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Review Dawn 7/1 Sailing

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Cruising on the NCL Dawn 7/1 to 7/8


We have been on 50 plus cruises since 1994 and me and my wife Suzann decide it was time to try Freestyle Dinning on the NCL Dawn out of NY City, We wasn’t sure what to expect but was willing to give it a try, it was something new for us since we been on Carnival and Rccl ships in the past. We booked a mini suite and upgrade to a Romantic suite in the rear of the ship. We also made contacted with several Cruises Critic members prior to sailing and was looking forward to meeting them and becoming friends on the Dawn. My Wife had many morning and afternoon chats with Margaret and Barbara and was looking forward to the week ahead. She order and purchase about 50 flasher pins prior to the cruise and it became our theme during the cruise. She gave them out at our meet and greet gathering on Sunday 7/2. She also gave out many to crew members wearing the American Flag (flashing in red white blue) one 7/3 and 7/4.


We got to the Pier in New York about 10:30 am and the Dawn was still off loading, we were place in the VIP waiting area, during this period of time we finally did meet a few of the cruise critic flasher group (Barbara, Margaret, Melanie/Warren etc.) Theirs is something special about cruising that gets my heart beating fast, I love it. We finally was the first to board the Dawn around 12 noon time, but had to go to lunch or pool area, cabins wasn’t ready until around 2 p.m. this wasn’t no big problem at all. We had lunch in the Garden Café located on Deck 12 right next to the pool area, large eating area with choice of food. Lunch selections during the week at times were just ok but we always found something to eat either at the Café or the Blue Lagoon There are plenty of tables and chairs available in the Café or pool side in the sun or shade area. I found the colors in the pool area to be bright and cheerful with the band playing in the center of the pool area, with high energy being displayed by both the staff and passengers on sail away and during the week. Prior to the boat drill we walked around and checked out the lay out

of the Dawn.


During sail away on the Dawn and NCL ship they have a huge sail-away party with the band playing with large grills cooking ribs, chicken, hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, potatoes etc. The deck was packed and everyone was in a high gear happy mood. The cruise staff also was involved doing a great job. We took some food back to our cabin and then spend some time on our large deck watching the Dawn leave New York Harbor. At that time we did meet our Butler Lucky and Concierge Claudio who told us he would be back to pick up our dinner reservations times etc but never came back to get them we later on in the week made all our own reservations at each paid Restaurants. That evening we had dinner in the Venetian Dinning room, the prime rib was very good but small so we had two and you can just walk into the Venetian dinning room.


After dinning we attended the Welcome Aboard Show hosted by Cruise Director Matt Baker who has one of the highest energy level you could ever want from a Cruise Director during the week, by the end of the show his energy already spread to the guests.

Margaret and Kevin (Cruise Critic) watched the show with Suzann and me sitting in the front row that night with our flashing pins on. They are a very sweet and nice couple, I though that Suzann found her cruise (buddy) mate for the week since they had many chats prior on the cruise critic board, we wanted to show our thanks and treat them to dinner one night for all the information she gave Suzann prior to cruise and NCL everything from nut to upgrades (because Margaret got a upgrade to Romantic Suite, Suzann wanted upgrade from mini suite to the romantic suite, in the aft of ship two cabins apart so I did it) but after the show they became very hard to find and locate if it wasn’t for the cruise critic meeting on Sunday and the VIP cocktail party on Monday I would swear they were off the ship until Wednesday night for the Cruise critic special dinner in La Trattoria. Later we found out they did bond with another great cruise critic couple (Melanie/Warren who had a Owner Suite) and was having a great time partying hard during the week. I felt sorry for my wife because she never used the Cruise Critic board a lot prior to this cruise; I was shocked with the number of posting she made.. Matt did come over to me and had a few words with me and several other guests. If you are on the Dawn the next several months you will love him. Right after the Welcome Aboard Show they also had on Deck 12 Lounge 70 Disco Theme party with Village People etc. House band was great during these theme parties thru out the week with a different theme each night, hosted by the Cruise Director and his staff.


It was time for bed after a long but great first day on the Dawn, the walk back to our cabin all the way in the back of ship was a killer over 900 feet amazing but as the week got shorter the walk seem to be shorter too.


Day 2 Sunday 7/2


We ate breakfast that morning in the Venetian Dinning room and then proceed to the cruise critic meet and greet in the star bar, this meeting was set up by cruise critic member Barbara and the NCL group manger aboard the ship. Barbara husband Bob was giving talks during the cruise about money management etc, as the week went on we saw each other each day and became good friends. It should be noted the Dawn is Barbara 3rd home away from home, she been on the Dawn 8 or 9 times. We had a great turn out with about 20 Cruise Critic members and NCL staff members. Hotel Director HugoVanasmael and Tony Lockett Food and Beverage Manager both of these staff members are a big assets to the Operation of the Dawn, Matt Baker also showed up for a few minutes. This meet and great was one of the best, Suzann and PreFire (cruise critic member) flashing pins were a big hit. It was a great meeting. we then lay out and got some sun on the upper deck by the Pool and had lunch by the pool.


