Official Carnival Room Service Menu Thread

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Poll: What's your favorite Carnival Room Service Sandwich?
Poll Results
What's your favorite Carnival Room Service Sandwich?


Ham and Cheese

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Roast Beef and Brie on Fresh Baguette

Creamy Tuna Salad on Toasted English Muffin

Open Faced Shrimp Salad Sandwich on French Roll

Cheddar Cheese, Refried Beans and Lettuce in a Whole Wheat Wrap

Shredded Chicken Fajita, Crisp Greens and Guacamole in a Jalapeno and Tomato Wrap

Focaccia Sandwich with Grilled Zucchini, Fresh Mozzarella and Portabello with Basil Aioli

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Tampa, Florida
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Love love the roast beef on brie. However, I'm not the big mustard type, so I always ask for mustard and mayonnaise packets on the side. Not a problem--always comes the way I like it, along with potato chips. If I have late seating dinner, it's a wonderful afternoon snack before a taking little nap.
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Central Coast of California
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Liked the Roast beef & Brie, but will request no mustard on next trip. I wish you could order hot food (burgers etc..) But that is ok. My all time favorite is the toasted bagles with cream cheese and smoked salmon for breakfast. We ordered this with coffee and danish frequently. Only tried the dining room for breakfast once, the eggs benedict was GROSS! And I love eggs benedict. Next time it will be room service for breakfast everyday!
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Grove City, Ohio
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i forgot to let you guys know (who don't know) that sandwiches do not come "plain" - my roast beef had a mayo on it (i don't do mayo at alll) - so if you are like me, order them without sauce

and, tips are absolutely expected (counts as income for my ship peeps), i carried on an envelope of 40 one dollar bills, each order we gave $2-3, depending on size of order (there are five of us, but we did not pig out with room service, just at buffet)
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Anderson, Indiana
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Joined Oct 2003
I still love the brownies.....of course also am a fan of the tomato juice in AM
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Carnival Menu Room Service Continental Breakfast

Citrus Segments, Fresh Melon, Banana, Smoked Salmon

Raisin Bran, Cruncheroos, Rice Crispies, All Bran, Corn Flakes, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Cocoa Crispies, Mini-Wheats, Low Fat Granola, Special K

Breakfast Breads
Danish, Toast White, Toast Wheat, Muffin, Croissant, Bagel

Strawberry, Raspberry, Plain, Peach

Hot and Cold Beverages
Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Tomato Juice, Apple Juice
Freshly Brewed Coffee, Freshly Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea Regular, Hot Tea Decaffeinated
Milk, Skim Milk, Chocolate Milk

Half & Half, Lemon, Margarine, Butter, Cream Cheese, Honey, Grape Jelly, Diet Jelly, Orange Marmalade, Strawberry Jelly, Guava Jelly

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Princess Chaos!
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I was wondering if they had smoked salmon on the menu with the bagles. It's on the breakfast menu. Can you get the breakfast items anytime or just during breakfast hours?
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The EMPIRE State
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Originally posted by Hopebw
I thought I read on here somewhere that you could order anything on the dinner menu (during dinner hours) for room service. Is that true or false info?
False, for Carnival.
Charles Town, WV
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Joined Apr 2006
I am looking forward to getting room service on our next cruise. When we went on a cruise for our honeymoon ten years ago, we wanted to order room service several times, usually after our naps, and from what I can remember we didn't do it because for some reason we never had any cash on us. I can't remember if we just had travelers checks or bigger bills. It's all kind of fuzzy now, but I'm getting some room service this time.
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North Carolina
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My DH and I love the cookies and the brownies!!!
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Originally posted by MrPete
I've yet to have ever tried room service!
Well, that just begs the question, so I'll bite...With so many cruises under your belt, why have you not ever tried room service?
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Originally posted by Molly BPOE
Liked the Roast beef & Brie, but will request no mustard on next trip. I wish you could order hot food (burgers etc..) But that is ok. My all time favorite is the toasted bagles with cream cheese and smoked salmon for breakfast. We ordered this with coffee and danish frequently. Only tried the dining room for breakfast once, the eggs benedict was GROSS! And I love eggs benedict. Next time it will be room service for breakfast everyday!

I like eggs Benedictt too. How gross was it. I like the yoke runny not hard. I hope I have no problem. What does the bpoe stand for?

Greenville, SC
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Joined Apr 2006
....both times it came with mayo even though the menu says all sandwiches come plain. The second time I made sure to emphasize that I wanted it plain with no mayo. The cookies and chocolate cake were good though.

Raleigh, NC
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Originally posted by billsrobb

I like eggs Benedictt too. How gross was it. I like the yoke runny not hard. I hope I have no problem. What does the bpoe stand for?

May have just been that one experience... I've never had gross eggs benedict in the dining room. It's not the best I've ever had, nor would I expect it to be, but it's always been far from gross! LOL!!
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Burkville AL
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Funny story!

LAst cruise I called and asked for a grilled cheese. "Sorrry sir but we don't serve those"... and it went like this.
Me: Do you have a toaster?
RS: Yes.
ME: Do you toast bread?
RS: Yes.
Me: Fine toast the bread and stick it together real quick!!
RS: OKay, that will be easy!

Later I recieved a cold UN-toasted cheese sandwich...

Next night I ordered a PB&J... It came toasted???

What is up with that! I thought it was funny!!!
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Every night we ordered cookies and brownies. They even brought us 2 glasses of milk. It just helped us unwind a little so we could sleep. I love room service so much.
Long Island
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I love love love the foccacia sandwich! Grilled veggies and fresh mozz are great! And the sauce they put on it - yum!

My bf loves the roast beef and brie.

I also loved the cesar salad! If we were ever up at the pizza bar, that's what I'd have. And everytime we'd order room service, I'd get one.

The cookies and brownies were good (brownies were better) but you get literally two of each per order lol

There was a chicken fajita option that wasn't there on our previous cruise. We got it, was good, but what made me happy: it was warm! As far as I know, it's the only "hot" food you can get through room service.

I think we ordered room service every day.

As for breakfast, we ate in the dining room once and my bf really enjoyed his eggs benedict, but I'm not much of a breakfast person so we usually stayed at the buffet so I could pick and choose what I wanted.

- Jess
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Coral Springs, Florida
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We always try to order from room service at least once during a cruise and for us it's Tuna on the English muffin and/or the BLT. The roast beef is good, too, but I always make sure to have the tuna at least once. Oh yeah, we also get the cookies/brownie combo and usually a pot of decafe. It's a nice way to relax and actually spend some awake time in the room!
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Rhode Island
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I've been told by others, on another thread similar to this one that you can order whatever is being served in the dining room for breakfast, for room service. You can get eggs, bacon, etc from room service. I've never tried it myself as the menu does not include these items, but I've been corrected a few times when I stated you could only get cold breakfast items.

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