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  1. I'll throw this question into the mix. The first leg the onboard currency in in $AUD, the next ones are $USD. The app shows as one cruise, but I am wondering whether they will close off the folios at the end of the first leg and start afresh with the second?
  2. They're still not on the web site here, don't know what the problem is. Anyway I booked by phone with a very patient phone rep reading out the available cabins while I checked the deck plans. The price is comparable to what is being paid in the US, taking into consideration no OBC.
  3. Yes, not happy. I was up in the middle of the night expecting to be able to book. I ended up on the phone to Princess this afternoon and holding a booking - of course the cabins I had picked were gone! Also no OBC was being offered.
  4. Thanks for that. Like the look of Nutridge but was concerned about the drop off time as we have an 11pm sailaway. It's a toss up between that and the ship excursion to the Polynesian Cultural Centre.
  5. What time did you get dropped off at the end of the show?
  6. We stumbled across the Mazda museum while wandering around Yokohama on a turnaround day. It would be of interest if there are car buffs in your group. There is also an art museum in the vicinity, or you can take a ferry ride. Lots to do.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I was trying to split a sideways booking into a B2B and was having trouble finding an inside cabin available on both legs. As luck would have it, a sideways on Baja popped up a short time ago for both legs, which I grabbed.
  8. I am looking at the mid-Aft group of 6 inside cabins on Caribe Deck 10 on the Royal. They are surrounded by a lot of white space. Can anyone tell me what that space is, and whether the cabins are noisy. Thank you.
  9. We will be in Whittier on the 16th, and really like the look of that train trip. The lunchtime departure would allow us to first have a look around Whittier in the morning.
  10. I have read the article on the PVSA buf am still a little confused regarding a planned B2B2B which starts with a round trip Alaskan cruise from Vancouver, followed by Vancouver to San Francisco with a stopover in Victoria. The last leg is a repositioning across the Pacific from San Francisco, including stops in Hawaii. I am seeking clarification this B2B2B will not be in violation of any US maritime laws. Thanks.
  11. We were also on the same cruise, and were pleasantly surprised that given it's size we liked Ovation so much. The decor felt light and airy, and we loved the couch in our balcony cabin. After avoiding crowded lifts on the ship we were a bit shocked in the terminal to find the escalators out of order, resulting in everyone being crammed tight into the elevators. We never thought to ask if there were stairs we could use.
  12. Thanks for that. We'll be in Skagway twice with the other time due to dock at the more favourable BRD. Still in early stages of planning, but we'll plan our non-ship organised activities around the BRD dock rather than RRF (unless we take a ship excursion and can get priority).
  13. Just to be clear, our berth is listed as RRF - I gather that's not good. How do we get off the ship if docked in the forward section?
  14. Going through the same process of pricing travel insurance for a long trip. Fifty Up Club uses Insure and Go, but no cruise cover.
  15. I take one Phenergan tablet at night, starting two days before sailing. After 2-3 days I drop it, and find that a chewable Kwells tablet most mornings keeps me from getting queasy. If heading into bad weather I sometimes will take Phenergan again for a couple of nights. After a few cruises you will find what works best for you.
  16. Just wondering if you were given anti-virals on the ship? I've heard rebound COVID is not uncommon after taking them. I'm sorry to hear your husband is unwell, and hope his health improves soon.
  17. It's been a wild ride down the east coast. Port Arthur has been cancelled and we are now headed early to Hobart. At least the winds are less now and we have finally managed to get our balcony door open for just a few minutes to let in some fresh air. We have no Elite bathroom amenities apart from liquid hand soap, and no lotion.
  18. We're in the same situation, although we're at sea in Europe. Can't fault the way we've been treated by Princess, we're getting quite spoiled. The isolation period in our cabin is 5 days, my daily testing is done with RATs, and the case numbers are low. We figured that we would self isolate anyway if either one of us was sick, so why not fess up to help stop the spread.
  19. Thank you. I have another query through online chat, so I will raise the issue there.
  20. The description overview of a shore excursion we want to do does not match the excursion details. Is there a contact email address I can use for clarification? Thank you.
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