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Lake City, Fl
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Joined Feb 2018
Ship: Caribbean Princess

Class: BC

Deck: 14

Stateroom # R338

Category: Balcony

Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Port (Forward)

Connects With Cabin #: N/A

Accessible: No

Quiet: Not really

Balcony Size: Standard

View: Left to Right, good. Downward, obstruction.

Privacy Issues: No.

Wind: Can be windy, at times.

Soot: No problem

Problems: This balcony rm, just under deck 15. Can hear voices (when on balcony or have sliding door open) and can hear people walking above this room on deck. Attendants clean in early morning, 04:30-05:30, can hear them sliding deck chairs/tables around. Gets quiet around/after 01:00 in morning, when most venues are closed. Also, this ship, for most balcony rooms, deck 10-14, each of these floors are (tiered) outward, deck 14 and downwards. Can see into other balconys below you. This outward tiering prevents a good downward look to the water-somewhat.

Comments: Nice stateroom, halfway between stairwells/elevators. If one likes the nightlife, this is the room for you. For those who prefer getting to sleep earlier, this room may be too noisy for them. Great view from balcony, depending on wind currents, can get windy.
Georgia, USA
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Joined Aug 2013
Ship - Island Princess


Deck - 9 - Dolphin

Stateroom - #D624

Category - BD

Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern - Port

Connects With Cabin # N/A

Accessible - No

Quiet - Yes

Balcony Size - Regular

View - excellent view

Privacy Issues - none

Wind - none

Soot - none

Problems - none

Comments - This was a great cabin with a lot of storage, nice size balcony that has dividers that can be pulled back to join your neighbor...we traveled with friends next door. This was an Alaska cruise so we used it a lot! No problems at all with our cabin... it was great.
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*Radiance of the Seas....June 23, 2014....Alaska
*Liberty of the Seas....October 8, 2015....
New England/Canada
*Island Princess....June 21, 2017....Alaska
*Crown Princess.....May 16, 2019...British Isles

Atlanta, GA
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Joined Jun 2011


Deck Baja

Stateroom # B304


Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern Port

Connects With Cabin #

Accessible Y

Quiet Y

Balcony Size Normal


Privacy Issues None

Wind No issues

Soot No


Comments Lovely HC accessible cabin with a good-sized fold-down shower seat. Easy access to fore elevators.
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April 2004 - Golden Princess - Eastern Caribbean
Nov 2011 - Jewel of the Seas - Western Caribbean
Dec 2014 - Brilliance of the Seas - Western Caribbean
Feb 2016 - Emerald Princess - Eastern Caribbean
Feb 2017 - Star Princess - Hawaii!
Feb 2018 - Crown Princess - Eastern Caribbean
Feb 2019 - Regal Princess - Western Caribbean
Washington, DC
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Joined Sep 2010

Class: Royal Class


Stateroom #: E729

Category: Full Suite

Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: STARBOARD AFT

Connects With Cabin #: N/A

Accessible: No (there was a step in and out of the bathroom and the passageway where the closets are is very narrow)

Quiet: No, though only in 2 instances. (1) Although it is directly above the Vista Lounge, we never heard anything until the last night of our 5-day. We heard a lot of thumping bass until midnight. That is the ONLY time we heard anything from the Vista. (2) Sometimes you could hear an engine-type noise, but it seemed to happen very rarely (fewer than three times over 5 days and only for a short period—less than an hour). I really never heard anything else (we did have some loud neighbors above us but it was only noticeable when they were on their balcony).

Balcony Size: OVERSIZED (very). The balcony is ENORMOUS. There are two doors, one adjacent to the bedroom and one at the living room. There is a large table with chairs at the LR door, then a large expanse of space until you get to the 2 loungers (and small table between them) that are at the largest curve of the balcony as it wraps from aft to starboard. Lounge chairs can lay flat with a lot of room to the railing to walk by--no sideways chair problems here. The BR side has a small table and 2 chairs.

View: None. It’s totally unobstructed. You actually get a great view because of the wraparound.

Privacy Issues: None that I could see. Because of the cake-layer type setup of the ship (Emerald is the lowest balcony level at the back of the ship since underneath it is the Vista Lounge), technically the folks above us could have leaned over their balcony and seen us, but . . .

