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  1. Nice. I'll sail her for the first time in December, but first, I'll be on her sister, Eurodam, in November. Can't wait!
  2. That's good to know. I did ask my TA this morning and she said people were using theirs on Horizon on those first 2 sailings she was on.
  3. I requested confirmation for a HAL cruise on a Thursday afternoon (about 3 weeks ago) and got the response on Monday. It's the same casino group that handles all the requests. Of course, sailings were just resuming. Now that people believe they may actually get to sail, they're probably getting a lot more requests to confirm the offers/perks.
  4. I probably wouldn't want to load it to a slot then cash out. I just want to be able to actually use it in the casino at all! That's what I'm reading (I think on the HAL board) you can't do because it's considered a non-refundable OBC. I may have to buy Cheers with mine if I can't spend it in the casino. I'll ask my TA if she knows. She's a gambler.
  5. I am most definitely not a high roller. My HAL offers are for "free" inside cabin with maybe DOU and maybe $100 casino credit. You don't have to lose a bunch of $$s to get decent casino offers. At least that's what I've found with HAL. Of course, maybe if I sail them more often, I won't get as many offers. Carnival has always known I'd come back, so why offer that much incentive? I'm sailing HAL in November and December. We'll see if I continue to get good offers from them. Even when I don't get the free offers, my fares are typically 30% off, which as a solo, makes them oft
  6. I have 30 Carnival cruises and only recently got the "free" casino offer. I've sailed HAL 3 times. After the first (and I was the 3rd passenger on the booking), I got a deeply discounted offer and sailed solo on an 11-night partial Panama Canal cruise for about $500. Started getting free offers then but the timing never worked, or by the time I reached my PCC, those cabins were sold out. Now, I'm getting crazy offers. I'm sailing for 10 nights on Eurodam for $200. I got a $200 offer for a 21-night Panama Canal sailing from Seattle to FLL. Sadly, I can't
  7. Yes. That's how it was prior to Covid. I had FunPlay and opted to have it put on my card (you can get special chips for the tables). When you put your card in to play, it takes the funds from the FunPlay bank until it's used. Of course, it's been almost 2 years and my memory is not the greatest these days, but that's how I remember it. My TA, who was just on the first Horizon B2B said people were buying gift cards at Cherry on Top with their remaining OBC. Of course, we know that cruiselines have a tendency to NOT be consistent with anything! What one pe
  8. Are we sure this is still the case? Isn't the OBC from cancelled cruises considered non-refundable and those cannot be used in the casino? Has anyone who has actually sailed since they've resumed chimed in? I typically only have the shareholder OBC and if I've booked a casino fare that includes an OBC, of course that can be used in the casino. But I have some sailing booked that have casino OBC, the OBC from cancellations, AND some OBC I purchased when it was "on sale" way back. And that's before applying for my SH OBC! I may be thinking off HAL where I've read that
  9. I like cruisedeckplans dot com. I especially like the Deck-Drag option so you can see what's above and below. Lots of cruiser's pics uploaded, too.
  10. My TA just got off a B2B on Horizon. She was posting quite a bit on another site and I don't recall her saying anything about slow service or poor food. Every cruise is different. People in neighboring cabins can have very different perceptions of the same cruise. So much of it is chance and the choices that different people make. But, yeah, I would expect some of these sailings to have will be bumps and issues to work out. I know everyone loves them, but I'm not a fan of Guy's Burgers. Too often they're terribly charred. I don't want a burger that tast
  11. firefly - you're correct. All the lines do things a bit differently. HAL doesn't allow you to pre-spend your OBC. They also don't allow their drinks package to be used on HMC but you can purchase a package for that day only (no thanks). X allows you to pre-spend your OBC. HAL allows you to stack your FCCs (that was the only way I could afford a 12-night sailing with their Have It All promo; I used three FCCs)! Thing is, most lines (that I've dealt with) have offered more in FCC (base fare x 1xx%) but gave considerably less OBC. So Carnival allowing people to use theirs prior
  12. "Worried" about finding food on a cruise ship? 🤣 I've never had any problem finding something to eat, even on the Fantasy-class ships that have no specialty restaurants. Hmm. MDR for breakfast? Buffet? Made-to-order omelet? Maybe a breakfast burrito from Blue Iguana. Maybe room service. How about an early, light breakfast, then brunch on a sea day? There are too many options! And that's just on the old ships! Eating 6 meals a day is what I'm "worried" about when I cruise!! 😉 Edit: OK, I know I wasn't answering OP's question. I just had
  13. I didn't think Caps was being "snarky" at all. They are, in fact, called On Board Credits. 😄 OP - some lines DO allow (and have allowed in the past and not just recently) the use of OBC to pre-purchase all those things you want to buy before boarding to ensure you get the item/time slot/whatever you want. But Carnival has never done this. Honestly, I think we all know that sometimes Mr. Heald says things that may not be entirely accurate. He wants Carnival customers to be happy and (I think) tells them what they want to hear. Someone at Corporate then in
  14. I have 30 Carnival cruises and only 3 on HAL. I'm trying to migrate mostly to HAL (and if they keep the great casino offers coming, that won't be a problem). I'm mostly solo these days but most of my cruise buddies are Carnival loyalists (and we're all late 60's to early 70's). I'm booked on the 12-night NA (7+5 nights) in December and have convinced friends to give HAL a try. They booked a good fare under the View and Verandah sale and are boarding for the 5-night portion (Key West, Nassau & HMC). Coming along are her granddaughters aged 18 and 21. I'm a little concerned
  15. I've sailed 3 times from Norfolk, all on Carnival; once just a 2-night CTN and twice to Bermuda. Yeah, nice relatively short drive from Durham. Nice terminal. Friendly port employees. First time, for the CTN, I drove up the morning of sailing where we had to park off-site and take a shuttle to the port. Next time, drove up and did a park-and-cruise package at a hotel. They had a shuttle to the port. I think both of those sailings were the first on the ship from Norfolk so there was no traffic for picking up departing pax. Last time, drove up and stayed
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