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  1. Not always true. We booked PE seats through Celebrity cruise air using Cathay Pacific rt ORD to Hong Kong. Subsuquently CP dropped our fares by $800 but when we contacted X they said they could only reduce our fare by $380 due to their contract. Thus we lost $420 using X cruise air.
  2. Since they eliminated the happy hour in the Sky Lounge in favor of drinks elsewhere, X saves on eliminating the hors d'oeuvres. Every little bit counts for Lisa.Do Elite & above still get one category upgrades?
  3. We've been to Istanbul multiple times and agree that it is one of the most interesting cities in the world.We agree with cruisemom42 that it is possible to see all of those places one day but it will be tight.. DW loved the grand bazaar especially if you are a shopper. One thing not mentioned is that you have to have Turkish coins to get onto the tram. I recall that there was a coffee ship across the street from the port exit that we obtained some change needed to purchase tokens in the machine on the tram stop platform. Enjoy !
  4. Thanks for your Interesting review. We were on the Azamara Quest & did the same cruise itinerary as you at the same time late October into mid November, 2019. We separately added Cambodia including Angor Was at the end of our cruise. We choose to stay at Halong bay and arranged a private cruise on the bay with a few interesting stops including a arched entrance into an area full of monkeys. In any event , we did a private tour on Ho Chi Minh city and visited the war museum there. It contained a lot of US planes , tanks and other armaments. Some of the pictures inside were quite revealing.
  5. Caution; last time we booked international air with Celebrity, the airline subsequently dropped their price by $800. X only gave us a $380 reduction so we overpaid by $420 using X air.
  6. Depending on the cost- benefit analysis, we would recommend travel insurance from an independent insurance company (not the cruise line that could go bankrupt). What I mean is the cost of your trip is not too expensive, you have no air or just using miles and depending on health & age, I would buy a policy. Yes, we did file and recover for an illness in Israel.
  7. If the rules were "very clear", why has X made many exceptions to them? See many posts on this topic on CC.
  8. I agree if the cruise lines did not permit some exceptions, but once the door opens, make it fair to all. I'm so glad you got what you wanted but from your comment apparently you don't care about other cruisers.
  9. We cancelled our 9/20 med cruise since we expected it to be cancelled & ports were closed & rebooked the same cruise, ship & itinerary for 9/21. Our same cabin (S1) was almost double the price so we booked a lower grade. Two days after we did the transaction X came out with the L & S program. They refused to permit us to qualify for the program. We took the issue to higher ups and they also refused saying no exceptions!..It's left us with a bad taste, especially since they have made exceptions on other issues including non identical itineraries, dates and ships.
  10. I just received an email from Azamara that all cruises have been suspended until Quest sailing 3/20/21 in Europe., Journey 4/9/21 & Pursuit 5/9/21. For cruise before 4/30/21 that are being cancelled you can get 100% refund, 125% fcc or lift & shift.
  11. We also have ben to Ephesus twice, once from Kusadasi and once from Izmir. Both were not too far from the ship. We stopped once at Marys house, a nice visit if you are a believer. We also were forced once to stop at a rug factory (of course where the tour guide got a kickback).Try to avoid it if possible as it was a waste of time. We do recommend seeing the terrace houses as the mosaics were excellent. and it was not strenuous. It was interesting that the temple at Ephesus was of the same design as the Treasury at Petra in Jordan. Enjoy.
  12. I believe that the premium beverage package is included with all suites currently. It may depend upon the package & promotion at the time of your reservation.
  13. The article indicates HAL and Princess ships were included
  14. The internet reports that Carnival's 3rd quarter earnings report recently issued, discloses they are planning to sell 18 ships .
  15. I just heard on television news that Carnival Cruise Lines sold 18 ships (besides it's prior sale of older ships)from their various cruise lines and is looking to sell more. Looking to find more information. Can RCCL be far behind?
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