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Arlington, VA
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I've gone through over 20 pages and don't see a general Carnival Glory posting. I'm cruising 11/13/04 and just want to hear stories, questions etc. that will prepare me and excite me!

This is my 4th cruise and 3rd Carnival Cruise. I've booked an 8A. Any thoughts? I got one of those long hallway rooms with the wider balcony in the stairwells back of the ship.
OK I've started it. Lets get this post started!

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Hi Mocka,

Looks like you are sailing the week before me, take care of my ship, ok? We will be on the Thanksgiving cruise, this will be my 2nd cruise and my children's 1st. My daughter is 10, I read somewhere that the 9-11 year olds can sign themselves in/out of Camp Carnival, is this true?? If it is, I will just tell her that she has to stay until we come back, she listens very well, but it is surprising. I am sure I will have lots more questions! Thanks for starting this.

Happy Sails

Carnival Glory 11/20/04
Nordic Empress 02/00

Until I'm Cruisin'!!
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Hi we were on the Glory in January and loved her. It was our second cruise and now I can't wait for the third. Every thing on this ship was awesome. We especially loved all the food choices.
schenectady, new york
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cruised on her nov.2003. had a great time .cruising again in aug. on the victory.

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victory...august, 2004
sun line...1984
Arlington, VA
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MKMOM I have no clue about the 9 - 11 sign in thing. anyone help out here?

WOW lots of lookers today! I think our board will do well.

runningradical: are you going on Glory for your 3rd cruise?

And one last question I have from anyone: I've read that Glory is not as stable as some ships. Any thoughts here? Is it very rocky?


Lincolnton, NC
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My wife and I sail on the Glory on July 24 (Eastern) for our 30th wedding anniversary. We tried the sister ship (Conquest) last June when she was sailing out of Gulfport. Although the ship is huge, it seemed much more crowded than the other Carnival ships we've tried. We expect the same on the Glory, but every cruise is wonderful, no matter what.


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Carnival Glory 2004 July
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Sounds like you may be booked in same rooms we are, 6473 and 6481. Balconies are longer than the regular 8A's. We cannot wait until August! DH and I are traveling with another couple (leaving all children home) and are looking forward to a much needed vacation. This will be my fourth cruise (third with CCL) and DH's second (both with CCL).


Carnival Glory 8/21/04
Carnival Fascination 9/02
Carnival Imagination 6/01
Majesty of the Seas 12/00

Glory - August 21, 2004 - Here we come!!
Kannapolis, NC
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HI all...

I am cruising for the first time on Glory on Aug. 28th. I have so many questions and I am sooooo excited!!!!

What ports are you stopping at and what type of excursions do you plan to take?

We are taking the Western tour so I know we are stopping at Key West, Belize, Cozumel and Progresso. Has anyone been to those ports before? I want to snorkel but can't decide at which port to do it. I have only been to Cancun before. That was alot of fun!

Leigh Ann

8/28/04 Carnival Glory Cruise - First Cruise YEAH!
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Mocka My husband and I have not decided what Carnival ship our third cruise will be on. But we are planning on our next cruise January 2005. We would definately consider the Glory again. This time we would do the western. Also The Glory rocked no more than the Holiday which was our first cruise.
Arlington, VA
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runningradical thanks for the info!

dixiegirl Of those ports I've been to Cozumel and Key West. (cozumel on cruise key west for a weekend). Cozumel has great snorkeling thats just off the beach at the state park. but there is so much around there. i'm sure we can get find you some better experts.

michelle319 WASSUP GIRL! We are getting the same room! I'm in 6473. Hide some cash money in the room for me! hehe. i can't wait to hear what you have to say about the room! Are yall on the Eastern or Western Route? We are taking the Eastern.

Pasadena, Maryland
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Michelle319-We were in cabin #6485 on the Glory 5/1/04. Hopefully you will have Marcello as your cabin steward, he was great! We also loved being at the back of the ship...very quiet. I'm so jealous, I want to go back now! Enjoy the Glory.

5/1/04~Carnival Glory~1st cruise and definitely not the last!
Marlton, NJ
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Unfortunately the Glory was our first cruise and now I'm spoiled for anything less than conquest class!!! Balconies for everybody!!!!

til the Triumph

4/10/04 Easter aboard the GLORY
Baltimore, MD
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Its so great to see this post because I just booked my husband and I on the Glory for our 4th anniversary next April and this post is just what I was looking for! We just went on the Miracle about a month ago and were just dying not having anything to look forward to, so we had to book another one. So my countdown might still be 300+ days and counting, but I am looking forward to the Glory!

mocka - We had one of those L-shaped rooms on the Destiny and absolutely loved it! The balcony is twice the size!


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Arlington, VA
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Ind331 aka Lauren: I understand completely! Its like if you don't have something planned life seems bleak! I travel often and a cruise is just about the only vacation that I like to book way in advance and wait....prepare......dream......learn....its so much fun. And with message boards its like you get to re-live the vacation over and over!

can anyone answer MKMOM's question about kids onboard?


11/13 Carnival Glory!

Imperial Majesty 1/2002
Carnival Destiny 5/2003
Carnival Sensation 11/2003
schenectady, new york
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Joined Jul 2003
dh and i went the west. ports.however key west was removed from our itinerary because boat races.Belize is great if you do an excursion, if yo don;t don't bother getting off the ship, dirty and a little scary. in cozumel we went to passion island. we drank marguritas and caronas and had agreat time. not enough time in this port. progresso, we wnet into town to the flea market there.other than that we had a good time.the only thing we did wrong was go to the early dinner, we were back in our cabin by 10 pm. there really wasn't enough to keep us busy until the night life started.we did go to the casino a couple of times and saw 2 shows.we did stay out late on our anniversay,saw the midnight show which is for adults only that was pretty good.have fun!

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victory...august, 2004
sun line...1984
Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay), NYC
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We are going August 21st, cannot wait!! Still trying to decide what to do in St. Maartin. It is a special cruise for us, it is our 30th Anniversary. Friends surprised us a month ago and told us they are coming along also.

Carnival Pride 8/17/02 (Western Caribbean)
Carnival Glory 8/21/2004 (Eastern Caribbean) 30th Anniversary Cruise

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Killen, AL USA
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It is true about the 9-11 year olds signing themselves in. We were on the Glory Halloween '04 and had a great time. My 9 year old loved Camp Carnival and felt really old being able to sign herself in. As far as the stability of the ship... I didn't notice anything rocky about her, but then again, I've been through Hurricane Irene on the Celebrity... lol. The Glory is a beautiful ship!! Have a blast!! Oh, by the way, I'll be on the Conquest this WEEKEND!!!! yay!!

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We were on the Glory on 4/17/04 and we'll be going back on 12/25/04.

Wonderful ship, great crew.

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Western New York
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Let's keep this thread open to at least Christmas!

I love hearing from people who have cruised Glory more then once as that say's a great deal about how wonderful the ship really is.

How is the disco? Do they have a ban in the casino? What is the lobby bar like?

Can't wait to hear from you all.


Carnival Glory December 2004