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  1. Oh my- what that Virus changed. Even my aversion sailing on all German ships. As Miaminice mentioned - I prefer a rather international group. So I find myself trying Mein Schiff 2 for a four nighter out of Hamburg. A cruise to nowhere - they call them " The Blue Journeys"! Aida - is the German version of Carnival- very true- each to his own- some love it. So I look forward to my four nighter in two weeks time. Never did I took a cruise on such short notice.
  2. When and if any cruise starts out of any given country all depends on the new and the activ cases. So far Germany was lucky- and the numbers are going down again- after a slight spark two weeks ago. Maybe that is the reason why cruises out of Germany can restart in late July! TUI, Aida and Hapag are offering short cruises with only seas days at a 61% capacity! The call them " The Blue Cruises"- because it contains only seadays. It was in all the News yesterday!
  3. Cruises out of Hamburg are starting in 10 days- Aida- Tui and Hapag - only short cruises- only sea days- only 60% capacity- a little start- but a start nevertheless!
  4. It was THE big news yesterday. Aida, Tui- Cruises and Hapag Llyoid restart cruising in 10 days. All out and into Hamburg. All just seadays. All shortcruises- up to 5 days. The new regulations I haven´t seen as of yet. It might be small- but it is indeed a beginning. The size of the ship is not relevant as it seems. Hapag has rather small ships, Aida and Tui send their big ships back to sea. I suppose they want to see how it works out. The capacity is limited to 60%- and so they addvertise!
  5. Oh yes I am a big fan of The Crown , too! Agreed- to both statements.
  6. I have sailed Cunard solo for years. Partner is not grazy about dressing up and Transatlantic- so I travel solo, when the call of the Northatlantic comes. LOL. I had a wonderful time - always. I opt for big table - so I had wonderful dinners in the Britannia. Traveling solo I don´t need a suite - beside for a solo traveler they cost and arm and a leg. The single cabins on Deck 3 are my favorites. I sailed in 3002 and loved loved loved it! Best cabin ever- i did not even miss my balcony - always a must on my previous voyages. I never before spent so much time in my cabin- reading my book- have a cup of tea. I am sure you will love it! Oh and I started doing this exactly at your age ( now 51) !
  7. All problems aside- i wish my American friends, from the bottom of my heart a happy and healthy Independence Day! For those who are suffering from the virus itself, for those which are otherwise effeceted of the virus- a speed recovery. I had the pleasure to be in NYC during the festivites of the 4th of July in 2016- never to forget- who would have thought that we find each other in life so changed only four years later!
  8. Interessting read about Costa´s plans. I am sure it will be similar to other lines. Costa I avoid at all costs- tried them once- NEVER EVER!
  9. Masks are still mandatory here- I once forgot to don my mask before entering a bank- the lady behind the counter was rather rude when reminding me to get my mask- otherwise i have to leave the premesiss at once. Who would have thought it- forced to wear a mask in bank... ! LOL! My daily sorce of the newest cases: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ It can give a good hint were cruises may start first...!
  10. No they are not in the least ready to cruise- the world is not enough- äh the world is not ready to reasume crusing. Fa to many hot spots riddled with the virus.
  11. Even as solo traveler - which I am sometimes- i would accept sitting by myself. BUT Cunards guests are in the region between 40 and 95- that could- at leat for Cunard - lead to less passengers.
  12. I totaly agree, Jim- the E- Class has no appeal to me. I am also E+ with X- and I also don´t like the way they went. Still a great cruise line- don´t get me wrong. M- Class is my favorite - S- Class is also great- but on that class i lack the propper prommenade deck- and I also thought about trying Viking. I don´t need the Casino- and I would accept a higher fare when almost all is included in it!
  13. So sorry for you losses - Diamond lover! I wasn´t even aware that Italy did not parttake in the EU´s openings. Must have slipped by me! OH yes- very true- annus horribilis- as the Queen so aptly said in 1992 or was it 1991- anyway- very true for 2020!
  14. Suez QE ´s next destination. Maybe they " called" her back to England... - to meet up with her sisters.
  15. I am usual a very optimistic person. I, too lost two voyages- I have also those two FCC waiting to be used. I am as eager as most of us to go back on board. Before cruising restarts and i am sure that will not happen before it is safe to do so, I am not booking anything neither for 2020 nor 2021. Another cancelation- another FCC... oh no! Surley not!
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