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Willdra’s Hyperactive Carnival Horizon April 15-22 Cruise

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Pretty soon we were done exploring, cuz we were outta gas and fading fast. Unfortunately, we still had about an hour until our bus was scheduled to arrive. W talked to Google and found out that there was a café about a quarter of a mile down the road from where we were. We walked down there, and got drinks while Z went to the potty. It would be a long ride back so it was better to go ahead and go.


We walked back down to the bus meeting spot after that. W thought the bus was meeting us on the opposite side of the street from where we were dropped off. I remembered the name on the bus, and we saw every bus but that one. There were lots of buses on San Gregorio, and it was easy to confuse them. I'm glad that I used my one brain function to make a note of our bus info. At about 4:40, we saw the bus go down, but it never turned around to come down to our side of the road. A walked down to check, then came back to get us. We were not walking anymore until we were sure it was our bus. Lazy had come to reclaim its King and Queen. We accepted.


It was hot as hades on the bus until the driver cranked up the air. I couldn't help but wonder how he was sitting on that hot bus, looking like a wilted kale salad. Unbelievable. Our official "back on the bus" time was 5. At 5, there were still 2 people missing. Serena told us several times not to be late. She counted us 2 or 3 times, she even went to the other side of the street but could not find them. It was driving her crazy. At 5:10 we saw the couple running to the bus. Good thing we were on a Carnival Excursion and they would wait for us if we ran into any trouble on the road, cuz we were cutting it close.


Welp we didn't run into trouble but W and I ran into some naps. We slept most of the way back.There's something magical about that sleep that you get after a long day of touring and enjoying life. Especially when you don't have to drive back. Or cook. Or clean.


It was too late to make our Early Dinner in the Main Dining Room when we returned, so we went to Cucina Del Capitano. W called them when we got back to 1209, and they said they could fit us in around 8:30. This gave us time to shower and smell good.


Zaid was our waiter and he was very nice. It wasn't crowded, so the staff was pretty attentive. I ordered Arancini, Papperdelle, and a side of Spaghetti. W ordered the Calamari, Gamberetti Alla Pizzaiola with a side of Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower.














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We ate our dinner in the Cucina, while watching the ship sail away. After all of that food we were in danger of breaking the weight limit in the elevators. We still ordered dessert tho. #FoodGoals

There was a new menu and Tiramisu wasn’t on it. Booooooo!!! We ordered Biscotti Al Cioccolato Con Sale Marino/Caffe Gelato as backup dessert. The name was more interesting than the dessert itself. It was ok, but neither one of us finished it. It really tasted like unfulfilled potential, and a bad substitute teacher with a comb over. Hard Pass.







Love and Marriage Show was on at 9:30, so we left and went straight to that. Love and Marriage is a show that we don't normally miss. It's pretty funny cuz it's not scripted. We enjoyed it as usual, and Mike made it quite comical.





At the conclusion of the show, we went out to get another copy of the Funtimes for the day. I'd left our original somewhere, and I wanted to replace it. When we got to Guest Services, there was a guest yelling at one of the Reps, but we didn't stick around to find out why.#mindyourownbusiness I wanted to ask if we could have the commemorative Horizon Book that was in our cabin, but they seemed stressed with the"incident", so I booked it outta there.



Before I fell asleep, I said a prayer thanking God that I ordered those Teva's and Skechers before our vacay. My dogs did not even whimper the whole trip, and we were putting in some Disney World-ish distances daily. It seriously felt like I was walking on clouds. #HappyFeet

I also prayed for the hands that crafted those shoes. May they never know callouses or hangnails, and may they stay soft, moisturized, and nimble enough to make many more masterpieces. Amen.

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Another great trip report, Willdra! I made a banana bread the other day and couldn’t help but think of that magnificent loaf that traveled halfway around the globe with you. :')


LOL! :') Now I want some. I'm going to see AC this weekend, I wonder if it would be out of order to ask for another one? ;p

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I loved your Rome day. Rome was my first stop on my first European trip so it holds a special place in my heart. My hotel wasn’t far from Trevi so I had a bit of an attachment to it (ok apparently I get attached to things easily)


It’s gorgeous at night time



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The alarms woke me up, so it’s a good thing we set 2. W woke up a short time afterwards, when I opened the curtains. We took showers, and since I didn't want to walk around looking like somebody’s thumb, I took the time to fix my eyebrows. They're important. Walking down the hall we saw lots of Funtimes still in mailboxes. This Med cruise was abnormal in so many ways. The ports were all new to us, therefor we didn't spend much time at all looking at ship activities and entertainment. We actually forgot that there was stuff to do on the ship. I didn't know when I would get W to agree to go back to Europe, so we had to get all of our money's worth on this go round. Use it or lose it!


Our excursion left a little later that day, which gave us an opportunity to actually taste our food. I also had time to run down to the Blue Iguana to get arepas and huevos ranchos (with no huevos). My mouth was ecstatic with those choices.





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After breakfast, we went down to the Reflections Dining Room to meet our excursion. We left at 10:35, when everyone was checked in. On the bus we were giving headsets which made it so much easier to hear Eleanor, our guide. She didn't have to yell, and no matter where she was, we could hear her. She liked to walk around as she talked, which seemed to be an Italian theme. The bus ride was around 40 minutes, and Eleanor gave us interesting facts along the way.



