and been done long before now. It's just frustrating and should be handled better. The customer is not always right, but you at least need to meet the things you commit to or at least be proactive at explaining why you missed the date.
  11. I appreciate that Coco Cay was built for two large ships, but when we planned and booked everything ages ago, we were the only ship that was going to be there. It's a change thrown at us at the very last minute and we still cannot book anything! I'm a hyper-planner and not knowing and not being able to tell any of the others what's going on or to give them an expectation about how much things are going to cost now is a bit stressful. I'm sure we'll have a great time no matter what, it's just a big diversion from what our expectations were. That's all.
  12. Y'all are scaring me with these Freedom passenger numbers! Our cruise on the Anthem has been shortened to a 6-night from a 7-night and now our "Perfect" Day at Coco Cay will be shared with Freedom. At this point, I'm pretty sure we'll be lucky if our Anthem cruise hits 40% capacity. With all the changes, so many have moved off our sailing. But we still can't purchase cruise planner items and have zero idea of what cabanas are available or what they will cost. It's all very frustrating and not at all what we had planned for our cruise. But, it's a cruise and we've all booked flights and hotels ages ago, so we cannot change at this late date. So we're going. It just might be a 6-day cruise on a ship none of us have ever been on.
  13. I didn't know that was an option. Great information! We got a big price drop for a couple of the solo cruisers on our Anthem cruise and one of them is wondering how to spend it all. I'll let him know this is a possibility.
  14. We haven't yet bought wi-fi on any cruise because we both are oncall for our jobs and have to completely disconnect to get away from work. In the past, we always had a family member at home with the kids, or the kids home with the dogs, so didn't need more checking in than grabbing free wi-fi in port for a few texts, emails or even a phone call. This November's cruise will be the first time that we will simply have a dog sitter with no family available, but a couple of the twelve in our party have purchased the wi-fi, so I will probably just borrow on of theirs for long enough to check-in with the sitter. And, of course, will give her our friend's contact information if something huge comes up. Still, I keep my phone on me as it's my camera. And I'm the woman who has a tablet which contains all my books so that I never run out of reading material. Plus, phones are good to have in port: for directions, for currency exchange, for restaurant suggestions, etc. Our upcoming May cruise includes wi-fi and we'll have five days at sea, so that'll probably get used a good amount.
  15. That's a fabulous recommendation. Thank you!
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