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Ginger tablets for motion sickness


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I have read a few posts about taking ginger tablets to help prevent motion sickness. Is there a specific brand that works better? I don't want to buy ginger pills and find out that I purchased the wrong product.


I have also seen people post about ginger root pills. Are these different?



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There are lots of different forms of ginger --- tablets, capsules, candy, gum, etc. There is no one brand that we've found more effective than any other. We have found the tablets to be more effective than the gum or candy. It depends, somewhat, on just how seasick you get.


There is another thread on this board that has quite a lengthy discussion of seasickness and its remedies.



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I'm not to sure about the effectiveness of the pills because we've never purchased them. We use Ginger Trips by Solaray. They are chewable tablets that turn into gum. Its made with Ginger root extract and Vitamin B-6 and works for us. Its available at most Health Food stores.

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I take a capsule of HIGH CONSENTRATE GINGER , which works very well for me. I take one the day before I sail, and for the first 2 or 3 days after. If I don't feel sick , I stop taking them. Only once have I needed to take any more, and on that occasion the sickness went in a few hours. Before I started taking the Ginger I was always very sick on a boat. This system works for me.

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Hello Welsh Wizards. You were kind enough to respond to a query of mine some time ago regarding flights.


However, we are following you across the pond (on Century) in December and I am trying to sort out anti-seasickness strategies -I want to have as many as possible - just in case...


Could you tell me where you buy your high strength ginger? Is it Holland and Barrett, or perhaps a local pharmacy? If you could name the brand etc., it would be most helpful as they seem to work for you.


Enjoy your cruise - and smooth those waves for us, won't you! (Or perhaps it's your 'wizardry' that does it!)



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I found it both in bulk and prepackaged at our local Fry's Market (Kroger). It's in the health food area. You might want to try a Health Food Store as well. Trader Joe's has been known to carry it.


Just a tip.....I find it's better to buy in bulk if you're only using it for motion sickness relief. The prepackaged bag is good sized and too much for a cruise. If you buy in bulk you can get just the amount you anticipate you'll need.

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I too get sea-sick just looking at a boat but ginger capsules 550mg one taken twice a day and oil of peppermint capsules 200mg one taken before each meal worked wonders even on a small whale watching boat when others were looking very green.

best wishes


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I bought ginger capsules (sorry, not sure what strength) and Bonine. I started taking the ginger on Sunday morning (we were flying that evening, cruising the next day).


Started the Bonine on Monday morning.


Took one of each am, but often only the ginger in the evening. Had absolutely NO problems at all, and the water was very choppy when we sailed, and we had 9' swells on our last day, which was at sea.


I never even got out my sea bands. That was the first time I've cruised and had no problems at all!


Bonine does make me slightly drowsy. I think. It could be all the activities plus a little alcohol. Not nearly so much as the regular Dramamine, though.


I'm so thrilled with the results that I'm now considering an 8-day next December that includes FOUR days at sea. One of the reasons I chose our Miracle cruise was that it had only 2 days at sea.

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