From the Wall Street Journal this morning, they have this headline: Panama Canal’s Big Bet Is Paying Off with these highlights: Panama’s $5 billion investment to expand its century-old canal is paying off as shipping lines send more U.S.-bound cargoes through the passage instead of the Suez Canal. Ships nearly three times as large as the ones crossing before the expanded locks opened in June of 2016 are bringing tens of millions of additional dollars in tolls and a trading boom to U.S. East Coast ports. Since the start of the year, transiting tonnage at the Panama Canal has increased by nearly 23%. Last week marked the 2,000th transit of a ship that wouldn’t have fit through the old locks.

Interesting article and background on this major project and canal expansion. In March, we traveled through the older, historic canal, but we could see many aspects related to this new passage way. This article also noted: "The Panama Canal is also helping U.S. exporters of natural gas send bigger loads to Asian markets. The new locks took nine years and cost $5.4 billion. The locks allow vessels moving up to 14,800 containers to cross, while the old locks, which still operate, can only handle ships carrying up to 5,000 containers."

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