Carla C who remembers her !!

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What Ever Happened To........???
A place to discuss the glorious past of cruising...the ships, the people, the cruise lines, the ports that bring back those wonderful memories.
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Joined May 2002
C-C SEE CARLA C !!! We cruised on her back in july 1982 out of San Juan . We had so much fun on the Carla C her name latter became Carla Costa . Have you cruised on her >
Mr Veendam
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San Antonio, TX
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The Carla Costa was our first cruise in 1990, and we've been hooked on cruising ever since. My husband still wants to go back on Costa, but the itineraries just haven't fit our schedule. FYI, I found out she burned up in dry dock several years ago. What a shame! We loved that cruise! Teri
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Yes she was old . but a great ship with alot of Art Deco on her . When you cruised on her in 1990 were they still sining the Carls song !!
Mr Veendam
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San Antonio, TX
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Joined Jun 2000
Yes, we all learned the Carla Costa song and sang it several times a day! Our waiter was Dario from Genoa and took great care of us. The ship was old, but if she were still in service my husband would book her without hesitation. Teri
Horseheads N.Y. USA
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While not mentioned on this thread- Carla C originally French Line Flandre. Sailed on her Dec (Xmas cruise) from San Juan Dec 1970. The day we returned to San Juan her sister ship the French Line Antilles was docked 2 piers away. Within a month Antilles burned and sank off Grenada. You can still dive on her wreck.
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How can I forget her? First saw her in 1974, when I was on QE2 with my family. I was 11 at the time. I opened the curtain in the morning and was staring at my own name.

Carla C.
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Boca Raton, Florida
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I took her in August of was my 4th cruise, but first out of San Juan. I loved the cruise, not only because of the great ship, but the fun Italian flare, the song (c-c-c-cc-carla-c-ccc-la-la-la-la-la-la...later to be repeated on the Costa Riviera as, etc), and another new itinerary (I had previously done the west Caribbean, Bahamas, and Bermuda - this time I got to see the southern islands, and the next cruise on the Holiday was East route).

Here was a pic I snapped of her in Curacao at her docking location under the bridge:

Great, classically lined ship!
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Boca Raton, Florida
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Joined Sep 2004
Here's a couple more photos from Carla C:

Her bow sails into Curacao:

How often do you get to stroll up on the bridge nowadays? This bridge is seriously Old School!:

Did you save your original photo from boarding? I did...I'm the young squirt with the parental units...boarding in San Juan:

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Hotlanta, GA
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My parent cruised on the old Carla C back in the mid 70's. left then from San Juan and stopped at 6 or 7 different island. they have lots of pictures.

They went with us this year on the CCL Victory. What a difference. 3-4 times the tonage.

They don't make em like they use too.
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San Francisco, CA
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Definitely sailed on the Carla C twice during the 80's. At the time used to live in San Juan so I used to see her docked every Saturday on Pier #3.

Remember walking barefoot around the pool area and then looking at your feet? They would be black from the soot from the bunker oil! And they only used to get water from San Juan and had no water generating capacity, so as the week kept going, they will tell people to save water and you could see on the outside the draft getting shallower and shallower....

Thanks for the memories!

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Amazing how we differ in opinions: We never cruised the Carla but did cruise the Costa Riv in about 1986. It was a fun ship but a big disappointment after the Caribe. I think the most fun thing about Costa cruises is the Toga party the last night. What a blast!!! NMNita
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My first of many, many cruises. The first time I heard/saw the Duck song.
It was in the 70's and I had one of the few single cabins, way in the bow, a little rough and I kept forgetting to step over the door jamb.

But it hooked me on cruising. It was over 25 yrs later I did the Atlantica. Boy what a difference.

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Ithaca, NY
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Carla C was my first cruise back in 1989. Went with my mom between semesters of college. I can still remember trying to figure out how to convince my mom to wear a toga the last night. I still can't believe she did it. I remember thinking how great it was to have the pizza and gelato around the clock. If I remember correctly, the itinerary was:

Day 1 - depart San Juan
Day 2 - at sea
Day 3 - Curacao
Day 4 - Greneda
Day 5 - Martinique
Day 6 - at sea
Day 7 - St. Thomas

I even remember flying Eastern airlines from NY to San Juan.
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We sailed on the Carla C 8 times during the late 70's thru late 80's. Does anyone remember Captain Nardini? He was a super guy. Also, Raphial Gualpo the Chief Purser. Does anyone have any idea where these gentlemen are today? Also, I want to find out the final disposition of the Carla C. I have heard many different stories of her fate, anyone really know? Thanks.

Don B.
Jersey Shore
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We were booked on the Carla C in 1974, but she was taken out of service just before our cruise to go into drydock. Costa substituted the much smaller Italia (less than 12,000 tons). We were so disappointed when we were told of this, but had a fabulous time on the little Italia.
I finally got to cruise on the Carla C much later on in the Greek Islands. Epirotiki had bought her and renamed her the Stella Athena. She was old and tired looking, and it was probably the worst of all my cruises.
She sank shortly thereafter somewhere in the Greek Islands, and I remember saying, that it wasn't a moment too soon.
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The Carla C was my parents first cruise back in 1973. Mom got sick and spent 4 days in the ship's infirmary and still remembers it fondly as her favorite cruise!
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The Carla C was my FIRST cruise back in October 1983. I sailed with SEVEN Friends ---we had INSIDE cabins (boy ---were those bathrooms small!) but thought we had the penthouses! Didn't know any different !!!!!!!!!!!!
Couldn't use our hair dryers cause we kept blowing fuses!

Still remember the dining room and that GREAT Italian food---.

In fact, due to the U.S. invasion of Grenada we missed that port.

Well that cruise started it all----Have been hooked ever since---19 cruises later and still counting!


Going to pull out the pictures now and take another look !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Farmington Hills, Mi,
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We sailed the Carla C as our first cruise. Got an inside room way up on an upper deck. It was pretty spacious considering that one of our table mates got bunk beds in the belly of the ship. They kept complaining about diesel fuel smells. We must have been over the compressor or something because our whole room vibrated. Getting into those "Twin" beds at night(they were permanently attached) was like having "Magic Finger Vibrators" in our beds, except we didn't have to put any quarters in. Took me three months to stop the boat motions in my head when I got back.

We had the best waiter! The bread and pasta were to die for. Visited our first topless beach in Guadelupe---the guys went crazy snapping pictures---only to find out after the cruise that topless women look just like guys from a distance with a regular camera lense!

All in all, we had a great time and met some wonderful folks.
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My husband and I cruised on the Carla Costa in the early 90's. We were part of a 50th anniversary cruise group . I was fascinated by all the beautiful wood and art deco interiors. The outside cabin we had wasn't as large as some I had cruised in but I loved every minute of the cruise.

>>Couldn't use our hair dryers cause we kept blowing fuses!<<<
That brings back memories. I couldn't dry my hair or use my electric rollers in the cabin. There was a room designated for that purpose and though, I groused about it at first. I looked forward to going down to the mirrored room each day and talking with all the ladies that I met on the cruise. We discussed our children, clothes, shore excursions, favorite wines and the hunkiest crew members. Our husbands, boyfriends, significant others never knew why we would come back to our cabins giggling. My husband accused me of making a stop by the bar!!