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  1. Why would anyone from the US want to eat at the International restaurant chains mentioned when they can eat at them at home (for us Chicago or Naples)?. When in Singapore we want to eat great local food. For us, travel is an adventure & we want to experience the local flavor.
  2. You can buy tickets in the train station. It doesn't sound right about leaving early in the morning unless they are talking about the next day. Trips from W to Berlin are popular at this port and it takes 3 hours each way. Thus, most ships leave late at night to accommodate this tour.
  3. The President of France said today that Notre Dame will be rebuilt within 5 years. The pledges from private sources has already exceeded $650,000,000.
  4. The Jones Act is more than 100 years old and was passed to protect the US Merchant Marine industry. It applies to foreign documented vessels & does not permit them to dock in 2 consecutive US ports. I don't believe there are any exceptions unless medical emergency of a pax or crew is permitted.
  5. We stopped in Warmunde last July on Celebrity Eclipse. The train station is adjacent to the port and is easy to catch a train to Rostock. You can change trains there but I can't tell you the schedule or trains to Lubeck.
  6. We did a 2 day independent tour with Alla with 16 pax max. They were great.
  7. We did the 2 day deluxe tour with Alla last summer & also did not need rubles. we paid for the tour at the end of day 1 with credit card. In addition, if your cruise also stops in Tallin, souvenirs were plentiful and far less costly than in SPG.
  8. Cruising in the west coast of Norway in March is not a peak season & Viking was the only major cruise line in these waters at this time of the year. If you wanted to see the northern lights it may have been safer to do a land trip.
  9. Agree that taking cruises out of season adds an element of risk that should be considered when considering it. Saving money is not always the best approach. In all events, I'm glad all were saved and mostly well.
  10. We have been on many Celebrity cruises (MOST RECeNTLY ON THE ECLIPSE LAST SUMMER) and we had no problem with our beverage package. BEST BEVERAGE SERVICE AND AVAILABILITY WAS on the Regent Voyager, but a a price quite higher than A or X.
  11. Does A also add 18% tip to the daily drink packages?
  12. Some of us appreciate having breakfast or late afternoon cocktail on the balcony as well as seeing daylight when we wake up. we all have relative values. In addition, some itineraries have many days at sea. Looking out at the sea is wonderful.
  13. We were in Copenhagen last summer and used the red bus. It was the worst hoho bus tour we've ever took and would not recommend it (we've done alot of hoho tours that were just fine).. The agents running it did not know what they were doing. They made us get on a bus for the tour, then told us to get off as it was only going to be a shuttle to the meeting place. then after exiting, they told us to get back on the same bus for the tour but it was so crowded, no seats were available, etc. Their credit card machines didn't work. I wrote a review on Trip Advisor. Good luck, but you've been warned.
  14. Warnemunde is easy if you're going to stay reasonably local. We took the train , which is adjacent to the harbor and went to Rostock & walked around. I don't recall but there is a site about the area or state (Meckleburg) that you will be docking in and has do it yourself instructions. The other place that is easy to do on your own is Tallin. The entrance to the old town is about a 10 minute walk from the port or even shorter using the shuttle. The old town is charming and the best port to do your shopping. Amsterdam is also easy to walk around or use the public trams. It is about a 15-20 minute walk from the port to the center of town by the central train station where you can catch trams or sightseeing boats.
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