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OK this is kind of funny but actually is somewhat of a serious question. DW and I just returned from our first cruise (Carnival Pride, E. Caribbean, 7 day) and it was a blast! We were with another couple and without the cares of work, kids, etc. for a week and it was a really nice break.
It's been almost two weeks since we returned and we seem to be in a bit of a funk. I'm not talking full-fledged depression or anything, but as she puts it, we're "having a hard time letting go of the cruise."
Anyone else experience anything like this? Please don't tell me the only cure is another cruise, 'cause even though we're planning on it at some point, we've got to pay for this one first.
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Well, we haven't cruised a lot, but it seems like it's a tremendously relaxing, carefree vacation. You CAN make it into more, but if you don't want to, you're still very well taken care of, well fed, the scenery is terrific and ever-changing, you don't have to unpack a bunch of times, etc., etc. So compared to other vacations, a cruise can be the ultimate "no-brainer," which is something many of us need with our busy lives...and in turn, it's kind of tough to leave that behind until next time.

In other words, you're not going to like my answer either!
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Your emotions are typical. I've cried at the end of a cruise before.

We look at our photos a lot. We talk about the vacation. We start planning the next one. All those things seem to help.

Glad you had a great experience!
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It is so hard to "let go of the cruise'. I felt the very same way after our last two cruise's and I'm sure I'll feel that way after we get home from our upcoming cruise in September.

It takes me a long time to save for a once a year cruise and I think because we plan for so long and look forward to it for usually over a half a year, it's just a downer when it's all over.

Lets be thankful though that we are afforded the oppertunity to cruise in the first place. So many people are less fortunate.

And just planning another one ASAP!
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Robin & Mike

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Yes, I have a much harder time coming off of a cruise vacation as opposed to a land vacation. I am also in a funk for quite some time afterward. Cruises are just so easy & relaxing. All those wonderful crew members take great care of you. In all honesty, what helps me most is researching & planning another cruise!! Sorry, I know it's not the answer you were looking for.
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Been there - felt like that on many an occasion. There is only one known cure: IMMEDIATELY start planning your next cruise.

Seriously - the "planning" part can be almost as much fun as actually going. The adeneline starts kicking in; the excitement comes back, the 'plan' comes together - and ---you can spend a whole bunch of time here on CC talking to everyone about it!
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OK although I said I wouldn't like your answers, it probably gives me reason to start looking at future cruises. So thanks! I'm sure you're all paid Carnival reps. haha, kidding
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Another cruise is the only cure. We weren't going to go until Sept 2011, but we couldn't wait that long,and we are going in Jan. 2011 also.
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How about writing a review of your cruise? Give you a chance to jot down your thoughts and share with the rest of us all the things you love about cruising and your particular experience on your cruise?

Maybe it'll be therapeutic?

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i been in that funk since we last cruised in January and waiting for my December and February cruises coming up....i find the cure is just start planning for another...even if you cant book for awhile just plan--this cruising is so addicting i havent even done these next to cruises and i am looking for next December--16 months away!!
we can really ideally cruise starting mid november til first of february so just a few months to choose from.
sorry but my answer to is book another...or least plan...but i think the FUNK THING is Normal
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I cannot stop talking about the wonderful experience. After I wrote my cruise critic bit, I was ready for folks to ask: "So, how was the cruise?" Invariably, however, by the time I was into my third sentence, the eyes would glaze over. After a couple weeks I was able to respond: "Dandy."
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OH NO! am I going to experience this after our first cruise in sept? On our Honeymoon in Spain we felt like this! In fact to this day NOTHING has come close to that! To this day we talk about how we miss it there adn the fact we made so many friends over there in less then 10 days! It was somthing! Disney didnt even compare so if the cruise does that will be 2 things we will miss that bad!
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Originally posted by PrincessE
Your emotions are typical. I've cried at the end of a cruise before.

We look at our photos a lot. We talk about the vacation. We start planning the next one. All those things seem to help.

Glad you had a great experience!
I have cried as well. I don't think it matters if it is a cruise or a land trip, if it was a good one , and it is over , it is sad!
Maryland's Eastern Shore
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We returned from the Pride on June 27 and I am still in a funk.
I have devoured these boards reading other reviews of all ships and cruising vicariously with the reviewers. It helps a little.
I am planning our next cruise but that won't be until fall of 2011 or winter 2012. This helps a little more.
When I can book my next cruise that will help the most.
Good luck with your recovery. It is definitely a slow process.
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I, too, cried at the end of our Alaskan cruise, so now we're going back again. I had wanted to do it for so long (years) that when it came and went, I was floored by "What do I do now?" Since you don't want to go until you can afford it, start researching all the different itineraries. Read what people say about various ports and decide where you'd like to go next time. Make a bucket list. And do what I'm doing now - hang out on these boards dreaming about someday.
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We are already booked for next summer. We pay the deposit and then start looking at ports (even though we've been to all of them before), we book the hotel (yes...a year away), we stay on cruise critic constantly looking at information about the ship (even though we sailed it before). We are ready for our 9th cruise and it's still such a bummer when we return. We get the photos printed and re-live every single moment. We put the Christmas ornaments up bought at each port (which we buy for each family and give them at Thanksgiving holiday. We commiserate together about how sad we are that the cruise is over. THEN WE START PLANNING THE NEXT CRUISE. Sorry but it's the only cure. Therapy doesn't help, medication doesn't help, mixing up drinks served on the cruise in the souvenior glasses doesn't help....Book a cruise and pay the deposit...and I don't work for Carnival. We now only sail RCCL.
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Yes, it is a pretty common condition. We came after this year's January cruise...looked at the calendar, realized that the next cruise was some 12 months off and immediately phoned our TA and booked 2 more cruises to fill the time. I think the condition is caused by the sudden reduction in calories.
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