That evening we ate at Cagney’s great Steak Restaurants cost of 20 or 25 dollars, I had the 24 oz port house steak and it was great, also the onion soup was outstanding, had nice bottle of wine with my lovely wife and enjoyed every minute of it. The staff again was outstanding.


After dinner we attended the production show by the Jean Ryan Singers and dancers in the main show room on deck 6 and 7. Then after we attended a New Years Eve party in the Spinnaker lounge. Hosted by Matt Baker and Staff.. Sounds odd and strange to have a New Years Eve party in July but it makes a great party and a “Good Time” with the count down and balloons etc . At end of evening it was time to turn clock back one hour to get ready for the great island of Bermuda.


Day 3 Monday 7/3


We ate in the dinning room for breakfast. King’s Warf Bermuda is where the Dawn docks and you have to take a ferry to get downtown Hamilton. Bermuda is a great island but we choice to stay aboard the ship and relax and enjoy the sun and pool. and lunch. During sail away there was another great cock out by the pool, with burgers, hot dogs chicken and tub filled to the brim with Paella.


There was also a VIP party given by the Captain and Staff food was outstanding. We ate that night in Salsa great cost included Restaurant had a great order of ribs the best of the cruise. Also enjoyed some wine from out Travel Agent. After dinner we enjoyed the evening show of Second City Comedy Troupe, they did outstanding comedy skits as well as improvisational comedy. After the show there was a 80 Theme party in the Spinnaker lounge. Also at 11pm there was a huge Chocolate buffet in the Venetian Dinning room. it was great but I didn’t agree on the time for the event, should be held during a sea day like 1/2 P.M.


Rumor had it the best party of the night or maybe the cruise was a private party that evening being given by a Canadian cruiser for about 40 fellow Canadian crew members in one of the Owner’s Suite. Amazing what someone will do to get some Canadian beer (joke lol). That must have been some party, very nice.



Day 4 Tuesday July 4th


Ship was dress up with flags banner etc in dinning rooms and pool area, in honor of the 4th it was a normal sea day, with games at pool bingo etc. END OF PART 1 MORE TO COME

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Great review. Can't wait to hear the rest. We will also be staying in Rom suite in about 70 days. Do you have any pictures. Can you tell us about the room and how you liked being in the aft suite. How were perks that came with the room.

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Great review. Can't wait to hear the rest. We will also be staying in Rom suite in about 70 days. Do you have any pictures. Can you tell us about the room and how you liked being in the aft suite. How were perks that came with the room.


yes on pictures yes more on cabin and yes more on perks and perks we didnt get lol time for bed been up all day yesterday and night

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Tuesday July 4th Day 4


This is usually a hard day for me to handle since the pasting of my Mother few years ago (who loved this holiday) and being my Dad is a Disabled Veteran and ex POW, I woke up little on low side and we sleep in late this morning didn’t get up until almost 10:00 a.m. we had break feast in Garden Café and I thought it was very good, my wife didn’t agree she always like the dinning room, oh well. We didn’t do much at all just laid by pool side and got some more sun and had a late lunch in Garden Café. Ship did a great job with flag and bells etc in Garden Café and by pool area. We did spend

some time in Casino that afternoon but no luck and took a long afternoon nap.


That evening we had dinner in the Le Bistro French paid dinning room 15 dollars per person. The steak Filet were outstanding but little on small side, onion soup again was a killer. The desert was another killer with fresh fruit and extra strawberries with hot choclate you dip them into. The paintings in this dinning room are outstanding, but word is they are headed to new ship in a few months. Only problem with this dinning room is the tables are so close together, we could of reach over and ate the food on the other couple next to us, lucky they were a great couple and we exchange stories thru out dinner. We did have another bottle of a great wine again why not. That evening at 8:30 they had a tribute to the Eagles music in the Grand Atrium but we were eating and tied up, I would have loved to been there I love Eagles music. After dinner we did catch the 930pm Magic Show Suzann didn’t want to go but I twisted her arm. I though it was a great show because I love magic and illusion. After show we did go up to Liar club Comedy Show but it was packed and could not get a seat at 10:45 so we left and called it a early night and spend some quality time with my love one, too much information.


