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  1. I'd like to do a really long cruise, but if I could afford it, I'd rather mix that up with travel all over. Rent a house for a couple of weeks (or months) in various locations around the world. Living on a cruise ship may be cheaper than assisted living, but you're not going to get the health care on a ship that you'd get in assisted living. OP, I don't think you need to feel sorry for this guy! I'm single and enjoy solo travel. I have no need to surround myself with people all the time. And at least on a cruise ship, you can mingle as much as you like or stay as secluded as you like.
  2. Darn. I'll actually be on the 2nd leg of a B2B on Carnival Legend (Med/TA). Guess I'll just have to wait until I'm living in that area and see what prices are like for all those various ships. Sailing her on Monday and keeping my fingers crossed that I'll like her as much as I did in May because I really like the idea of all those options from Tampa (even if the Western Caribbean itineraries don't excite me much).
  3. Thanks! I don't go to movies often and have to wait for them to show up on HBO, assuming they do. I want to see Endgame. And I may watch something on Halloween night.
  4. I booked the 9/16 Armonia sailing a couple of weeks ago. I immediately looked for a Roll Call and there wasn't one so, naturally, I assumed there would be no M&M. Then, this morning, the Roll Call magically appeared and from the existing posts, several people had already posted in a different Roll Call for that date that had vanished! I finally found the page to register for the M&M, but our 9/16 sailing isn't listed. I'm guessing it's too close to sailing. Had the RC been visible when I booked the cruise, I would've seen that there were people interested in an M&M. So, even if there is one schedule, I can't register. 😠 Annoying!
  5. chengkp75 - thanks for the explanation. Maybe our sailing was particularly bad since Pride was having azipod issues at that time. It was a very unpleasant experience (way stronger than a shimmy). I'll not book one of those cabins on Pride ever again.
  6. After reading this thread, I contacted them (via the website) because I didn't see 100 points for either my Divina or Armonia sailings. Yesterday, I received an email stating... After review of your points, you were given the 100 bonus points for one of your cruises. I have added it for the other. Not sure I agree, but I'm not going to argue with them, especially since it took almost 3 months for a response! I'll take the 100 points. When I return on 9/23 from Armonia, I'll try to remember to go back and check and see that I've been given another 100 points for that sailing. So, thanks to OP for pointing this out.
  7. I'm not familiar with the large NCL ships, but Carnival's latest trio (Vista, Horizon and Panorama) have a good bit of outdoor seating with access to lounges and some dining areas. I sailed Vista on the inaugural from Trieste, Italy, and other than a couple of port days in Greece and Malta, it was cool and damp. Plus, we only had a couple of sea days. Then, on the Horizon TA (Barcelona-NY), it was too cool to get much enjoyment out there. I like the concept, though. Places to sit outside that aren't pool loungers; some under cover, some exposed. Of course, when the weather doesn't allow for use, then more pax are forced inside and since space has been allocated to outdoor seating, that means less inside for all those people trying to escape the cold or rain.
  8. I have >30 Carnival cruises and can probably count on one hand the times I've even eaten at the buffet. For breakfast, I either go to the Mexican or have a made-to-order omelette or sea-day brunch. For lunch, I hit the deli or Guy's Burgers or the Mexican or on ships that have them, the Italian. It all depends on what you like and what choices you make. The people in the cabin next to you may have thought the food on Seaside wasn't good. It's just too subjective to declare that one line has better food than another. I've been on a B2B where the food was great on one leg and not great on the next and I even had some of the same items on each leg. A ship may not get the best beef delivery one week and have great steaks the next. And my personal experience has been that Carnival's smaller ships have consistently had better food. YMMV. Again, small sample size!
  9. I was in 4230 on Miracle way back in 2009. There was vibration but nothing that bothered us too much. Then, I was in 4232 on Pride in Spring of 2015, I think. The vibration didn't seem to be any stronger, but this was just after she was having major azipod issues. Then, there was that last night. It was awful! Not sure if we were sailing more slowly returning to Baltimore or what, but I was repeatedly awakened. It was like I was sound asleep and someone grabbed me by the shoulder and shook me awake. I was so tired when I got up the next morning, and had a 6+ hour drive home, I was petrified that I'd fall asleep at the wheel, despite the amount of caffeine I consumed. I swore I'd never book another aft cabin again. I don't know if the side cabins in the rear of the ships had the same problems. I've been aft (not overlooking the stern) on other ships (Fantasy-class) and didn't have any problems other than the usual shaking when the thrusters are engaged.
