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Disappointment of a lifetime: Group Lawsuit?


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For months, I was worried about being able to enter the EU and back to the U.S.  I got daily informational emails from Schengen Visa,  Never did he imagine it would be Star Clippers, not France, Spain, U.S., Portugal, that refused entry.

I got to within 200 yards of the cruise ship after months of preparation, payment, jumping through hoops, flying from Seattle to Nice.

Taking advantage of Covid 19 to bilk their passengers is very wrong.


There is no legal requirement that cruise companies require both kinds of Covid tests.


I thought I would commemorate my having survived a double heart surgery, prostate cancer radiation, and Covid-19 by going on a cruise with this sailing vessel company which promised a luxury experience in the Western Mediterranean in the fall of 2021.


In fact, I paid over $4,000 for a cruise from Cannes to Lisbon.  The company refused to answer my email in which I questioned why the trip director flatly refused to let me board because I couldn't furnish proof a PCR test.  

Days before the trip began, I had emailed the requested documents (CDC card, travel insurance, etc.) to them.  Thereupon I was  given clearance.   "The documents you have submitted are acceptable for boarding," they said.

No one bothered to mention a PCR test.

In the first hour of embarkation they had already refused boarding to 6passengers.

Why was the PCR test requirement BURIED in a long email attachment a month before sailing and NEVER mentioned in the body of an email or in a telephone conversation with staff?  

Why was there no printed material ever sent, no letter expressly stating the absolute requirement on their part and the reasons for their divergence from EU protocol?

Passengers from North America have a gazillion things on their mind as they prepare for an almost 2 week cruise on another continent.

Surely one email several days before the start of the cruise would have saved stranded passengers like myself much heartache and not squandered months of planning and packing, as well as life savings!

In fact, going to France required only a EU digital Covid certificate and double Covid vaccination.  Why the company is not in alignment with EU protocol is baffling.  

In fact, the United States, France, Portugal do not require the PCR.   An antigenic test suffices.

On the Star Clippers ships, everyone, anyway,  was to be wearing masks on board except on the decks, just as is the case in the US or France.

In fact,  he didn't even suggest an alternative, how I could meet up in the next port, etc.  All he insisted on was that "since I [he] had turned away 6 passengers before me, why should he let me on board?"

Obviously, he had the discretion to let me board if he had really wanted to.  The two Filipino workers were just putting check-mar next to the names of passengers who had just taken the antigenic PCR test, had documentation of a double vaccination, etc.

Ten minutes later, another employee, a nurse advised to meet the cruise ship the next day in Corsica and wrote instructions down on what to do.  I rushed in a taxi to the airport to do the PCR, went back into Nice to find a hotel to stay overnight ($160) made air reservation ($500) to fly the next day to the port (Calvi) she said the ship would dock at during the day.

I shelled out an additional $1,600 to stay in Nice and Corsica when my lodgings had already been covered by Star Clippers.

The port she told me to fly to was NOT the one listed on the latest itinerary.  

I went straight to the dock the next day after flying to Corsica.  The taxi driver said he hadn't seen any such sailing vessel all day.

That same morning I had hours trying to figure out how to SMS, telephone, email, leave a message on their site in order to ascertain which city in Corsica the ship would stop at and for how long.

There was no way to do this.   I trusted what the nurse (standing 10 yards from the trip director)  told me.   She at least showed compassion.   The trip director was totally indifferent to my plight and was of no help whatsoever.   He was dismissive and acted as if I were asking for a refund on a $5 trinket.  "No way.  Now scram.  I'm  not interested in your problem.  Do whatever you want.  Why should I be concerned?"

I feel totally ripped off and treated with near total indifference by star Clippers.   "We got your money, now we don't owe you a thing.  Go hang yourself" is their attitude.  


My hunch is that they overbooked the cruise intentionally, knowing and even hoping that the insistence on the PCR would throw some passengers off.   Thus, they counted on turning away a certain percentage of already paid up passengers so they could overbook, including passengers whose cruises had been postponed since the shutdown.

In any case, they are completely indifferent to the (plight of the) very people whose existence they financially depend on.  "I've taken your money, I no longer need you."

The owners threw in the extra requirement to make for lost profits from the 18 months or so there were no sailings due to the Covid shutdown.



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On 10/29/2021 at 12:23 PM, denny1700 said:

No one bothered to mention a PCR test.

Then a paragraph later:

On 10/29/2021 at 12:23 PM, denny1700 said:

Why was the PCR test requirement BURIED in a long email attachment a month before sailing

And more to the point, Over a hundred other passengers DID read the requirements and had no issues with them.   

Second you keep harping on "EU Protocol"  There IS no such thing as an "EU Protocol".... Each and every EU country has it's own policies and entry requirements.  (See the US CDC website, it lists every country and their current requirements)   The cruise line HAS to go with the strictest requirement of any port it is to visit.  

On 10/29/2021 at 12:23 PM, denny1700 said:

Obviously, he had the discretion to let me board if he had really wanted to.

Nope.... If he HAD let you on then the cruise WOULD have been banned from any port that did have the more stringent requirement.  


On 10/29/2021 at 12:23 PM, denny1700 said:

The owners threw in the extra requirement to make for lost profits from the 18 months or so there were no sailings due to the Covid shutdown.

Really?   And you know this HOW?????   


As someone who is about to make their first "post covid" cruise myself, I know I am going to be fanatically researching EVERY port, EVERY country, and checking by both phone and writing many MANY times before we get on a plane what the COVID protocols are that DAY.   Cause in the real world, no one cares if you are an American, no one cares if you have had health issues. (Except to not let you travel) no one cares what you think.   You dont meet the rules, you stay on the pier.  


Sorry but in this Covid world "caveat emptor"  applies more than ever.  

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