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  1. I am worried that something happened to the family or the dog since we have not heard about their trip is a long time. Does anyone know if they are all safe? Prayers.
  2. Thanks for letting us know about the cliff hanger, toof. Hope all is better soon. I would hate to miss any of your cruise stories. Enjoy them muchly.
  3. I am considering a similar itinerary on the Constellation. It will be our first Celebrity cruise. How does the Aqua class compare with the usual verandah?
  4. We enjoy Carnival a lot and we are not the "typical" Carnival cruiser. Yes, we go on other lines too. My advice is about the fog and parking. Check out both and get there early for the fog/traffic issue.
  5. There were no vibrations while sleeping. It is a great location. Enjoy.
  6. I am unhappy to hear that ship libraries are disappearing. We love to read when on cruises, and the library is usually the best, quiet place. We have donated books and picked up some to read while on the cruise. We sailed on the Magic in October and used the library every day. It was also used by a lot of other people. There were 2 tables in there that groups of people used to play games. Great for families. So sad. Bring back libraries.
  7. We did a Canada/New England cruise in Oct, 2023. I thought I would write a little about the excursions we chose. In Portland, ME we did the Land & Sea, Portland City & Harbor Lights Cruise with Portland Discovery Land & Sea Tours. I booked independently of the ship. This turned out to be my favorite excursion day of the cruise. First we did the harbor cruise to see about 5 and 1/2 lighthouses, forts, large houses and islands. The narrator was very good with lots of stories. The captain of the boat was very good with no rough sailing, very smooth. Being late in the season, the boat was not even half full. We stayed inside, and I was able to walk from side to side to take pictures. They have nice restrooms and a counter for paid snacks and drinks. Best excursion tour for this trip. It lasted 1 and 3/4 hours. To get to their sales/check in booth, we walked about 1/2 mile to Long Pier from where our Carnival ship was berthed. After the harbor cruise, we stopped at the nearest restaurant Portland Lobster Company for lunch, a lobster roll. It was delicious. There was a short wait before getting to order, a short wait for a table (in a garden setting with umbrellas) and a longer wait for the food (about an hour). They have restrooms. After lunch we did a trolley tour (same company) of the town and Portland Head Light. This was enjoyable too. Our driver/narrator was Wendy. She was great with lots of stories. At the end, since this was her last tour of the day, she took the people who wanted directly to the Carnival ship. It was nice that we did not have to walk back. But we did miss shopping along the way. She dropped off the ones who wished at the pick up point (check in booth).
  8. We recently sailed on the Magic from Norfolk, VA. We flew into Norfolk and took a taxi to and from the port. The street going into the port is very poorly designed with only a small circle for ALL traffic (cars and buses) to go around, stop, unload guests and luggage. It is a single lane road with much congestion. Traffic was backed up both days all the way back that I could see. When we arrived the taxi turned left and deposited us on the sidewalk outside of the circle area. That was okay because it was pretty close and faster than trying to go around the circle. However it was raining and we had to wrangle our luggage a bit until we found a porter who was stacking luggage on a wagon. That taxi ride cost $45 plus tip. We got him from the que at the airport. When we debarked from the ship, the process of finding a taxi was worse. Debarkation was delayed for some reason, so we got off the ship about 10:15 when passengers were coming in. The circle was packed with cars and busses trying to let people out. I looked for an empty taxi, but did not find one. We walked to the area where we got out of our taxi coming in, but that road was blocked off for a Wine Festival that weekend. Traffic could not go down that way. I asked a security person about finding a taxi; he recommended walking to the world trade center or past that to the Hilton. We ended up at the Hilton, dragging our luggage and walking with canes. The kind doorman started calling a couple of cabs; they were 30 minutes out. I was convinced that we would miss the plane for the first time in our lives. Traffic was very slowly moving toward that circle; I spied a Coastal taxi with the lights off. I waved; he waved. The taxi pulled out of the traffic jam; we loaded with luggage to go to the airport. He pulled a U-turn out of the traffic and away from THAT circle. He was relieved not to have to go further for a fare. We were relived to find transportation to the airport. He charged $30.90 plus tip I gave him more, of course. Lesson: make sure you have transportation plans when you leave the ship in Norfolk. Avoid that circle at all costs. Check out things that may interfere with pick up spots (like that Wine Festival). OK, it was harder for us because we have "dumb" phones (not smart ones). No uber app, no lyft app, no local numbers for taxi companies. I was relying on finding a taxi when we got off the ship. Not so. We made our flight on time and arrived safely home.
  9. Thanks for your review; I enjoyed reading about it. I, for one, appreciate the mention of restroom stops if I were going on this itinerary.
  10. We are thinking of taking our first Celebrity cruise on Constellation. What are the main differences on a veranda cabin vs an Aqua class cabin. Is it worth the difference in price?
  11. check in at the counter and explain your situation. Request a wheelchair prior to flying (all legs) for your son. They should have a representative push the wheelchair and get you through TSA together without even the pre-check. Our experience with Delta: we have pre-check, but we request wheelchairs because of our mobility issues. They push the wheelchairs through a special entrance that jumps everyone. They get first through in front of all others, even pre-check. We do tip the wheelchair pusher $5 each time.
  12. We used the Hoppa On Hoppa Off Trolley in May, 2023. We thought it was well worth the $39 pp even though it was rainy that day. It rains a lot in Hilo. We prebooked the tour on their website; they picked us up at the end of the terminal due to the rain and took us the short 2 blocks to the office. After the tour we returned to the ship because of the rain. They give you a choice of remaining downtown or catching a shuttle to the beaches. All included in the one price. Hoppa On Hoppa Off Keikana Trolley Tour $39 PAID Meet at office 60 Kuhio St., Bldg 1 Escorted city tour of Hilo, Hawaii plus hop on hop off shuttles! Duration 2.5 Hours Escorted city tour of Hilo, Hawaii plus hop on hop off shuttles to downtown Hilo and Richardson Black Sand Beach. Stops: Liliuokalani Gardens and Coconut Island Big Island Candies, candy factory King Kamehameha Statue Rainbow Falls, waterfall Downtown Hilo (blue line shuttle, self guided) Richardson Black Sand Beach and Carl Smith beach park (blue line shuttle, self guided) *Note- Buses board at Keikana Office near Port of Hilo Queen Liliʻuokalani Gardens, Japanese botanical gardens, free
  13. We are doing Portland Discovery Land and Sea Tours. It is our first time in Portland; I booked directly with their company. They have several choices.
  14. We stayed at the Ilikai resort in May, 2023. Look for my review of it in the Hawaii section. We used Hawaii23 as transportation. Liked both the hotel and the shuttle service very much and would repeat them.
  15. Thanks, I am looking forward to this trip.
  16. What is the procedure if you are being dropped off by a taxi, and in reverse, picked up by taxi?
  17. I booked directly with Portland Discovery Land and Sea Tours. We won't be going until October, but I will report on it then. You might check them out.
  18. You are welcome. Enjoy your trip.
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