FLIP-FLOP "toe" solution?

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Joined Mar 2006
Am I the ONLY person that has cute flip-flops that RIP the skin between my toes??? I LOVE the shoes but have no idea what I can do to STOP THE PAIN!!!

Anyone have a tip????
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I have noticed that I can only wear the ones where the part between the toes is either super skinny or flat and attached sideways, so it is very thin between the toes. I was trying them in the stores and walking a bit to see how they feel, this is how I noticed that the amount of stuff between the toes makes such a difference.
Trinidad and Tobago
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I have the same problem with thong sandals,but not so much with flip flops. When I try on the flipflops if the material is very stiff I don't buy them at all, if it is felxible or made of a soft material they are usually comfortable. I have found that flip flops with terry straps or the beaded ones with a soft piece of fabric between are also comfortable.I agree with cruisy that the material has to be very thin or flat and attached sideways.
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The Vacation Diairies
NY-Long Island
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I have a few that are uncomfortable, but happen to love the look of them. I have all different ones in different heights like kitten-heels and wedges.

What I have done for the few that aren't the most comfortable is I bought Muleskiin with adhesive on one side. Dr. Scholls makes it. You cut it to fit and just wrap around that portion of the shoe and it sticks. Its much softer plus is flesh-color so it doesnt show.
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I'd never wear a pair of rubber flip flops, but I do wear alot of leather sandals with the thong between the toes. I'm very careful when I buy them and walk around the store alot, and then again at home. If they hurt, they go back to the store. I find that if that piece hurts at first, it'll always hurt.

One tip for comfort before buying is to see where the seam is on the little piece that goes between your toes. Smart companies will make the seam face out while some companies will have the seam facing inward which more easily irritates the skin. (duh!)

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Sometimes I find when I haven't worn mine for a while, I lose my calluses that make them comfortable. I guess I'd just make sure to find a thong that is comfortable between the toes. I also have to make sure that I find flip-flops with an arch (not an easy task!) because I need that little bit of support for my high arch.

I know that my mom has a couple pairs of flip-flops (I finally convinced her!) and both are terry-cloth because other materials bother her.
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Milford, CT
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My big toe on one foot has been numb, yes numb, pins and needles, numb for the last few months. I really think it is BECAUSE all I seem to wear are shoes with something between my toes.

The problems with living in a warm(ok today 88+) climate.
Trinidad and Tobago
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For those of you who can stand wearing shoes that hurt,my hats off to you. As long as a shoe is uncomfortable, I don't wear it, I don't like any burning,pinching or squeezing and my feet are free of calluses or corns.Recentley I wore the most gorgeous slides with a wooden bottom that was about four inches high to go to a party and my feet started hurting so much after a few hours that I took them off and walked to my car barefeet!
When I got home my feet were numb and I had a pain down my leg that lasted all week.

Another alternative to flip flops are slides, I also live in a warm weather climate and I love my flip flops (though I read recently that they are bad for your feet), but I have lots of slides as well.I have a few thong sandals with a heel that are really comfortable and they all have just a thin strip between the toes.
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The Vacation Diairies
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The only flip flops I wear (I only call them that for ease) are actually slides. I cannot tolerate anything between my toes and I'm certainly not willing to build up calluses to do so.

I do have one pair, I wear them only when I get pedicures to walk back to the car and into my house.

The slides are a lot harder to find and I sure love the look of thong sandals, but not enough to sacrifice my foot comfort.
Ann Arbor, MI
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I buy some liquid bandage stuff (available at any drug store) and use a little. It really, REALLY helps. I am one of those women who think a little pain for the sake of fashion is A-OK, but if I can avoid it I do.
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Originally posted by Nliedel
I buy some liquid bandage stuff (available at any drug store) and use a little. It really, REALLY helps. I am one of those women who think a little pain for the sake of fashion is A-OK, but if I can avoid it I do.
THANKS!! That is a GREAT tip!! THANKS A BUNCH!!! I'm off to the Rx store!!
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I've found a product line called "foot petals". They come in all assortment of sizes and applications. They are specifically made for tender areas, new shoes, and such. A general search should locate many sources. I find them at

Hope they make a style that helps