  10. Divina is gorgeous! But, for me, she was too big. 11 nights and I was still discovering venues that I hadn't seen until the last sea day! So, yes, it definitely depends on the ships you're comparing. I happen to enjoy smaller, more intimate ships and don't want nor need big TVs, or rope courses, or even bowling alleys, or lots of specialty dining. But if those things are important to someone, then they're going to want a larger, newer ship. I prefer ships in the <100,000 gross ton size. I'm typically a follow-the-rules person, but have said several times already that I actually quite liked just walking up to the portion of the buffet that had what I wanted, grabbing it and moving on. The idea that you have to get at the end of a slow line and wait for people who believe they need to get a sample of everything available, when all I want is at the end, is just silly! Oh, and MSC has gelato. That's got to count for something!! 😁
  11. I haven't sailed Celebrity yet (booked for March 2021!), but I'd vote for HAL. Only 1 on NCL (14 nights eastbound TA). Didn't think NCL was any more upscale than Carnival but I don't sail in the upper-tier cabins/suites. HAL's Caribbean sailings are not as "old" as some of their others. I sailed both Zuiderdam and Koningsdam for 11 nights each and loved them both. Those who haven't tried HAL need to do so and see whether that "stuffy old octogenarians" rep is real. There aren't a lot of millennials on HAL, but not everyone is >80! And even if they are, they seem to have enough fun (and love their Happy Hours!). They have some very good entertainment. I loved their Lincoln Center Stage and BB King's Blues Club (not really blues, more R&B) as well as their main theater shows on Koningsdam.
  12. Sorry, but the comparison questions/responses just won't give you anything substantial. Every person's impression of every sailing will differ. What you read on Cruise Critic is such a tiny sample size that it really is immaterial. I thought the food on MSC was just fine. I have >30 sailings on Carnival and only 1 on NCL (Star TA, so it was 14 nights). IMHO, MDR food on NCL and MSC was as good or better than Carnival but before I sailed NCL, I'd read that the food in the regular MDR wasn't good and that you had to spring for the specialty restaurants. That was not my experience. Service was just as good on MSC as on other lines. Again, YMMV. What people WILL say about MSC is that it's a different experience simply because there are so many non-North Americans on the ships. People complain about the announcements being in several languages. People complain that those "other" people have no manners and cut in line and won't let you off the elevator before they cram in, etc. I personally enjoy the differences. I'm going on my 3rd consecutive MSC sailing next Monday. All the mass market lines are more similar than they are different. Just be aware that there ARE some slight differences and you won't be surprised.
  13. Exciting! Competition is a good thing for us as cruisers. I've sailed NCL once (Star EB TA in April 2018) and purchased a Cruise Next certificate that I need to use within a couple of years. But since I'm fine in an inside cabin, the whole Haven vs YC thing isn't a concern for me. I'll take my one free perk (drinks, thanks!) and be happy!
  14. I've used both SAS and QLS, sometimes round trip, sometimes one way. Going to check the others for next Monday just because I like to try various options. Right. Go Shuttle is $28.75 for one person from FLL to POM. Pretty sure SAS and QLS are $15, so Go is a no-go.
  15. My first MSC cruise was in December on Divina. Beautiful ship but too large for my tastes. Sailed Armonia in May to Havana (one of the last sailings that called there) and really liked her. I just prefer the more personal experience on smaller ships. I have absolutely no need for big TV screens and multiple specialty dining venues. I'm going back on her in 8 days because of the incredibly low fare I got (no solo supplement!!). And I'm probably moving to the Gulf Coast within the next year. Carnival's Legend is moving to Tampa (if she hasn't already). I love the Spirit-class ships but if having Armonia there creates price pressure on Carnival, then I'll have two good options from that port. And even if I don't move, airfare is considerably less for me to Tampa than to FLL or MIA.
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