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  1. A asure you THAT is not a CULTRUAL THING! LOL!
  2. Oh well- there would not have been much to see anyway after all those years....!
  3. It is not just the cruise lines that are in dire straits- some more some less so. I think of all those supplieres- food, drinks, etc.etc. ! Over a year since their deliveries stopped. So many jobs in jeopardy. I can´t wait to get my vaccine- but since Germany bungled big time in ordering enough vaccine - that my take a while longer. I am still to young and to healthy. Thank god! LOL.
  4. Thanks Splice the mainbrace! Wonderful pictures- very interessting to compare!
  5. I, too have a September 12 sailing on. I still have hope that the Transatlantic is go! We will see. This is already done with my downpayment from the canceled April´20 sailing.
  6. Thats just the point, we don´t have much else to discus, other then WHEN , HOW can cruises reasume. All those poor magic balls need a bit of rest. So I love to look at Solstice´s progress in her ongoing dry dock. Thanks for posting- great job.
  7. Nom du nom du nom..! Where is Mon ami Hasting, when I need him...
  8. According to my own experience on board both Mein Schiff 1 and Mein Schiff 2- both aprox. the size of Solstice Class - I never at any time - peak time or not did i experience any rush, fight or whatsoever at the elevators. Only four people were allowed in the lift´s. There where stripes tapped to floor of the cabin- to show everyone ones place in the elevator. Of course when sailing at full capacity that whould have been a different story. But when the times comes for ships to sail again at full capacity- the Virus is a thing of the past- or at least well in hand - to allow doing so.
  9. I only can speak of my own two mid- pandemic cruises - one in July ( 4 nights) and the other in October ( 7 nights) 2020. Both ships were the size of X´s Solstice Class ships. Both sailed at max. of 50% capacity. In reality it was more like 20 to 30 %. All in keeping with social distancing. Wearing masks was mandatory, when walking around or even up on the open decks- when distancing was no longer a given. Even though both have been very different experiences then cruising was pre pandemic. I loved both cruies to nowhere ( " The Blue Voyages" as they where called) anyway. Of cours
  10. It all depends how the numbers of the new infected will progress- or hopefully come down. If necessary the can extend the Lockdown in July. I also hope for better days to come- I also have a Transatlantic schduled for September!
  11. Exactly- same here- and when I can not make it up the gangway- somebody has to shove my wheelchair. I even managed to cruise in July and October 2020- a totaly new experience- but a relaxing and memorable one nevertheless.
  12. Thank you, tony and Happy Cruiser for the clarification. So the YC it will be- if I go- which not yet decided. At the moment the numbers in Germany ( death rate and new infections) are far to high for traveling anywhere as the Country is going in an even stricter Lockdown come monday.
  13. Thank you Happy Cruiser. My Aurea suite comes with a Whirl Pool- thats why reconsidered switching from Yacht Club to Aurea. Are Aurea Passengers allowed in the Top Sail Lounge- or Restaurant? I doubt it. The reason why I avoided them ( MSC) are the many people and screaming children...!
  14. After two- unexpected, due to the virus - cruises on German ships - TUI ´s MS1 and MS2- I thought about to try MSC - Yacht Club or Aurea. - I found the layout of the Aurea Suite on board Grandiosa very nice. I am not sure I will go- but it is nice to have a few " little plans". March would be my favored month to try. The pictures of the interiour looked quite stunning. Thanks Happy Cruiser 6143- your reports from MSC are helping a great deal. X and Cunard are my favorite Cruise lines- but both will not sail for a while- well at least I do not see a silver lining on the horizon as of yet. Also
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