Sea Princess

I have a few questions. Which Photography package they offer is worthwhile? Does it include all guests in the cabin? Or just the person who purchased it?
They offer a $31.25, a $62.50 and a $125.00 package. I realise the photos will be expensive. But trying to get an idea of how much it might be.

I have already organised the onboard photo package.

Riviera - Deck 12

Cabin R337 or similar

What do you think the room was like (if you've stayed in it or one like it) Three women will be staying in there, bunks I think (Which won't matter as its for sleeping anyway)

Smoking areas
Any advice on where the smoking areas might be located.

Shore Excursions
Is it possible to grab a random car at say Champagne Bay and go elsewhere if we want to without having booked with the cruiseline? I realise there is the risk factor of being left behind. So not sure about this yet.

I'll leave it at that for now
Thank you