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Willdra’s Hyperactive Carnival Horizon April 15-22 Cruise


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We went up to the Liquid Lounge to meet our tour. It only took about 15 minutes for them to call our group. The guides led us down to Deck 0 and off the ship pretty fast. Our shuttle was parked up front waiting. All of the shuttles were lined up neatly and prominently marked, so it wasn't confusing or hard to find.







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We had a very sweet tour guide who gave us a good history on the bus ride. As we were driving through the port, the bus stopped suddenly, and almost tossed the tour guide out of the window! She didn't miss a beat either, she simply said “I’m so sorry we almost killed a man, now if you look to the left, you will see a park”. Wow!! Italy is on some OG Savagery! They can almost kill you, but keep talking about the scenery as if you didn't just come within hand shaking distance of Jesus! OAN, I would hate to be the one who has to clean that guy’s underpants!


After that ordeal, the guide told us that you couldn't walk out of the port, you had to take the free shuttle out and back. I sent A and Z a message to let them know, since they were going out with their MTG friends on their own. They researched and found a restaurant that offered wine and cheese tasting along with their meal, and they were excited about it. I told them what to do and where to go cuz I couldn't let them take that struggle walk.


Here are some pictures that we took along the way.








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After the ride around town, we were taken to the square and given an hour and a half to shop. W and I walked around taking pictures. We walked up a hill and found some beautiful views of the port, after we stopped to catch our breath, and made sure that we didn't just throw ourselves into cardiac arrest. It warmed up substantially (that happens when you are of a certain age, and you climb a big hill) and we were glad to shed the jackets. When we had all of the pictures that we wanted, we found a shortcut down. Now why couldn't we find the shortcut going up? Must we always hustle in reverse?? Asking for a friend.














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I wanted (needed) wine and limoncello, and it just so happened that we were in Italy, so it was very easy to find. We went into a nice market in the square. W just HAD to use the self-checkout to buy my wine and his coke. It was crazy to be able to use the self-checkout for wine and no one questioned you. They didn’t even look at us. At home, they always have to come over and enter in my birthday, even tho they can tell I've passed 21 a couple of times.


We wandered around aimlessly after that. We weren't really hungry and I couldn't decide on a cocktail at first. I finally ordered a drink at a little café around 15 minutes before the meet up time. The waitress didn't bring it before time for us to leave. We saw the tour bus coming, and we ran up to hop on. I knew I was pushing it, but I didn't think that it would take longer than 15 minutes to just get 1 drink. I was wrong. We could see the port from where we were, and it wasn't far at all. I don’t think an excursion was mandatory here. I will find out for sure later when I ask A and Z how everything turned out for them.







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We were back on board by 1. There’s a little shop that you walk thru as you enter the port, but we didn't stop to buy anything. Just as I suspected, there was no liquor collection when we went through security. I wish this was normal procedure on every cruise. I could get used to this! I decided I wanted Cucina del Capitano for lunch, so I went that way. W wanted Mongolian Wok so he went there. It was nice and cool in the Cucina, and I love the view from up there, so I stayed and ate there. They took my order form almost as soon as I sat down, and my bread and drink came out quickly afterwards. The lemonade I ordered was so good. I was thirsty because I really hadn't been drinking my usual 8-10 glasses of water a day. The only water that I loved on the ship was the water at dinner. All of the other water that I had was Friend Zone water. It’s so hard for me to drink water that I don’t love. #firstworldproblems


For my lunch, I ordered the farfalle with garlic shrimp, butter sauce, spinach, and broccoli. It was spectacular!












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The ship was still fairly empty at that time, so I took the opportunity to take a few ship pictures. I’m sure I'd taken 3000 pictures by then, but there was so much to love about our ports and the ship! I walked around Decks 4, 5, 10, 15, and 12.













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I finished at the perfect time to take a short nap before the Diamond/Platinum Party. When I got back to the cabin, W had already slipped into his slumber. I slid in and took a much needed, but not nearly long enough nap.


The past guest party was held in the Limelight Lounge. It was a smallish crowd, and I was surprised. I expected more people. Way more. The servers came around a lot with food and drink. W usually orders a Blue Moon, but he was satisfied with the beer selection this time, and I also think he just forgot about it. This cruise was abnormal in so many ways. We didn't stick to our regular script at all, and that was a good thing. Even this party was different cuz it was held on a Tuesday.


