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  1. We are planning our Princess June, 2022 Alaskan cruisetour. I want to do whale watching from Juneau. I have been looking at several different tour companies and offerings (including the Princess's tours). I notice that they spend different amounts of time on the water, from 2 hours to 5 hours. If you have been on a whale watching tour, what do you think is the best tour and amount of time? Currently my favorite is a Juneau Whale Watch tour that also includes Mendenhall glacier. However, it is one of the shortest on water tour (2 hours). If you have taken this tour, please com
  2. Nicole & Pete, In R515 the bed was on the wall on the RIGHT as you entered the room. No noise issues. The balcony was very small, but I think that is the way on all royal class ships unless you get a corner or aft room. We get a balcony because we like to go outside to see things and feel the temperature before setting out. We moved to mini-suites because we like more shower/tub room, more room in the cabin in general (I do pay attention to square footage when I book), and a sofa for larger, sitting hanging out space. I suppose we are in the cabin more than
  3. Thank you both for this information.
  4. We are booked for a cruise to Alaska in June, 2022. Hopefully we will make it. What can you tell me about the choices in Ketchican for: Totem Heritage Center. Totem Bight State Historical Park. Saxman Native Village. Potlatch Totem Park. Which is the best to see? Are there tours that go to the best of these? I am not impressed with Princess's choices.
  5. We stayed in R515, a mini-suite on the Royal Princess. It was nice, good location.
  6. We did a Princess cruisetour in 2011 and have another one planned for 2022 (pray that it will happen). We did not opt for the connoisseur version, but we will be staying 2 days/nights in each place. We do not wish to drive ourselves, preferring to let someone else do it. We ate in places other than Princess hotel restaurants all the time and found some great food. It is not hard to locate other places to eat; I do not guarantee they are much cheaper, as Alaska is expensive. We had 2 rail trips and one bus trip and enjoyed every one.
  7. Dancing GrandMommy, I also wondered who would spend that much extra money for the Havana area when I first heard about it. I certainly did not think that I would. Then we took a cruise on the Vista in a Havana aft-facing balcony room. Oooooh, that was wonderful. I am looking to book another on the Vista or Horizon. I have looked at the deck plans for the Panorama, and I think the Havana area is smaller and on the side (instead of the aft). Our balcony room was on deck 6 overlooking the Havana area on deck 5. Our room was the largest we have had and the balcony was huge.
  8. Hi CruiseGirl6, We took a Princess cruisetour to Alaska in 2011 and plan another for 2022. I looked at your choice. My "opinion" (only), if possible choose a longer land tour. You will have very little relaxing time on your own. It takes a long time to travel between places. We plan to spend 2 days at each stop with no set excursion planned. The hotels do have excursions to offer or ranger talks and other entertainment. Another choice we made is a smaller ship (albeit older) the Sapphire rather than the new large one Majestic. You have your own reasons for choosing that ship, I'm
  9. Our TA booked a June 2022 Alaska cruisetour for us last week. He called and had Princess extend our FCC that was due to expire May 1, 2022 so that we could use it for that cruise. Princess was very nice about it; they even called me to say they were extending the FCC. We paid $200 deposit, and the booking shows the FCC credited to the balance. We are pleased with that. Now hope and pray that cruise ships will sail again soon.
  10. Last week we booked a June 2022 Alaska cruisetour through a travel agent. We had a FCC that expired May 1, 2022 and the travel agent had the time extended on the FCC so that it was applied to our new Alaska booking for 2022. We did make a deposit of $200, but the FCC shows up applied to our balance. Princess was very nice about this. They left me a phone message saying they were doing it too. (goodwill and all that) My advice: call and ask. I would suggest that it would be good to have a specific cruise in mind that you wish to put money on. They are ready for money.
  11. I am also looking at cruisetours for Alaska 2022. I am considering Grand vs. Sapphire. We have not been on either ship. Can someone tell me which ship you prefer and why?
  12. Mini-suites also have the shower in the bathtub. Thus a larger shower area. I have read that some people have trouble getting into and out of the tub, so you may consider that. It is not a problem for us, and the larger shower area (do not need tub) plus more space in the room, is why we book mini-suites. I do not guarantee that every mini-suite has a tub, but the ones (few) that we have stayed in did.
  13. I have really enjoyed your reviews. It helps with this no-cruise time. When is your next cruise? Have you been brave enough to book one yet?
  14. Unfortunately, Princess cancelled our cruise. not going anywhere at the moment.
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