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  1. We did the 2 day deluxe tour with Alla last year while on the Eclipse. They were terrific. We paid at the end of day one. We had a 16 pass van which was comfortable. Guide was excellent and easy to understand. Group visa was included and we obtained it on the website. Only on the first day the Celebrity tour groups were permitted to exit first. The X groups were in groups exceeding 40 per bus.
  2. In looking at the upgrade chart, it appears that you can only bid on the next grade up, not 2 grades up. Thus, an OV can only bid on a veranda, not a suite.
  3. You have a choice, book a guarantee and save money or book a cabin that you like and pay more. Frankly, I think it would be fair to give the pax who booked the higher fare priority in the bidding process. Why should last minute bookers at bargain rates or persons who booked a guarantee get an additional financial advantage over other pax who paid much earlier at higher fares.
  4. dabear

    Azamara vs Oceania

    We've cruise on both O and A on their R class ships , albeit a few years ago. We found both experiences quite comparable, with DW liking the food better on O and I thought both were equal. Recently, I've found O's prices to be higher than A, especially if you choose O Life. We generally book private tours rather than the ship's ones as we don't like large bus groups (often with one or 2 inconsiderate couples who delay the tour). We've found that A's itineraries generally are more interesting to us. Neither have great entertainment, but A's staff is more friendly.
  5. IMHO NCL & RCCL are comparable. We've moved on to Celebrity or on small ships. Take the ship with the best itinerary for you & don't give nonrefundable deposits (unless you buy trip insurance cancellable for any reason $$). While I don't like loosing money, I have forfeited some deposits when I found a better choice.
  6. If you appeciate natural beauty, you will find Bora Bora and Morea two of the beautiful islands anywhere. Green mountains rising from deep blue water. Lagoons with barrier reefs surround the islands so that the waters near the shoreline are calm. Enjoy
  7. first, you probably should call choice air to answer all of your questions. Second, my understanding is that you can refund up to the final payment date but with the refund fee. Afterwords, I don't think you can get a refund. Once you pay for the air, you can get your seats. I was able to upgrade directly with the airline.
  8. You can always go to the main dining room, even if you are in Aqua class.
  9. Being a slow eater, It's always annoying to me when the wait staff starts to pick up the other pax plates while I'm still eating & sometimes I have to hold onto mine!. BTW, this comment is not limited to cruise staff.
  10. Both Tallin and Warnemunde are easy ports to do on your own. In Tallin you could walk from the port, take the shuttle or taxi to the old town, walk around (good shopping) & return. In Warnemunde, you could take the train, which is adjacent to the port, to Rostock,Swerajen (sp)etc.
  11. I would suggest using a taxi. A hoho bus or public transportation wastes too much time. I also agree to consider the Vasa museum. It was very interesting.
  12. no or I recall that it said the luggage tags were still processing & to come back later. Under the old procedures including that with Celebrity, we always could get luggage tags at the dock where you leave your bags.
  13. I received an email from A today indicating that I can check in. I follow the email & had no problem with the check-in process and received our boarding passes. No pictures given nor luggage tags option available.
  14. Sorry. LAX as I recall has 8 separate terminal buildings built around a horseshoe road. IF his connection is on the same airline within the same terminal, he should be ok. Otherwise, it can be difficult + there still may be some construction going on.
  15. My first cruise was new years 1969 on the Costa Carla C with my first wife. It didn't save that marriage!
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