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3-28-24 Thursday Weigh-In-----It's Time


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Belle, its too bad that I didn't see this while I was still in bed!  I did get up, but had breakfast and coffee ... so will weigh tomorrow.  I'm sure that the scales did not go down.


Belle - hope you are having a wonderful time on your cruise!  Jan

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HEY Where's Everyone?  Still in bed 24hrs later? Way of eating going-----

WELL OR NOT?  Afraid to weigh or just busy?  Only takes a minute.

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Think I gained ... but haven't weighed myself.  Talked with Izena and she probably won't be posting for a little while.  It is time for some self-care.  She is doing ok.  Looking forward to her posting in the future.  Jan


PS - Belle, would love to hear about your cruise!

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I did weigh on Thursday and recorded it in my WW app...I do that first thing in the morning, but I don't usually log into CC until afternoon so I forget to come here and report. 🙃 I did stay the same again last week.


I'm busy preparing for our family Easter dinner on Sunday. We still do an egg hunt for our 2 youngest grandchildren and our great-grandchild. It will be a fun day, but I have a specific weight-related memory attached to Easter. In 1991, I had lost about 60 lbs and was doing so well. Then at Easter, I ate a few of those delicious little malted candy eggs, then ate some more, and then ate the rest of them. That began a downward spiral for me, I quit weighing, and slowly I regained all I had lost. That always sticks in the back of my head and I know I need to just leave the candy alone. I'm not nearly so "addicted" to sweets as I was back then and that helps. Now it's more the salty crunch I like LOL. I'd like to think I'm managing myself much better than I was back then. Time will tell!


We are in ONEderland now for our fall cruise countdown, less than 200 days LOL. My goal is to maintain and hopefully lose about 3 lbs or so right before we cruise so I have a little cushion.


Have a blessed Easter weekend, everyone!


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Happy Easter Everyone who is reading and especially to the friends who come in

here each week. Jan and Terri glad to see you, sorry Izena is having such a hard time

and feels better soon


Jan will write more later,,

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Hope everyone had a good day. I had a nice Easter ham dinner in the dining room.

Hope the Easter Bunny didn't trick you into eating any--Candy!


Wishing everyone a good week.

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Good morning everyone.   I’ve been working on my physical and mental health for the past few weeks.  It’s a slow recovery.  Will not be able to get back to my loved walks for several months. 

Don’t ask for details.  I had a bad fall and broke my sacrum- thankfully not a hip - I spend most of time in bed.   I am able to take Jazzper for 1/4 mile walks 3 times a day.  I can walk with a walker - I just can’t sit in a chair/recliner for very long.  Completely lost appetite wasn’t eating enough.    My daily goal is to remain positive,  don’t let anxiety get the best of me.  BE STRONG.


I’m blessed with friends on this site and my dog park community.

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Izena I'm so sorry you're going through this.  We will think positive with you


that you will feel/get better day by day. You are strong!

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4 minutes ago, Clonmelgal said:

How do I join? Just "weigh- in"? LOL

That works!  There is a new thread each Thursday where some/all/most weigh in that day.  We then come in every so often to talk.  It is a wonderful group.  Jan

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As we age there is always something going on.  On Monday afternoon I ended up in the emergency room .... It turns out I have Bell's Palsy ... I will be fine it just might take 2 weeks to 6 months for my face to get back to normal.  My right eye won't close (I have to tape it closed to sleep) and my mouth doesn't move on my right side.  It is interesting.  Found out that I can't drive as my eyes tear and it isn't good when you can't see and are on the road.


Life is good, it could be much worse.  Jan

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Jan I'm so sorry this has happen to you, the good thing (know this isn't a good thing)

but it is something that does go away. Just takes time. Couple I know had it, went away

and to never to return.


Know this age thing a few things on me has gotten worse to the doc when I get home.

The Golden Age--health wise--boloney--probably money and anything else boloney🙁


Colonmelgal Please join us every Thursday for weigh-in and during the week for talking.

I'm cruising now and others at different times So different number of people each week

but we keep at it. Go on a cruise then come back. Or talk from a cruise if you can.


Wish all the view us would come in. Get us all ready for summer.


Still trying my best to eat and drink less. Of course my last cruise have PP so can have

everything I want.  Good or Bad thing?😊

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