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Willdra’s Hyperactive Carnival Horizon April 15-22 Cruise

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Do you know anybody who tried bonsai teppenyaki? The menu looks great! Esp for 20 bucks. And what did the midnight buffet feature? And... think it's time to go make my dinner.


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LOL!:D There were a few members from the MTG group who went to the Teppanyaki, and they loved it. We didn't eat at the midnight buffet, but when we passed through, it looked like a mixture of random stuff.

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Barcelona Day 1


In Barcelona, we were staying at Eric Vokel Boutique Apartments. Barcelona was fast asleep when we got there, since it was still so early. The driver let us out after the long ride, and we had to use a code to get into the lobby. There was no one at the front desk yet, cuz they didn't open until 9, which I didn't realize until we got there. We loitered in the lobby for a while, looking like homeless hobos, then we started looking for food (that's what homeless hobos do). A found a Starbucks a few blocks away, so we walked over there to kill some time before we could check in. Z opted to stay with all of our luggage, which filled up the waiting area. The Starbucks was actually right across the street from Sagrada Familia. It was sweet seeing it just pop up as we were walking. We didn't stay at Starbucks long. We picked up coffee and muffins, then went back to the hotel, since we'd abandoned Z.



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Right at 9, the front desk opened, and we were allowed to check in. Sort of. Our apartment wasn't clean yet, so we had to wait for the present occupants to check out before it could be cleaned. The receptionist at the hotel was very nice tho. She said she would call me when our apt was cleaned. She made a copy of all of our passports and processed our credit card that way we would only need keys when we got back. We put all of our luggage in the lockers that were conveniently located in the lobby, then went to tour the city.


Since Sagrada was so close, and Z hadn't seen it, we decided to walk back over there. We took pictures on the way, then stopped in a Focacceria called Buenas Migas. It was a cute little spot, and we sat there enjoying it. While we were sitting, we reserved tickets to tour the Sagrada for the next day. I also sent a text to AC and V to let them know the move.















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From there, we went down Paseo de Gracia. Around this time, W developed a cough that was getting progressively worse. I was afraid that if he kept coughing and sneezing like that, he would cough out something that he needed. It sounded like he was coughing up his kidneys! Just like in Paris, pharmacies were plentiful in Barcelona, so we stopped in a Farmacia to buy W some cough syrup. I spoke with the pharmacist, and explained all of his symptoms. I had to make sure that she understood that my sanity was also on the line here. That coughing (and sneezing) was working my very last nerve, and I was overit.com. The pharmacist recommended a potion that would fix all of my and W's issues. I made sure he took his first dose before we even left the area. He's like a kid when he's sick. #stubborn.


After W took his meds, we continued our stroll for a few blocks then decided that we wanted to go to Park Guell. A and Z were having Metro withdrawals, cuz they totes loved European Mass Transit. Plus, they still had tickets left over from when they spent the day touring on 4/14 before we got there. We asked Google the best way to proceed,and we were set. W and I bought Metro tickets, then we all jumped on. After we exited the station at Vallcarca, we walked at least a mile straight uphill. We were breathing hard and trying not to go into cardiac arrest the whole entire walk up. That climb was filled with sorrow, sadness, and suffering. Not at all how I pictured my time in Barcelona. Yuck.



















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We finally made it to the top, and all I can say is, thank goodness for the guy selling ice cold water at the gate. Bless his life. That water tasted like it came from God's refrigerator! There wasn't a lot to see in the back of the park, but when we went closer to the front it got better. There were lines to go down to see the main buildings. We didn't want to wait, so we walked around to see what we could see for free.








Babysitting the cough syrup







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Soon we were famished again, from all of that walking. Luckily, we were in a great place for food, as there were many little cafes by the park. We found one that had empanadas and other tapas. We parked it here and took our time eating. When we were finished, we went to find a bus or Metro to get back to the hotel. Z wanted to walk, but after that killer hill earlier, the rest of us were not loving that idea. We found no quick way to get back, so Z won, and we ended up walking to our apt. hotel. It wasn’t that far after all, and at least there were no more hills to climb. That was good too, cuz Z's life would've been in danger if there were.


This empanada was great!



Me, still babysitting the cough syrup! I had to make sure W didn't try to "lose" it.


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At the apartment, AC and V had gotten the key when it was ready, so we were able to go right in. They had a high number on their luggage tags, which meant that they debarked the Horizon much later than us. When they got to the apartment, they just hung out in the lobby area until they could go to our spot. Our apt was on the 3rd Floor, and it had 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms. The elevator was small and slow, and it took a few trips to get our stuff up. Once we got everything in, we super chilled out for a few hours. We sat around drinking wine and talking about our travels so far. It was great that we were all together, we reminisced on the things that we'd done, and just appreciated each other's company.













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Soon, W got antsy, so he and I walked down to a grocery store close by to get water and snacks. I was so excited about the water! I bought the same water that I'd had the first time that we were in Barcelona, cuz I knew it was good. After we got back from our walk, we didn't leave the apt anymore until dinner. We took out our devices, then we all voted on where we would eat. Everyone decided on a restaurant within walking distance. A and I wanted Paella, so that was the only mandatory dish that the restaurant had to have. It was wonderful, but it took a long time to make. Everyone was finished eating before we got the Paella. Plan accordingly.