As we were eating and drinking, we ran into this guy.










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It was cool to have John Heald at our party. He was very nice, and I loved the speech that he gave. We sailed with him a long time ago when he was still a Cruise Director, and we've liked him ever since. I hope I didn't frighten him when I jumped up and asked (told) him to take a picture with me. Either way, he was very gracious. Sometime during the party, Mike said we should drink all of the drinks because there were sober people in England. We took that as a challenge. The drinks were overflowing and they kept telling us to take and drink everything. So we did. We watched the promo film and clapped for our ships. Horizon wasn't even on the list yet, and that was kinda neat.



This was the best Past Guest Party that we've ever been to. Just so many feels. Maybe it was the fact that it was not crowded, but it felt like we had very attentive service. Ms. Energie was performing and she was great. We left with both hands full of alcohol, which is the best way to exit. We sent messages to the kids telling them to come thru to get some. They never answered. We ended up taking the drinks to dinner. That's another thing that is off about this cruise. When we sail with the MTG group, we don’t spend as much time with A and Z. They spread their time between us and their friends, which is nice. It makes the times that we do hang out with them even better. We still have lots of Willdra time too.



It was time for dinner shortly after the party. This 6 o'clock seating keeps sneaking up on us! For my meal, I tried the Port of Call appetizer Malloreddus, and entrée Pignatade Pecora. Both of them were fantastic. I had the Chocolate Tres Leche and Butter Pecan Ice Cream for dessert. The young people did a table switch that night, so A and Z along with their friend K, sat with us. They said that they had an amazing time in Cagliari, and the restaurant that they went to was a winner. Their shuttle rides were good too. I heard that later on, the line backed up because there weren't enough buses, and it took hours for peeps to get back. I would've been as hot as fish grease if that happened to us.














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It was fun catching up on everyone's day at dinner. AC and V went on a different excursion that they enjoyed also. After we ate everything that was edible, the guys went to play manly games of skill and strength, while the women went to the Alchemy Bar. To drink cute drinks. Theodora and Anna Maria were marvelous again. I had a Curative Peach Cosmo, which may be my new go to drink at Alchemy. We stayed there chatting until around 10:10 then AC and I went to the iMax to see Rampage. It was a good late night activity, since the men were still playing cards, and we had no interest in seeing the Comedy Show. After the movie, we were wiped out so we went back to our cabins. W had ordered Room Service, but there was nothing left but the tray and some raggedy napkins when I got there. I’m guessing whatever he had was good. We had to turn in shortly after I got back, because the next day was an early one.











Before I fell asleep, I sent up a prayer to God for the life and limbs of the crew member who delivered W's Room Service food. The way that tray was barren looking, and the napkins were shredded, caused me to be concerned about the possibility of that poor innocent person losing a finger or an elbow, had they held on to that tray a split second too long. I prayed that they did not draw back a nub, and that no blood was shed in 1209, cuz they took too long to hand over some hot wings and fries. Let the church say amen! #Godcares

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I'm not sure how you mix up those orders either, but the Spicy Chipotle is my second-favorite Carnival drink, right behind the Fun Ship Special. I haven't yet started a cruise without one... or two... or, one time, three... Fun Ship Specials.;)


I'm enjoying your review. We sailed Vista in the Med two years ago, and I'm still mad at myself that we didn't spend time in Barcelona after the cruise.




Thank you for reading along [emoji3]!Barcelona was beautiful, and hey you’ve got a great reason to go back! [emoji4][emoji4]



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Absolutely loving your review, especially as we were on this cruise too! :D




The only downside of reading someone else's review, is seeing things we missed along the way. I completely forgot that, as there was only one sea day, it would be our only chance to catch Tea Time in the MDR. The Motown Trivia with Mike sounds fab too (we were at dinner then). We love Mike Pack :hearteyes: cruised with him last year on Breeze during Hurricane Harvey - wow that man never slept!




Thank you so much for sharing and looking forward to the rest :)




So awesome that you were there too! We missed tons of stuff that we would’ve normally done. There just wasn’t enuff time! Please feel free to add your insights. The more the merrier! [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]



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