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  1. Why should a toddler not go an cruise- even though said toddler would not remember a single thing of the cruise later on- but thats not the point- the parents want to enjoy a nice cruise- so why not! Of course they all were aware that a toddler has to be supervied 24/7. The poor little girl was well supervised as far as I can figure it out- it was a horrible- tragic- live shattering accident! I am quite quite sure that the poor man is devestated and would jump himself if that could save this sweet little girl! Just looking at those sweet smiling girl in the pictures, could bring tears to ones eyes!
  2. I did the back to back Soto- NY- Soto two years ago- i loved it. They day in NY was very well spent- as I debarked around 7.30 ish just got the ferry to Wall Street and walked around the south tip of Manhattan- including One World Trade Center site! I been to NY many times so I just picked my favorites- and that is the south tip of MHT. I made one mistake though- I love to sit outside the wonderful restaurant in the Wintergarden- or Brookfield Place how it is called nowadays- had my lunch there, enjoying the sight of Liberty Island, New Jersey and so on...! That took to much time- next time i rather grab something on the way! I always like to be back on baord at least an hour before leaving port- to be on the safe side- so my walk back to ferry was quite a brisk one! lol!
  3. I have to agree with OP- modern luxury means in the case of the stuff in bathroom or tea stations around the ship that if you want quality either bring your own ( as we did with tea) or buy your own ( as I did on board Silhouette in April) ! In those earlier days some 22 years back they had nice stuff in both area´s! Even RCCI had nice bathroom stuff! It really was not really a problem since they offer good stuff in their shops- maybe thats the whole point in giving us that crap for a shower gel or shampoo!
  4. I am boarding NS at the 21.of July- my scheduled time is stated to be there at 3.30, too- however we just take a cab from the train station and try to check in.
  5. That may be Andrew- but later- after law suit- very possible you could buy one X´s ships! Ah- isn´t it great to talk such nonsense from time to time! ?
  6. Hi- wonderful post Andrew- how about a nice, nasty lawsuit? For those " drifters"- remember on board the gold old Titanic- women and children first- or is it " last" these days... ! It´s the captains that come first in our days!
  7. Thank you for taking the effort to clear the matter of the location! I am sure it was nothing but a terrible, horrible,live changeing accident! Granpa did not see that windwow was indeed open. That poor poor man- but suing RCI- again- not a very good idea! As hard and tragic it is- there is no way to shift the blame!
  8. I just that is reported in our german papers too...! So this tragedy madeit into the international press.
  9. Very tragic, indeed- but suing RCI- is that a proven fact? Unbeliebable- the responsibility it clearly in the direction of the family, who has to supervise a little one at all times! If any court sides with tragedly berieved parents/ grandparents there is something vey wrong with system of justice. What has it to do wether or not it happend in a smoking area?
  10. Couldn´t tell Blazerboy in the orignal topic- so I had to do it that way- since there is no way to send personal notes. So if anyone wants to say hi Andy- pleaso do so.. LOL!
  11. Hi Andrew- you were right- right up to the point! I hope you have a wonderful year cruising the world! Partner and I are trying the Nieuw Statendam in ten days- can´t wait to board! all the best - Michael
  12. You are both right- the customers of HAL ( or Cunard for that matter ) are in the age between 50 and 107. Some are not around for very much longer- not to offence anybody- but that is the circle of life! QM2 does not have one of the biggest morgue´s at sea for nothing! With all the due respect for our elders- when i watched some very, very experienced cruises I often thought thy look like they are on their last legs...! They need to fill their ships anyway- maybe with the now younger group, who without dout become customers who appreicate a calm, relaxed cruise experience and who do not need to be constantly entertained! At the moment it must be the baby boomers, who come " of age"! But beware- the customers grow older- grow more experienced- the children grow up- so they look for the afore mentioned cruise experience- and they will be happy if HAL or Cunard is still around to cater to the need of more " old fashinoned cruises"! So I suppose there will always customers for both HAL and Cunard!
  13. I hope this thread get´s closed soon.
  14. MeandtheSea- I agree comletely - I also love the QM2- that ship still deserves the name ocean liner! At evey twist and turn one is connected with the sea..! Perfect! I am trying the new Nieuw Statendam in two weeks- can´t wait to see the changes- but i know before hand- i certainly will miss the prommendade deck..! The little walkway around the NS is a sorry excuse for a prommenade deck. Big misstake of HAL - IMO.
  15. Who knows? I hope they don´t - K-Dam and NSTDM are the limit for mit - speaking of size! HAL has different clientel as RCI or Carnival with the big baby´s! To much is indoors- to less connection to the sea, mostly no propper prommenade deck- as it happens to be with KDM and NSTDM- same as with the Solstice Class of X. Their Egde is not the ship for me!
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