Wind: There were some issues with that. It was too windy to do our balcony dinner one night but that was just once. I was able to sit out there and there were a few nights we left the cushions out there (our steward would usually bring them in) and they had only moved about a bit.

Soot: I had heard that this could be a problem but I only saw the tiniest bit of soot on the larger table. I walked in socks and barefoot on the balcony and never noticed a soot problem.

Problems: It’s at the very back of the boat and the ship is large, so my 71 year old mother who has breathing problems had a rough time getting from other areas on the ship.

Comments: Wake view is amazing. Balcony isn't covered (just a small overhang that really doesn't count).

Suite perks are also amazing (and worth it).

They provide bath salts for the tub, which was very nice, and the shower was roomy. Only one toilet, in its own cubicle (with sink). Lot of room by the sinks in the shower/tub area to store things.

Our muster station was RIGHT below us (one level) so that was super easy.

The doors to the balcony slid open and if you didn't close them firmly, when the ship rocked, the door would slide back open.

The fridge is TINY (but nice to have).

My mother usually has motion sickness issues but you rarely feel like you're on a boat on this ship. She stopped taking the Dramamine the first day. The last night, as we were speeding back to Florida, you could feel a lot more motion than ever before where we were at the back, but it was still a lot less noticeable than the other ships I've sailed on! Very stable ship!

****The only other thing I’d like to bring up is that there is an outdoor smoking section directly under the room, but I never smelled any smoke. Still, if you have smoke sensitivity issues, you might not want to choose this room. I am not a smoker and don’t like smoke, but I never noticed a smell, even when we were in port and I was on my balcony. You do sometimes hear the smokers down there talking, but it’s not that noticeable.
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  • 1999 - Carnival Ecstasy (amazingly, I cannot remember where we went! From Miami to Nassau maybe...?)
  • 2002 - Carnival Imagination (from Miami to Key West, Cozumel)
  • 2003 - Norwegian Sun (from Seattle to Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Victoria BC)
  • 2006 - RC Majesty of the Seas (from Miami to Nassau) sailed March 3, 2006
  • 2007 - Carnival Liberty (from Ft. Lauderdale to San Juan, St. John, Antigua, Tortola) sailed March 3, 2007
  • 2010 - Carnival Pride (from Baltimore to Port Canaveral, Nassau, Freeport) sailed December 12, 2010
  • 2017 - Royal Princess (November 25; from Ft. Lauderdale to DR and was to be Grand Turk, but that got canceled)
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Joined Sep 2005
Regal Princess
Royal Class
Marina Deck
Cabin# M107
Category: Mini suite M6 Club Class
Starboard side
Does not connect with other cabin
Balcony Size=super oversize

360 degree photo of M107 Balcony.

Full size photo @

View=Obstructed because is surrounded with steel rails not glass. When on the balcony you a 270 degree view of the front, starboard and rear.

Wind, Yes and strong if the ship is sailing into the wind. Port days and times when ship is sailing downwind are lovely.

No soot

We had no problems with this cabin.

Comments: I was worried that there would not be enough storage with out the normal closet you normally get. The storage was more than we needed. Loved how it was separated into two rooms like a real suite. The balcony door was located on the starboard facing side of the cabin and could be open even with strong winds without a problem.

If you can book M107, M108 L107 or L108 do it you will not be disappointed.

Vertical movement can happen being on the front of the ship if weather is bad, if this is an issue then don't book.
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Joined Mar 2008
Ship - Regal Princess

Class - Royal

Deck - 8

Stateroom #E630


Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern - port

Connects With Cabin #

Accessible - no

Quiet - noises in the middle of the night- see below

Balcony Size - small

View - mostly good

Privacy Issues - no problem

Wind - none

Soot - none

Problems - from about 1 am to 3 am there is some sort of a metal noises, as something breaking/falling/rubbing. I called the desk and also filed a complaint, but they couldn't find anything. It happened on windy and non windy days. Once I thought I heard a chunk of something falling.

Comments - no repair, they can't find anything
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Crown Princess 2000; Dawn Princess 2002; Golden Princess 2003; Star Princess 2005; Viking Europe 2006; Star Princess 2007; Saphhire Princess 2008; Crown Princess 2009; Coral Princess 2011; Grand Princess 2011; Emerald Princess 2013 ; Emerald Princess 2014; Caribbean Princess 2015; Island Princess 2017: Regal Princess 2018 - Elite !!