Our Paella Perfection













After dinner we walked back towards the hotel, and stopped at a little store for odds and ends(ice cream and chocolate). The great thing about walking everywhere, is that you work all the food off. Back at the apt, we played games, socialized, then went to bed.



Before I fell asleep, I said a prayer thanking God that we were having a fabulous vacay without ever going to Walmart. Miraculous!

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Thanks so much for sharing your adventure! We were on the 10 day on Horizon right after you but did Barcelona pre and Paris post LOL Its bringing back such awesome memories seeing your pics! :)

Hoping to be able to book a Med again!

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Barcelona Day 2



We woke up around 9:30, but we were still sleepy. So normal. The rest of the apt was still sleepy too, and they weren't making a sound. As I was getting ready, it occurred to me that both of the bathrooms in the apartment were only accessible thru the bedrooms.This meant that since A and Z were on the pullout couch in the living room,they really didn't have a bathroom to use if we were in the bedroom. Ooops. I instantly felt terrible for being inconsiderate of their bladders. When W and I emerged from our cave, the first thing I did, was ask them if they suffered from not having facilities. They waved me off, and said that they just ran downstairs and used the restroom in the lobby (which was actually really nice). I told them that we would leave the door open for them in the future. With that sorted out, W and I went in search of sustenance.


We walked back over by Sagrada Família since there were a lot of eateries over there. Pannus Patisserie caught our eye, and we went in. It was one of our best decisions so far. There were so many pastries to choose from, and they all looked amazing.As if that wasn't enough to put us in a calorie coma, they had the unmitigated gall to offer superb coffees too. After I put my tongue back in my mouth, we chose croissants with ham and cheese. We also picked a chocolate pastry and a few cream filled ones. W and I were in love at first bite. Have you ever bitten into something that was so good, that you had to just pull it back and look at it for a minute? Like it owed you an apology for staying away so long? Yeah, that was us. But wait there’s more. To wash it all down, I had a chocolate cappuccino with cream that was out.of.this.world. We took our time, and chewed slow, cuz we wanted it to last as long as possible.













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When that masterpiece meal concluded, we went into a Consum Market. We looked around a little, then got some drinks, water, and more wine. There’s always time for more wine. Loaded down with our haul, we hoofed it back to the apt. As soon as we walked into the lobby, the receptionist handed me a rose in honor of Saint George Day. I thanked her and made a mental note to look up Saint George Day. Our tour of Sagrada Família started at 1:30, which gave us about an hour and a half of chill time. That time flew by. I cleaned up a little, then I searched for some evening activities.


Right around 12:45, I looked at the tickets, and saw that we needed to check in 15 minutes early. W and Z were the only ones ready, so they went ahead of us to scope it out. After they left, we scrambled around trying to get ourselves together. When we got there, we were thoroughly lost. We walked around the whole cathedral until we found the entrance. It’s kinda hard to tell the back of the Sagrada Familia from the front at first. It’s very busy and there is A LOT going on with that building. It seems as though Gaudí used everything he could find and think of in the design. There’s a short film in the museum part that helps to understand it all. Somewhat. I still low key think that Gaudí was possibly smoking something strong and pure when he designed it. Maybe that's also what it takes to comprehend it.















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We toured Sagrada for about two hours. At the end, we went into the museum and the gift shop, where we dropped a few wads of cash. There were some sweet souvenirs in there. At the conclusion of our tour we walked back to the apt. We wanted food but we needed to put our purchases down. V decided to sit this one out as she was tired.com from all of the walking that we’d done so far. The rest of us went to El Glop which Z found the night before. It wasn't a long walk, and we were there in no time. Wow, what a surprise! The food was exceptional. I had the fish soup and spaghetti carbonara. A ordered a grilled provolone cheese appetizer, and fish soup as well. W had 1/2 chicken. Yes, a half of a chicken. AC had onion soup and sole, and Z had oxtails. A became fond of Santa Clara, so she ordered one of those, while W and Z opted for San Miguel as their drink. At the conclusion of our meal, the women were given another rose a piece. I could get used to this.














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The next move was to go to the Gothic Quarter thru Passeig de Gracia. It was a bad move. There was a book fair going on for Saint George Day, and there were thousands of people everywhere. The walk thru Passeig de Gracía was overloaded with bodies. We stopped a few times to take pictures, then we moved on. Expeditiously. Our main goal was to get out, thru, around, and beyond that crowd. We eventually ended up at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. We looked around outside, then went into a couple of gift shops in the square.














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I wanted (needed) gelato of course, so we found a shop that had some tasty flavors. I can feel my thighs growing by just thinking about it. I got a cup filled with half Mocha and half Dulce de Leche heaven. That gelato was holy! That’s prolly why it was so close to the church.


After we made our mouths happy, we kept walking until we reached the Metro station. We also kept dashing in and out of shops along the way. We made it back to the hotel around 8pm and we popped open our wine and the Caipirinha that I bought at Consum. It was really good and strong, and it only cost 4 Euros for the bottle. We all needed to wake up at 6 am the next day to fly back to Paris, but we still stayed up socializing until around midnight. Gangsta.



Before I fell asleep, I said a prayer thanking God for Aleve. After all of that walking, my thighs were feeling some type of way. A couple of those magic pills later, and I could almost drop it like it’s hot. Well actually, more like room temperature, but it was still an improvement!

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