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  1. I do. I'm still looking for the cancellation email for the first leg of the B2B. And when I had my TA switch my 1/9 booking over to the Casino offer, I had her check with HAL to be sure they had my email and she said they did. But I still don't receive emails from them. I have started getting things on my FB feed suddenly, though! Lucky me! I used to go to Ocean Players Club website and check to see if I had an offer but that seems to not exist any longer. If I search, it takes me to the Carnival Corp page and I can send a requests under the "request casino offer"
  2. I haven't checked my mail in about a week. Last offer (for the 2 I booked for Jan), the mailing stated that they wouldn't be sending any more snail mail and they need my email. Well, HAL and the casino group, I think, have had my email forever, but I don't get emails from HAL other than directly related to booked cruises. I've checked my profile many times and, yep, my email is there! Guess I'll just have to log in and scroll through dozens of cruises to see if any show up with cheapo fares.
  3. I posted on the HAL board, too. My cancelled Zaandam sailing for this past April was a deeply-discounted casino fare, so when it was cancelled, the FCC wasn't all that much ($495 for an 11-night sailing). I rebooked for January. Then, I received the "free OV" offer which was really $200 + taxes/fees with $250 casino credit. So, we switched my existing Jan cruise to the casino offer plus booked the next week under the same offer. Had to book as 2 separate booking, not as a single 14-night sailing. Can book the same sailings for December (have the option for a 14-nigh
  4. Update - I did get an email from Carlos saying that they would honor the DOU for both legs of my Med/TA B2B for next October. Fingers crossed that we'll actually get to sail! Cruise buddy says he gave it to her on the Med/TA, too, but denied it on two other cruises she had switched. Our TA is fighting for her.
  5. My 2 Jan cruises (couldn't book as 1 14-day, had to book 2 7-day) were "free" OV offers (pd $200 each + taxes/fees). I don't use a PCC, I use a TA now. How do you know if you have a casino offer? When I log in, I see "private sale" or the Have It All options. I'm looking to rebook the same sailings on NA for December. I can book either separately or as one 14-night sailing. If the separate sailings were available as casino fares, they would show up with the same $200 fare (or at least a reduced fare), right? They don't. Since I couldn't apply the FCC f
  6. At least I hadn't booked my air or hotel! I have plenty of funds with SW from cancelled flights earlier this year.
  7. I only got one cancellation email for my January NA B2Bs. 125% FCC only. No OBC. No option for a refund. Edit - there is a refund option. I may take the FCC on one and get the other refunded, but since my FCCs are small, I may keep them to apply. Since these were "free" casino offers (actually paid $200 fare for each), I had to pay in full when booked and wasn't able to use my FCC from my April 2020 Zaandam cancellation. So I'll have $250 x 2 FCC plus what I had from Zaandam (also not much since it was a deeply discounted casino fare). Next t
  8. The Divina cancellations are for next winter. Carnival cancellations are for this winter. Just with HAL would go ahead and cancel my early Jan B2B!
  9. Would be nice if they'd go ahead and cancel my B2B for 1/9 & 1/16/21 so I could rebook using the sale. Any FCC from those won't go far since they were "free" OV cabin (really $200 each + taxes/fees) from the casino with casino chips and Drinks on Us. But because I couldn't use my FCC from cancelled Zaandam April 2020, I should at least be accumulating enough to pay for a sizeable chunk of a rebooking. Sigh. Really wanted to sail, partly for the great deal, partly to sail NA, but mostly just to sail!!
  10. Have to laugh about the elevators. On my first Armonia sailing, DD was with me and we never did figure out which elevators went where. I'm used to ships that have 3 banks of elevators, so if I took the midship elevator, I know where to turn to go forward or aft. On Armonia, there's that weird elevator between the pools and Il Girasole but no stairs. We always seemed to end up NOT where we thought we were going. I take the stairs, but where there are elevators, there are "usually" stairwells. Except there were stairs that didn't go all the way up to the deck I wanted! We'd head down for d
  11. Thanks for that info. Did you send your email prior to their dropping the DOU or after reading about it here? Is it possible you qualified for the DOU anyway? I've never qualified for a DOU card prior to sailing except for Premier bookings where it was already included. IOW, my level of play never qualifies me for that perk under a casino fare that's just a slightly-reduced fare and maybe some Free Play chips or cash. I spend time and drop money in the casino, but rarely enough that I've ever even qualified for the card on a 7-night sailing. Have received it during longer cru
  12. I'd love to know who your email was from! i received a response today from Carlos and he said, basically, that looking at my VIFP offer, the DOU is not included. I immediately wrote back and said it's not included NOW but it was when I had my TA drop us from her group and re-book under the casino offer! I even copied and pasted the FB message from her telling me what my rates AND PERKS were under the offer (which included DOU). I will NOT sail Carnival again if they don't honor the offer that I booked. Even if my TA can put us back in her group at the rate
  13. I switched a B2B group booking (Med/TA Oct 2021) through my TA (that included OBC and other perks) to the Hot Streaks mostly because of the DOU. On that TA, especially, the DOU would really help because of all those sea days when the casino would be open. Anyway, she advised me to email the Casino department, give them my original and new booking numbers, and request that they honor the DOU. If they don't, not sure what she can do. We booked these immediately after our 2021 Med/TA sailings (which I'd be on right now) were cancelled. I expect we'd have to re-book at t
  14. Allowing me to stay on the ship for the 2nd 7-night sailing when I've tested negative seems that I'm less likely to spread the virus than someone boarding for the 2nd leg who may test negative when embarking but picked up the virus on their way to the port and spread it once on board. So why wouldn't I be allowed to sail my B2B? Of course, since my sailings are 1/9 & 1/16, it's highly unlikely they'll sail at all. Just trying to understand the logic.
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