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  1. Thanks for this great review- and all the time it took you to write at such length and detail. Just ignore those who tell that crap about the Title and the review itself. It´s was wonderfully written- well balanced and reflected how enjoyed your Edge experience- without leaving out the negativs. One can still have a " Wouw- experience and tell about the things that were not so " Wouw! Again - thanks- very much appreicated!
  2. Germancruiser

    EDGE REVIEWS POSTED...not very positive!

    I suppose one has to see for oneself- then and then only one can make a fair statement! I was a very very loyal X- cruiser- due to all these changes in their product- which some love- some not - I stopped sailing them about 5 years ago- of course a new ship makes one curious- and i watched the process closely. I even was about to book the NYE cruise - but after looking at those ridiculous prices --- well, I wait and see for the time beeing! Good thing there are cruise lines for everyones tastes. X was classy and traditionell - but that started to vanish with the intro of the S- Class. Loud music almost everywhere- they seemed to drift in the Party boat direction. And so again I read about loud music on board Edge. Well the majority may love that- I certainly don´t!
  3. Oh my- one could make a book out of my posts about the loud music over the years. So I hear this is happending again on the Edge. As long as their ( X´s) ships are sailing full- the could not be bothered less, I suppose!
  4. Hi Mr. Bill- I cross fingers, that you have wonderful experience! The product of X was always regarded better than MSC- I can´t tell since I never sailed with MSC. The Seaside looked stunning from the pictures- and there was kind of a prommenade deck- sadly since the Millenium Class X has done away with a propper prommenade deck! S- class of X are great ships- but I still prefer my all time favorites - the Millenium Class of ships! Since the decline in the overall product of X , i switched to Cunard- and loved every voyage with them. I consider myself as more " old fashioned" cruiser- i love tradition and the Ocean Liner feeling. On Cunard ships you are kind of connected with the sea at every twist and turn. I will sure try the Edge- sometime- the next X cruise will be my first as Elite Plus- so the perks are not to bad, but for the time beeing i wait and see.
  5. Oh my , those reviews are really like a slap with a cold towel- never experienced that with a brand new ship. With their prices sky high they should get their bearings- and quick at that! I planed to sail the NYE cruise- but thought to wait unitl the first hype is over! Those reviews are written by experienced cruisers- so not from " bottle half empthy " people. Would I cancel a booked cruise because of those bad first reviews- no I would not- always good to see for oneself- but with their prices- better to wait a bit! What surprised me most are the bad reviews fo those infinite balconys - they looked to great in the pictures.
  6. Germancruiser

    Edge in Port Everglades

    The Solstice Decks on board the S- Class ships can just be reached by a lot of stairs. There is no elevator going up there- so I would quess not all would be willing ( and sometimes even able) to climb all those stairs! So I would thing they leave that area well alone!
  7. Germancruiser

    Edge in Port Everglades

    Thank god I am not the only one who dislikes that ugly bow. Well, what bow- there is not much of bow there. The carpet thing- - an eyecatching gadget- some may like it, some not. Eden- to many styl mixes. The prices- just ridicoulus. Again no prommenade deck. The Infity cabins look stunning. Most of the interiour as well. This extrem short bow ruins the overall exteriour experience! It might take a looong looong time before I set foot on board- not with those prices!
  8. Germancruiser

    Edge Overpriced???

    Oh I did not make myself quite clear- i did not mean the ( almost ) straight bow- I ment the extrem shortness of the bow- of course it is much more important how the ship looks inside- but as a ship buff I can´t help to look at ships from the outer appeariance as well. I rather like the " Titanic" like bow- just no soooo short! Edge´s ass may have a rather unbalanced look- but its interessting anway!
  9. Germancruiser

    Edge Overpriced???

    I agree with the bow- totaly unbalanced look. The ships interiour as such looks stunning- but that ugly bow.... - those designers must have forgotten to take their pills as the doctors prescribed them..!
  10. Germancruiser

    Edge Overpriced???

    Of course they overprized the first voyages of Edge- who wouldn´t have done so - if the customers pay. X has to get the harvest in as long as the weather is nice, so to speak! Let the first hype die down and they will make the prices a bit mor reasonable! Sometimes it is not about " can I afford it - or WANT I afford it! Happy Cruiser- I almost fainted too, almost - I cought myself in time- one makes such an unpleasant sight laying there mouth wide open....and not always is a nice person at hand with the smelling salts.
  11. Germancruiser

    I would like the new ship to have....

    Interessting post indeed. I agree- on the Mary in the MDR - Deck 3 there is vibration - i must admit i love that slight rattling of the glases, when walking through - same in front of the elevators or in the Gangway connecting MDR and Theater. We even had force 10 winds on a crossing - Mary took in stride- there was a slight rocking and rolling- but nothing severe! I remember the Millenium Class of ships very well- i sailed all of them respectivley - they were in fact my favorite ships for years- not only because of their wonderful Speciality Restaurants- all ship related- but for the nice decor and classy interiour! They even had deck chairs on their prommenade deck- at least in their debut years. Now they have get rid of them- to much work to stow them every evening i supose! Also they had tons of problems with the propulusion system - i had two cruises shortened because of the failure of those! They even got millions of dollars of settlement from Rolls Royce!
  12. Germancruiser

    I would like the new ship to have....

    Always almost a wonder how the do these changes in a matter of hours. When i did my back to back last year I wished they would have stayed two days in New York and then " turned around"! That would be the idea- but a day in port is costly so I fear we wont see that happen anytime soon. I envy you your early crossing in the late 70´s kohl - even with the shortend crossing! LOL! I also missed the express - or boat train from waterloo- so convenient! In my early " crusing days" QE2 was the ultimate- the most famous ship. They offered one flight with over with the Concord and back with the QE2- so to have both- the crossing of the olden days and the modern Concord experience!
  13. Germancruiser

    A dilemma (albeit it a nice dilemma to have) !

    The 12 night- of course- those short cruises are more like " pary cruises"! Anyway much nicer to enjoy a longer stay on board the Mary!
  14. Germancruiser

    I would like the new ship to have....

    Oh my- I almost forgot about Olympic Cruises- you are right- wrong decision. During these delays on his crossing Mark informed us- I was wondering why the did not put up speed- to get to New York on time. Even though I also would have loved to sail into New York in broad daylight! I am sure i upsetted many a travel plan at this particular day!
  15. Germancruiser

    I would like the new ship to have....

    Oh yes- the old liners of 1936- and 1940 were a huge money maker in the 50´s and maybe early 60´s after that they brought their owners to brink of ruin- thats why one endet up in Long Beach and the other burned out in Hongkong- besides they were dated and worn out- technical! Who would wants those liners back? Who really wants speedy crossings- if i want speed i fly over the Atlanic. The whole purpose of the Transatlantic crossings in our days is time- takeing time- enjoying time...! I might have been a waste of money while building the ship- but as was said- QM2 was built from scratch not from an existing Hull. Micky Arrison was on board my last crossing - back to back- when asked what he would like to be different on board the QM2- the answer was- he would love to have her to have more cabins...! The obvious answer from the chairman of Canrival and son of the founder!