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Can I just add my "Two Cents" do NOT under any circumstances buy travel insurance from the cruise provider.... Yes it appears at face value to be cheaper than what you can buy yourself. There is of course a very good reason for that.
Things generally NOT covered:

1. Pre-existing medical conditions, (think that Lipitor pill that just got adjusted to a higher dose)
Pre-existing conditions generally required coverage being purchase within 10 to 14 days of initial deposit.
(not final payment)

2. Usually cover the cruise only, not flights or non- refundable travel arrangements before or after the cruise.

3. Outside travel insurance covers from leaving your front door and having a car accident on the way to the airport.

4. Medical coverage overseas for hospitalization in something other than a third world country with substandard medical care... Think Former Russian States, some South America and other places in the world.
Proper coverage will get you transported and pay for care in a proper hospital.

5. Medical transport home! Can cost $10's of thousands of dollars.

6. Does not cover Bankruptcy of the cruise line you are booked with. Weird but true.

Remember Medicare and the vast majority of US medical insurance companies will not cover you out of the US.
Finally to get pre-existing medical coverage many if not most require you to book within 14 days and ....

Cover your ENTIRE trip and not just the cruise. So from leaving your front door and including all "Non-refundable" expenses. And they mean it, just read a story on Chris Elliott travel writer for many big publications of a couple who decided to not cover a ALL even though the terms of their policy had this requirement. They actually were close but a bit on the short side.. You adjust the value of your policy prior to leaving as the cost of the trip increases.

Sorry to be so long winded but this is a very Misunderstood travel necessity!

For US citizens a good place to start is reading the Cruise Critic board dedicated to Travel Insurance and then start your research at " insure my trip dot com"

Happy sailing!
You have convinced me . Great points and thanks for pointing them out for us.
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