When we got to Pisa, the bus parked in a huge lot, then we walked 1/4-1/2 mile to the square. We were handed off to Alessandra, another tour guide on site, who took us inside of Pisa Cathedral and around the Piazza del Duomo. She gave us history of the structures and some of the specifications. The inside of the Cathedral was breathtaking. There was so much to look at. We didn't spend as much time in there as I would've liked. When we came out of the Cathedral, we couldn't go back in, so take your pictures during the lecture, if pictures are a priority. Females are required to have their shoulders covered and men had to remove their hats. If you don’t have sleeves or a sweater, they will give you scarf at the door. I honestly didn't understand that part. Does God hate shoulders? What is it about shoulders that's offensive? I saw a lady walk in with toenails that looked like she could swoop down out of the sky, and catch her dinner in a lake. That was ok, but my shoulders weren't? Sounds fishy.













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I digress. Once we got back outside, we had 1 hour 40 minutes free to explore the Piazza. We used the time to take pictures, then we found a charming little pizzeria to hit up. It is very common to see restaurant employees out trying to hustle people to come to their restaurant. They usually have the menu and try to get you interested in their food. It’s annoying tho when you're not hungry. Both of us had pizza and W had the biggest glass of Diet Coke ever. For dessert I tried the tiramisu gelato and it was nothing short of epic. I felt like my whole life had been a lie before that moment. Everything that I knew about ice cream was false. This stuff was so good, I wanted to slap my own self for not trying it sooner! I was disappointed and delighted at the same time. That's powerful.













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The vendors were out in full force in Pisa as well. Why do they think all of us want freakin selfie sticks, and what makes them think that if I did want one, that I would buy it on the street from a guy who prolly won't wait around for me to see if it actually works? They are so aggravating, and they don’t care if you are eating, drinking, sightseeing, already shopping, sleeping, picking your nose, or on your death bed. They are coming thru to try to sell you something. #backoff









At the appointed time, we met up with the group, and waited for the stragglers. Once everyone was accounted for, we walked back to the bus. Our guide couldn't find the bus at first, but we actually walked right past it. I made a mental note of the bus as we exited, and I knew what it looked like. Eleanor was kinda leading the group all over the parking lot looking for it, so I told W to stay put cuz our bus was right there. Sure enough, she finally got the bus driver on the phone, and he said he’d been sitting there the whole time. Every now and then, I pay attention and it pays off.





The bus ride back was about 30 minutes. I didn't nap on the bus, cuz we were getting back early, and I could really nap hard in the cabin before dinner. When the bus pulled up to the port, we sprinted off. As soon as we got to 1209, W and I pulled the curtains, set our alarms, and fell fast asleep. When our alarms sounded, it felt like only 5 minutes had passed. We got up and scrubbed the b.o. off, then left for dinner.

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That night was elegant evening number 2, and there were a few empty tables in our section. Some of the excursions really get back late on this itinerary, and peeps are worn out by the time they get back on the ship. AC and V were at our table alone when we arrived.










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For dinner I had Crab Cakes, Grilled Shrimp, and Filet Mignon with Braised Short Ribs. W had exactly the same thing. Copycat. I had the WCMC for dessert. W had Gran Marnier Soufflé and WCMC.











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We really didn’t have solid plans for right after dinner, and we had no idea what we wanted to do. We changed clothes and walked around the decks to see what was going on. Nothing jumped out at us, so I figured that would be a good time to snap pictures on the Lido. I went back and grabbed my camera, then went up.














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"W had the biggest glass of Diet Coke ever. For dessert I tried the tiramisu gelato and it was nothing short of epic. "



That's not a glass...that's a barrel! That's at least a "5" Tripper...if you know what I mean!?!




I know what you thanked God for when you went to sleep!:D

It's even in a beautiful glass...sigh!

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dumb fingers
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I wanted to catch the Lip Sync Mini Battle which started at 9:00. We got there a little early to get a good spot to watch it. I liked it a lot, and the contestants were getting better! Right after the Mini Battle, Celestial Strings had their Pre-Show. We watched in awe as the trio of violinists took our breath away. They snatched my edges clean off, and I wanted more. If that was Carnival's master plan, it's effective, and they need to keep it!





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After that pre-show teaser, we followed the cast into the Liquid Lounge to watch the rest. Wow. Just.Wow. It was phenomenal! I highly recommend the Celestial Strings Show. The musicians and performers are very talented, they play a brilliant selection of songs, and it is just an all-around great show. Afterwards, I was kinda mad that we didn't catch any other shows!









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When the show was over, we went back to 1209. W wanted to go to the casino, but I was yawning. I got my clothes and bag ready for our last port day, read a little on my iPad, then turned in.




Before I fell asleep, I sent up a prayer thanking God that A and Z were Magic the Gathering nerds.That card game, which I have never played, brought us all together to visit the most wonderful places that we've ever been to, on a cruise ship that still had its "new car smell". It truly was a Magical Gathering.

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