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  1. I much prefer sailing out of Port Everglades. I fly SW nonstop and it's a quick Uber to the port. But I've recently flown down the morning of (flight gets in around 9:15) and take one of the $25 shuttle services down to Miami and am there in plenty of time. I detest flying to Orlando and then having that long shuttle ride to Pt C. Too many screaming kids on flights in/out of Orlando! Considering Legend out of Tampa instead. 7 nights instead of 8 and Western itineraries don't do much for me these days. Or a B2B on Sensation. I happen to like the Fantasy class and haven't been on that one. Or apply the FCC to Legend Med Oct 2021 or Spirit Oz Feb 2022 and sail a different line in next January (either HAL (have an FCC/OBC to use from them!) or MSC). What would make the most sense would be to just NOT replace the Breeze sailing and have save my money for the Escape TA in April 2021. Of course, who knows about the X Infinity sailing in March. I might end up with FCCs on 4 different lines within the next few months. Here I thought I was safe booking in 2021. 😄
  2. There are online travel sites that still show the itineraries but indicate cabins are unavailable. Can't name TAs here.
  3. Pat, I've already looked at alternatives for late January and not finding much that looks interesting. There's a Journeys out of Charleston (so we wouldn't have to fly) but the prices are absurd. I just don't understand why people are so eager to spend on these Journeys sailings. You can sail 10-14 day cruises on other lines for less (and usually nicer ships, better food, etc). But because it's Carnival, people pay. SMH. Anyway, I'm most disappointed because I used my Diamond upgrade for Breeze! Beginning to wonder it I'll ever use it. I'm sure the price to upgrade from IS to OV on one of our Legend sailings will be much more expensive, just to then move up to a BL. I may end up on the 1/30 HAL Nieuw Amsterdam and use my FCC and OBC on that. But that means not sailing with you for your b'day. 🙁 I could always NOT sail and save the money for Australia!
  4. Did you try to remove it? Are people talking about using FCC from a cancelled cruise? I applied a purchased FCC for an Escape booking on which I owe a balance and have received no email about insurance. I also purchase an annual policy. Wasted money for 2020 so I'll let it expire and then purchase just before I resume travel (hopefully in mid-January 2021 - I have 5 cruises booked and a hold on another!).
  5. I usually sail solo but have sometimes added a friend after booking. As firefly said, don't even book it as a TBD. You pay double for per person fare, The deposit is also per person unless there's a 2-for-1 deposit sale happening. That way, you can book Early Saver and when you add the 2nd person, it is NOT considered a name change.
  6. My 4/21/20 Zaandam FLL to Montreal was cancelled by HAL (of course). I opted for the FCC & OBC but was surprised to see a credit to my card for $250 a few days ago. Had not even thought about the fact that the FCC was for the base fare only, so I went back and had a look at my original invoice. This was the taxes & fees. So, nice surprise! 😃
  7. As I've posted in other threads on other boards, since so many people appear to have the virus but are asymptomatic, I just don't see how temp screening prior to boarding can possibly be seen as an effective means of control. If people who are asymptomatic are still capable of spreading the virus, having a normal temp means nothing. I personally AM worried about getting the virus, so I'm really hoping there's either a reliable antibody test (and that having antibodies prevents re-infection) or there's a proven vaccine by the time I'm ready for my first of 5 2021 cruises booked (starting at the end of January).
  8. The word people want is invasive not evasive. My "problem" with temperature checks is that it appears that So Many people may have the virus and have no symptoms. So what good is clearing someone via having a normal temp if they have the virus but are asymptomatic? And if, being asymptomatic, they can infect others who may end up with severe symptoms? I think, personally, I won't be cruising until I know whether I may have had the virus and have antibodies and if, having antibodies, that means I won't be reinfected. That, or there's a proven vaccine available. I have 5 cruises booked for 2021, beginning at the end of January. Really hoping to resume cruising by then, but will just have to see how this plays out. We don't know what supply and demand will be like going forward. There may be high demand from all of us who had cruises cancelled and can't wait to get back out there. Or demand may not recover as there may be many, many people not willing to risk the close confines of a cruise ship. So, maybe 50% capacity without 300% price increase could happen. Again, we just don't know yet.
  9. Yes, they're working so hard to get everyone re-booked and then that gets cancelled. They don't get commission on those interim bookings, which I guess makes sense, but it's tough on them considering how much time they're putting into this stuff. My category shows 8D Balcony now, so I'm guessing I wouldn't get a price drop. Shouldn't be too greedy, I guess. I used the FCC from my cancelled Med booking so I have $600 OBC, ES booking has $100 OBC, plus she has a group for this and is giving $100 OBC! Oh, and I used gift cards that cost me $240 to purchase another $300 OBC. Plan on hitting the casino hard the first couple of nights to see if I can get the DOU card. I see a spa day in my future! 😁 Please let there be a vaccine for this virus before the end of January!
