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  1. I ended up booking 3 tours with Strawberry - the car tour for the afternoon we arrive, the nightlife (bars/music) for that evening, and the walking tour of historic Havana for the next morning. I just decided that I'd rather here some local music instead of a big production show. Somehow, that just seemed a bit too "touristy" although I'm sure the shows are great. Don't think we're going to plan anything for GC and wing it. I'm usually solo and won't do that typically. Still trying to decide what to do in Coz. I really appreciate that people take the time to write reviews. I used to write very long, descriptive reviews but have just not done it the past couple of years. It takes a lot of effort and I guess I just got lazy! ☺️
  2. Just read another Armonia thread and really like the idea of "free" walking tours and am considering the Classic Car tour in the afternoon after we arrive, the nightlife walking tour that night after dinner on the ship, then the Historic City walking tour the next morning at 10. About the internet service: DD will probably need to stay in touch with work (I most definitely will NOT stay in touch with work!). The Standard Internet says up to two devices - when I put it in my cart, it shows each of us. Do I just select her and then I can also access whatever as long as she's not connected? And about disembarking - we have a late flight out of FLL - like 7:20 pm! Our cabin is on Deck 9, so we'd have one of the latest times (10am) anyway. But I'd like to wait until the absolute last minute possible and book an 11am shuttle. Then we'd only have to sit around the airport for about 7 hours. Ugh!
  3. Which specific tours did you do in Havana and when? Did my first MSC cruise in December on Divina and quite enjoyed it. Looking forward to Armonia in May! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  4. Doing this itinerary in May. Haven't booked a single excursion. Prefer independent excursions but I may just book something through the ship. If I thought we'd have a "long" day in Coz, I'd book the Tulum tour but I don't want to go there for a short day. It's a long bus ride! Went there on my very first cruise and came very, very close to being sick on the ferry on the way back. Other threads about the Cuba itineraries have said the Visas would be left in your cabin. I certainly don't plan on sitting in the cabin waiting for the steward to show up! I'd love to sail Empress again. That was my 2nd cruise way back before RCI sold her off and then brought her back. Lovely little ship. I believe their Cuba itineraries visit two different ports rather than an overnight in Havana. And the price for their sailing was way more than MSC, so two reasons for me to pick Armonia. Looking forward to seeing what your Havana experience is like!
  5. I also love the Fantasy class ships but preferred Fantasy over Ecstasy. I sailed Sunshine a couple of years ago on a Journeys sailing from Port Canaveral to San Juan and quite liked her. I liked the various venues and loved having the Italian eatery available for no charge at lunch time. After I sailed Vista I thought that Sunshine was a bit of a mini-Vista class. Anyway, I'm booked on her to Bermuda in October (my Diamond sailing). Looking forward to sailing from Charleston yet again (I love it there!) and giving Sunshine another go. Hopefully, we'll have better weather on the sea days than I had last time and I'll get to spend some time enjoying her Serenity Deck.
  6. Thanks so much for posting the Dailies! I've been doing some reading on the Cuba board and trying to make decisions on what to do in the ports and I'm in my usual state of "Paralyzed with Indecision."
  7. Sorry. Too late to edit my post. What is the cost of the tickets? If I book a private tour and ask them to buy them for us, I want to know that they aren't charging us a lot more than if I just stopped there and bought them myself. Thanks!
  8. I really need to get my planning done! Will probably book with them. And will email and see if they can pre-purchase tix for us for Cabaret Parisien. We don't arrive until noon, and I think we have early dining on the ship, which means we won't really need a 6 hour tour, but I want to do both a walking tour and a car tour, so maybe they'll cut down the time for each and also adjust the price. Won't hurt to ask, right?
  9. I don't see anything on their website with details about the show. I see where you can reserve dinner and where you can book rooms, but the link has a section that says Cabaret Parisien but there's no info. 😞 I'm thinking of booking a private car tour and will probably ask them if them can go ahead and purchase the tickets for us, or take us by so we can purchase them the day of the show.
  10. Which excursion did you do when you first arrived in Havana? I'm leaning toward NOT going to Tropicana that night but doing a ship tour upon arrival and again the next morning; one of them being the tour in a classic car. I'm mildly concerned that if I don't go to the Tropicana show, I'll regret it. But it seems so overpriced. In another Armonia/Cuba thread, someone mentioned a different club that costs less, is indoors, and is basically the same show. I'll have to hunt down that thread and see if I can find it again. At what point did you do your currency exchange? Really enjoying your photos and insightful comments. I just love reading reviews of ships/itineraries I'm about to take!
  11. I've only made it through the first 3 pages but have to stop and actually get some things done today! Hope to finish reading later as I'm booked on the 5/13 sailing and am anxious to read what you did in the ports. Thanks for the tip about the GC tender! 😋 I rarely eat in the MDR for breakfast or dinner. I always feel like I'm "wasting" precious vacation time as the service seems so random and slow (on all cruiselines I've tried). But that fish & chips certainly looks good!! DD is sailing with me for the first time since she married (5 years ago) and we're both very excited about visiting Havana. I must get my excursions planned. I'm a CPA and getting quite busy at work and soon just won't have the brain power available to give the planning much thought! Was on Divina in December for my first MSC cruise and quite liked it, but, honestly, she was too much ship for my tastes. Looking forward to being on a smaller ship again. We're in a Fantastica interior. Can anyone tell me whether the cabin has a hair dryer? When booking, it was not listed on MSC's site, but other sites show that the cabins have a hair dryer. Don't want to pack one if I don't have to!
  12. I imagine you need to go your booking, select the spa pass as though you're going to purchase it, put in the code and see what happens!
  13. Since I'm usually solo, it really bugs me that 1/2 of a couple (any 2 people) can book the spa pass at less than I have to pay. After all, I'm paying for 2 people to cruise. Really would love this for my Bermuda cruise in October but Sunshine doesn't have the Thalasso pool, so I'll probably wait and see if I can get a day pass for one day. And, annoyingly, they do not have anything available at this early date for my 2020 Legend TA, when a spa pass would really come in handy. Hopefully, this offer will reappear in about another year and I'll be able to book something then.
  14. But if I don't book a ship excursion, and you don't get a tender ticket, don't they just have mobs of people trying to tender over at the same time? I'm confused yet again. I've only tendered on Carnival and HAL. I get priority on Carnival, but on HAL I had to get a tender ticket and sit in the main theater and wait. Had an independent excursion and we were late (but so were others on the tour). I think it's already been asked in this thread so forgive me if I'm repeating the question. DD is going to need to keep in touch with work so we'll need an internet package. She'll need access to email so the mid-level package will probably suffice. How's the connection? I'm guessing fairly slow, as has been the case on every other ship, with some areas having better reception than others.
  15. Beamafar - thanks for the pic of the visas! Two hours to get a tender to GC? Seriously? Are they rowing people across? I detest ship excursions and, imho, this is just a means to twist arms to get people to book through the ship - that worry that they'll miss their excursion.
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