Wednesday July 5th Day 5


We got up around 9 A.M. that morning Dawn got into Great Stirrup Cay private island around 8 a.m. by this time most of ship was already tender over to island. You could see the island from where the ship was. This time my wife won out and we decided to say aboard the ship again, she was afraid of distance I had to walk from ship at Great Stirrup Cay due to my leg condition and medical reasons. She we enjoyed a very nice day at pool side as the day when on more and more people came back from island with mix reviews. I understand they had another great cook out on island with usually food. We had lunch again in Garden Café. At 4pm the ship left with poolside sail away to Nassau. Modal Magic supplied the poolside music. Who are outstanding great house band. The Ship arrived in Nassau Bahamas around 8pm.


This evening was a very special evening for the group of cruise critic people aboard, we had a great time. The Hotel Manger and Food and Beverage Manager arranged for a special dinner with wine(what else with dinner) for all in the La Trattoria Italian Restaurant. Group manager and Barbara from cruise critic also assisted setting this up. They prepared a special dinner for the group and the Hotel manager and food and beverage manager both attended. IT WAS GREAT. Also Tony had the chief make cottage pie and ribs for me and fruit with Italian ham it was 5 Stars all the way. Hugo also had a steak brought down for another member from one of the paid Restaurants who didn’t eat Italian food (Margaret was that you because I saw where you ate filet 5 out of 7 nights). We were there for several hours and had a blast, trading stories about cruises and cruises lines. Several cruise critic members did leave and go on shore in Nassau. We choice to go up stair to Caribbean Deck Party and Mr. Norwegian Dawn contest but it got rained out with heavy rain. It was moved to the Spinnaker Lounge Deck 12 it was ok but not the same as being outside. But I did recall a large Congo line that night. Me and wife did pack it in after watching the Mr. Norwegian Dawn contest but they only had 3 guys that played around midnight. Cool Runnings were served in fresh pineapples and music supplied by Rhythm Explosion great Caribbean sounds from this band.


Thursday July 6th Day 6


Break feast again in the Garden Café and we found a spot by poolside for some sun in the late morning hours. I should mention not once did we have Break Feast brought to us in our Romanic Suite, I saw where several other cruise critic members took full advantage of that, we must have been sleeping at wheel on that one good job other cc members you rock……The ship was empty and filled up prior to leaving Nassau at 12 Noon, again a huge cook out by pool side it was great NCL does a great job with this I give them credit for this. It is great as mention prior with pool side music playing. We enjoyed watching the Olympics Pool games and Pool Volleyball games in the afternoon hours before the rain and thundershowers came again. We meet Barbara and Bob in the atrium and Blue Lagoon and had a long great chat with this couple and set up dinner for Friday night with them in Salsa’s Restaurants. Barbara and Bob are great and they love cruising just as much as we do. Around 5pm we attended a Future Cruise

presentation and reward program in the Spinnaker lounge. We are already booked for 3 cruise into next October 07 but we signed up for another reward program that must be booked in 18 months a great offer, 100 dollars off present cruise charges, you had to give them 250 deposit but 100 of that you got right back was a great deal.


This early evening we had dinner at my favorite Specially Restaurants aboard the ship Cagney’s Steak house. Again it was outstanding and you guess it had my 24oz Port house steak cooked medium, prior shrimp cocktail and onion soap with why not wine……..Suzann had the smaller cut of beef the T-Bone steak and she loved it too. Desert we had great strawberry cheese cake again. We then attended the Bollywood Show in the Stardust Theater Deck 6 and 7. After the show they had the crew Wave with staff and workers etc. that was very nice.


Then it was onto the Adult Only The Quest Game, this game is amazing, we teamed up with 6 other cruise critic members Suzann and me, Melanie-Warren, Kevin and Margaret and Shell and her husband a great quest team but we were several row back on side. We had almost all the items asked for but 3. We lost time bringing them onto the stage. I think the best was Margaret removing her shirt going down to bra on floor in front of stage, Melanie taking off bra in her seat but leaving shirt on. Last Quest well it was my time to shine and be a sport, yes I did get nailed and was wearing a women shirt, no shirt women 42C bra, lipstick and pocketbook and had to parade around the lounge with about 15/20 other drag queens. Yes men dress up as women. We told all the cruise critic members about this prior because it was done on prior Rccl cruise and this was soft compare to that one as I recall. Most of the cruise critic group was there. I was shocked they didn’t have a vote for best dress at end like they usually do, YES I AM A GOOD SPORT as you can tell .. After the Quest they had the 50/60 rock and Roll sock hop but we packed it in. I wanted to win the Quest bad, Maraget and Kevin will you be our team mate again if we ever cruise again you guys are a trip


more on final day and closing comments

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Good to see that Norwegian Dawn's senior staff is still giving cruise critic passengers the royal treatment. Another reason we keep going back to NCL.

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