  10. I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone has any "real life" experience. Of course, we know that Carnival isn't the most consistent in handling different scenarios. She's been so swamped with rebooking, then those being cancelled and rebooking again (and again) that I thought I'd ask here before bothering her. I have rebooked my Med/TA from October to next year, and have 3 other cruises booked. Hey, I have to make up for my 3 cancelled cruises this year (still have a FCC from HAL to rebook!). So, yes, every $ counts. 😁
  11. I'm wondering if it's possible to get a price drop in this situation. I originally booked an IS (I almost always sail in inside cabins since I'm often solo and it just keeps the price down; I actually prefer inside to OV and don't book a balcony unless I get a super deal (which is pretty much never on Carnival)). But, I had a Diamond upgrade to use, so I upgraded myself to the cheapest OV cabin and then my TA called and I was moved to a BL at no additional cost. Well, the OV price has dropped $60. Is there any point in having her call to see if I get the price drop since I'm no longer in that category cabin? Or does it strictly go by what I paid? I'm guessing I'll get nothing. What would stop us from cancelling and rebooking that OV at the lower rate and going through the upgrade process again? These days, every dollar I can avoid paying is a good thing. Just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, right?
  12. Since I just booked my 2nd NCL (1st was Star EB TA 2 years ago), I went in search of Escape reviews. This was perfect as I'm Diamond on Carnival and will be on Escape (EB TA 1 year from now) in a Studio cabin. I will have friends on the ship but these days, now that DD is grown, married, and about to have a baby, I sail solo. I typically book an interior, mostly because, as you noted, I get to pay 200% on Carnival. I also prefer the nice, dark cabin for sleeping. I don't want or need natural light. I wake early whether it's light or dark. When I cruise, I just go ahead and set an alarm on my phone, just in case the darkness impacts my internal clock. That and the fact that I drink more and stay up later than I do at home! I personally prefer smaller ships. The largest I've sailed was MSC Divina and I found myself, on the last sea day, discovering areas I hadn't even seen on an 11-night sailing. I did 3 consecutive MSC sailings (Divina, Armonia (to Cuba) and Armonia again) within a 9-month window. I loved Armonia! Yes, old ship, small buffet, one pool area, etc, but I just really enjoy the more personalized experience on a smaller ship. I'm also a big fan of Carnival's Fantasy class, having enough nights on those ships alone to qualify as Platinum! Favorite is the Spirit class (had booked Med/TA on Legend for October but those were cancelled so re-booked for October 2021). I've also sailed HAL 3 times and really enjoyed those cruises. The ship layouts are more like the Spirit class. Not a fan of what I describe as Carnival's "floating shoe box" design. And other than the Spirit-class, Carnival has a lower space ratio so more people packed into the public spaces. At least with a 15-night Atlantic crossing I should have plenty of time to explore Escape! I never, ever have dinner in the buffets and rarely eat breakfast or lunch from them. I'm talking about a go-through-the-line & get-enough-food-for-3-people sort of buffet. On Carnival, my breakfast is typically from the omelet station. Lunch is a deli sandwich, burrito from Blue Iguana, or, where available, a half-size pasta & salad from the La Cucina. My favorite surcharge restaurant on Star was Le Bistro. We have both drink and dining packages (& wifi) with this booking. With all the drinking and dining venues on a ship this size, I'm sure they'll get plenty of use. O'Sheehan's was one of my favorite venues on Star. Had lunch there several days. Really liked having a Black & Blue burger washed down with a Shandy. I don't sail for the ship. I sail for the ports, still. Unless I've been to a port multiple times, I do my research online prior to sailing (often through the Roll Calls here) and get something organized. Since I'm often a solo female, I'm not comfortable just getting off the ship and getting into a taxi by myself. But I don't pay to sail to foreign ports and not see what there is to see! The less touristy a port is, the more I like it. Anyway, thanks for the detailed review!
  13. I should be on my way to Fort Lauderdale right now to sail on Zaandam tomorrow. Sigh.
  14. My 4/21 HAL cruise (only cancelled this past Monday although Canada closed it's ports weeks ago the ship (Zaandam) has been at sea, unable to dock, and has had deaths on it!!). That offer is only FCC for 125% of the fare (and my fare was a low casino rate) and $250 OBC. BUT, even if I take the FCC offer rather than a refund, if I change my mind before the term end of 12/31/21, I can get the refund instead. So, for me, there's no reason not to take the FCC/OBC. If I don't find a replacement cruise I want, I can just change my mind and get the refund. My Legend Med/TA B2B was just cancelled. I'm using the FCC/OBC from the Med sailing and applying it to my Breeze Jan 2021 sailing. Will take the FCC/OBC offer also for the TA and just wait and see. Who knows what may happen. And I have a boatload of gift cards I've purchased that need to be used. They were going to pay a big chunk of that B2B. I think it's silly to speculate about cruise lines going out of business. We have enough to worry about right now than trying to guess what's going to happen with the economy and big business.
  15. Obviously not going to take Legend to Europe at all. There goes my Med/TA B2B. Now what am I going to do with all these Carnival gift cards I'd been buying to pay for those sailing?!? LOL.
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